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Open Thread || Thursday, May 21, 2015

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    1. Thanks Denise. I just heard a comment he made on the news. Everything else that we/they should be concerned with, and he warns the Cadets that Global Warming is a national security threat.

      1. I hope Keith is enjoying his well deserved break, but just realized how much less informed I am without him ;)

        That was a captive audience for him and they had to be polite because of that Commander in Chief thing. They deserve so much better !

        1. I agree. I hope Keith is enjoying is break as well. Even though I have the TV,radio, computer throughout the day. It is still hard to keep up with everything.
          The Cadets, and our military know how much the citizens respect them!!!

        2. Have you seen the photos of Barry posing with the cadets? In one of them, he made a “gun” out of his hand. Kids get suspended from school if they do that, so why is Barry allowed? All the pictures were phony and cringe worthy.

      2. My former bro-in-law was a Coastie and made two tours to the South Pole–where warming might be of interest to those who man icebreakers–but still, this is just more correct propaganda…Did you see there is a move now to lose the term climate change skeptics–and switch it to deniers? Yes, everyone but them is so stupid, can’t read studies, can’t think, can’t prioritize, can’t anything.

        1. Also someone wrote me today that the Monarch Butterfly initiative–more milkweed everyplace or something (pardon my sketchiness), is her top priority. I do think the honeybee died-offs are bad but no one can decide on what is causing them–sort of like you know..warming, if it exists..

          1. Part of the honey bee problem are due to CCD, (colony collapse disorder).
            A bee will always go back to her own hive.
            CCD is a malady that affects their ability to find their hive.
            Therefore they die.

          2. Colony collapse disorder is only one factor…this is quite a mess in the making. And I am not just saying this bec I write about cartoon bees! Ironically we have had to remove them from our property–and could not rehome them–but even on a sunny day they can prevent your going in the house!

          3. Those are probably Africanized bees. If you see a swarm, call a beekeeper, they love free bees.
            Domestic bees are not that aggressive.

          4. Well, calling a beekeeper is way easier said than done. I know Billy the Exterminator found beekeepers for people’s bee collections, but here it does not seem to be an option. Yes, the Africans are mixed in here…they have killed animals and I think one person.

  1. Judge Naplitano said this morning. All due respect to Rove. He may trust NSA by spying.
    British did not trust.
    That’s why we have the constitution.
    Patrick Henry: Give me Liberty or give me death.
    Constitution says, Judge makes decision.
    F: Stand for Foreign.
    Every argued with me several years back:
    No one wants to listen to you and your mom discuss anything.
    I would state that is not the issue/point!

    1. Thanks for that clip as well. Spent 1/2 of speech discussing Global Warming.
      Before that he mentioned:
      It has led to several armed conflicts around the world. Noting the drought helped create instability in Nigeria, that was exploited by Boko Haram.
      Believe now Drought & crop failures & high food helped fuel early unrest in Syria, which desended into Civil War.

    2. I agree with what you said above about “the cadets deserve so much better” than another man-made climate change propaganda speech from Obama. If I recollect, Obama made a similar speech to the graduating cadets at West Point a few years back. What a wasted opportunity to praise these cadets, describe the challenges that face them, honor their tremendous accomplishment and otherwise act like a commander in chief. Once again Obama disgraces himself.

      I would give a lot to know what the cadets were really saying about Obama’s speech. They must have thought it was some sort of bad joke.

      1. I commented at MOTUS on a friend who grew up in Camden,NJ (where BO recently bloviated)that he went to the USNA and recently retired as a Navy Captain and how he should be talking and inspiring the youth of Camden instead of an Obama whining about this or that they know nothing about. (Hope that made sense, I have problems with tiny comment boxes)

  2. The Chinese navy issued warnings eight times as U.S. surveillance plane on Wednesday swooped over islands that Beijing is using to extend its zone of influence. The series of man-made islands and the Chinese military build-up on them have alarmed the Pentagon, which is carrying out the surveillance flights in order to make clear that the U.S. does not reconize China’s territorial claims. The militarized islands have also alarmed America’s regional allies.

  3. Back on the Coast Guard graduation,….
    Rush just stated that Obama blamed the rise of ISIS on global warming.
    He told the cadets that failure to embrace global warming is a dereliction of duty !

    Why isn’t this man a laughing stock in this Country ?

    1. I heard that comment made this morning on the news. I pulled an article up regarding what he discussed, and mentioned it on the last thread. I did see that comment listed in the article and that is why I did not note the foul comment he made.

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