As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

40 Responses to Open Thread || Friday, May 22, 2015

  1. In Honor of this and all Memorial Days. The short clip is a reminder of just how long the media has been in control of the narrative.

    A rare video of the third longest parade in U.S. history. That parade was called the “Support Our Men In Vietnam Parade.” This parade lasted nearly nine hours, through the heart of New York City. There were approximately 250,000 people, including 15,000 Teamsters, 10,000 Longshoreman and 6,000 union carpenters. Vast numbers of young people can be seen marching. The parade was reported locally in New York, but not nationally.

  2. I read this on another blog and wanted to share it with you!
    I’m gonna need more pages for the “Book of Harf-isms” – getting to be as big as the old encyclopedia…
    Marie Harf:

    “I have no knowledge or information to confirm that I am qualified to stand in front of a microphone and yammer at interrogators without:

    A. Putting them to sleep.
    B. Making them burst into derisive laughter.
    or C. Making them wonder why they they thought a career in journalism would provide access to intelligent persons.

    “Besides, Mussolini is always right. Wait a sec! Who’s been tampering with my notes?”

    I will be leaving to visit with family of Veterans for this Memorial Day Week-End
    So just wanted to share a little humor !

  3. I had a cool thought this morning. If Hillary wants umpty per speech, should she be elected, does this mean maybe 1-2 speeches a year for the $400K salary? That could be some consolation. Also she gave some gold-plated talk to Europeans on health care–hey, we Americans wouldn’t mind hearing your positions on things. I know–pretty boring–but come on, Hillary, be a sport.

  4. I would like to point to a huge loss from 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon, of over 280 marines. This was the first terrorist attack I remember, as I lost a good friend. This event often seems to be overlooked so I’m calling it out. Never forget! Enjoy Memorial Day but let’s remember why we can enjoy it.

  5. First batch released. Received info, that has just now been held as classified.
    It was not classified at the time of Benghazi.
    In march she said classified did not pass through her server.
    FBI said part of one email is
    I just heard an answer she gave Ed Henry from Fox:
    First of all I am glad they are coming out. It is the fact we have released all of them. The state Dept has vast majority of them. FBI wants a part classified.
    These were 4 Americans that were not helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone should see everything now!

  6. Has anybody here seen the movie, “We were Soldiers” ?
    I am doing some soul searching here as to whether to post some youtube links.

    Pretty graphic, especially the final battle.

  7. Heard something that really illustrates the David and Goliath theory. It seems that one soon-to-be presidential candidate, Scott Walker, is actually making car payments! He and his family are struggling just like most of middle America.

    It is also being reported today that another unreported $26M in ‘revenues’ (not donations) was discovered in the Clinton family crime enterprise foundation!!!

    Hag Hillary thinks she is too big to fail. And she probably is. If only it was possible to bring RICO charges against this crime family! I can’t think of anything to call it – other than ‘organized crime’.

    • **The $26M was ‘revenue from Bill, Hill, and Chelsea speeches, naturally.

      (Wishing everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day week-end!)

    • Definitely Hillary Clinton is a greedy criminal, money is all to her, not saving our country from the hell that we have been through with Obama. But how can anyone vote for a woman who hates half of America? She has a hatred for the Republican party and that alone should bar her from running for President as she should be someone who loves all Americans, not just her communist party. The woman is without concern for anyone but herself and her money and POWER for her and her family! this is a power trip for her to become the first communist president! But the fact that she hates America and Americans should deem her mentally unstable and that she should be not be allowed to run for the highest office. That should be reserved for someone who loves the United States of America and all of its people, not Hillary Clinton, unqualified and did not help the four men in Benghazi when they begged and begged and begged for help so many times and she said NO!