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Blumenthal Told Hillary Benghazi was Planned

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received information from Sidney Blumenthal, just two days after the Sept. 11, 2011 Benghazi attacks, stating that the assault was a premeditated terrorist attack, in contradiction of Obama administration assertions at the time that attacks were committed by a mob angry about an anti-Muslim video.

Blumenthal was one of Clinton’s unofficial sources of information about Libya, and she took his missives seriously. From the New York Times, which got a hold of a couple of the Sidneygrams:

The day after the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on American outposts in Benghazi that killed Mr. Stevens and three other Americans, Mr. Blumenthal sent Mrs. Clinton a memo with his intelligence about what had occurred. The memo said the attacks were by “demonstrators” who “were inspired by what many devout Libyan viewed as a sacrilegious internet video on the prophet Mohammed originating in America.” Mrs. Clinton forwarded the memo to Mr. Sullivan, saying “More info.”

The next day, Mr. Blumenthal sent Mrs. Clinton a more thorough account of what had occurred. Citing “sensitive sources” in Libya, the memo provided extensive detail about the episode, saying that the siege had been set off by members of Ansar al-Shariah, the Libyan terrorist group. Those militants had ties to Al Qaeda, had planned the attacks for a month and had used a nearby protest as cover for the siege, the memo said. “We should get this around asap” Mrs. Clinton said in an email to Mr. Sullivan. “Will do,” he responded. That information contradicted the Obama administration’s narrative at the time about what had spawned the attacks. Republicans have said the administration misled the country about the attacks because it did not want to undermine the notion that President Obama, who was up for re-election, was winning the war on terrorism.

It occurs to me that the Blumenthal missive could help explain why Clinton didn’t appear on the Sunday talk shows that week touting the administration’s line that the attack was spontaneous, leaving the job instead to then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice. She may not have felt comfortable spinning a message she knew might not be correct.

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  1. Keith Thanks for the information. To read it, makes me a great deal more upset than what I have heard on the news in the last day or so. It also shows the lack of respect she has for the citizens of this Country. To the Ambassodor and the 3 other victims, and their family.
    The lack of respect as far as I am concerned to everyone in the world.

    • And lying to the relatives.
      She is a prime example of a person with a complete lack of integrity.

      Keep in mind though that she was under the thumb of a known liar.

  2. Who is this guy, and how would he know anything that was happening on the ground in Libya?
    Adjusting my tinfoil hat: these e-mails were meant to be seen, to be discussed as the truth while the real intent and purpose of the Benghazi embassy was hidden.
    No one in the MiddleEast had seen or even heard about that video until some anon in the Am Embassy in Cairo EGYPT issued a public apology for it’s anti-Islam content.

    MrsClinton, MrObama, and the re-election gurus decided that the attack on our embassy in Libya wasn’t meant to stop our ambassador from transferring weapons to the rebels in Syria by way of Turkey, but rather to blame shadowy Americans for some other offense.
    They’re all lying.
    These e-mails are part of the cover-up. They are self-serving and give excuses for what MrsClinton didn’t do, and for the lies spewed by SusanRice.
    hat off.

  3. Sid who?- Free Beacon: “Controversial Clinton pal Sidney Blumenthal is no longer on the Clinton Foundation payroll, but it is still unclear when he left and under what circumstances. A spokesperson for the foundation told the Washington Free Beacon that Blumenthal ”hasn’t worked here in a while,” but did not confirm when he left or why.”

  4. Good article, Keith. One quibble: “She may not have felt comfortable spinning a message she knew might not be correct.” The last ethical consideration Hillary will ever have is whether a statement she might make is false.

    • As Katarina said above, Sid appears to have been discharged.
      Perhaps Hillarys corner is getting smaller, too much for her comfort.

  5. Blumenthal repeatedly lied about his service in Viet Nam when he was running for the Senate in CT. He was, in fact, in the Marine Reserves and received no less than FIVE deferments even with his low draft number of 152.
    He squeamishly apologized for his exaggerations by saying he meant to say he ‘served DURING Viet Nam – not IN Viet Nam. What a guy!

    **Regardless of Benghazi et al, the Clinton criminal enterprise, IMO, is going to walk away with the next election. Obama has already set the table with racism and immigration. Sad.

    • Hope your last paragraph is wrong.

      I was never ‘in country’ either.
      We went where they sent us.
      I was not in the reserves, I was active duty, ’69 to ’73.

      • Correction, after active duty, I was in the reserves for two years where I could be called back into active duty.
        I forgot about that.