As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

92 Responses to Open Thread || Wednesday, May 20, 2015

  1. Today, I am going to try to answer all my business inquiries with Hillary-esque replies. In other words, completely defect the question by stating in glorious terms how wonderful things are. If anyone else bore witness to her charade yesterday, chime in.

    She simply cannot hide them lying eyes….with apologies to the Eagles.


      • No argument with the arrogance, but she is still POPULAR!!!!! How the HELL can that be? Why? What has she EVER done that is worth a crap? But still, she’s among the “Most Admired Women”. We have an ignorant, uniformed, selfish electorate. We’ll get what they give us!

        • I know–weird, isn’t it? I guess bec she is all they have. But I can’t get over that woman who says Hillary is a better woman than she is–that woman probably took care of her own kids, lived with her husband, worried over bills, cooked meals, shopped, worked a full-time job, went to church, tried to do the right thing–and this woman who rode on the coattails of a man she “styled,” who betrayed her, and who herself could not know a true statement if it bit her in the pantsuit–that woman is better? Come on, gals, we can do better than this for our gender.

    • Oh, those eyes!
      Someone, elsewhere, asked the question – why are Dems so stuck on this lying, greedy, scandal-ridden, candidate?
      The answers were honest- ‘we have no one else’.
      The Dems have defeated themselves. Their losses in Congress and more in the State houses is stunning for a group that rode so high and mightly less than 7 years ago.

  2. AFVet you mentioned arrogance, the following fits:
    I pulled up an article on:
    Ed Henry of Fox news dared to ask Hilla a question in the event in Iowa.
    “Wait,wait,” Clinton said, interrupting the reporter.
    “Maybe when I finish talking to the people here. How’s that?”
    I do not speak to children with such disrespect, and she flips at a well know reporter.

      • I think being snide is her fallback position. Same for Obama. I thought it was snippy, too–but on THE FIVE, they thought it was a show of humor. Me not so much. They had a focus group of Dems on MoJoe this AM–one woman said Hillary was a “better woman” than she was. I cringed–what was this gal, a shoplifting murderer? Another friend of mine said well, Hillary had been minister of defense–I swear–not making that up! Maybe this IS Watters’ World!

  3. Just curious as to what WHD readers think:

    A) Will Hillary continue to run for the presidency ?
    B) Will she willingly step down ?
    C) Will she be forced out by the DNC ?

    • None of the above. She is it and the Dems regret that. It is what it is…………
      She is so yesterday’s news when we are all looking for tomorrow’s leaders with vision on how to bring back our great country from history’s worst president!

    • “A”. This is the Clinton’s swan song.
      With a massive attack by the MSM, other Dems, she won’t survive a primary if anyone of note is on the ballot with her.
      She’ll take her money and retire.
      Bubba will smile.

    • I pick (D)
      I cannot see B or C happening. Will pick A if pinned down.
      Maybe she won’t actually run. Maybe she will keep taking peoples’ money and traipse around the country as if she is running, but never being accountable, and never actually running.
      That is also how I see the soon to be former President O… he will traipse around the country (i.e., places with the best golf courses) at other people’s expense, acting like he is still president and never really going away (God help us!)

  4. I just read that she is not going to make an “official announcement” for her POTUS run until Jun. What’s up with that I wonder?

  5. Anybody hear anything about the USA changing the law so imported meat will no longer be marked as an import? World Trade Organization is pushing for it.

    • There she is, the angry Black woman, training to fight off all of the racists and claim her right to sit on the throne.
      or something.
      Unbelieveable, grossly inappropriate.

        • Does she do these things because she doesn’t want to act “white”? Is race the reason that she portrays herself differently from other First Ladies? How about acting like a real American First Lady with modesty, charm and grace and intelligence instead of acting kooky and sloppy. Too stupid.

    • She’s an embarrassment.
      It boggles the mind that she thinks that that is appropriate for a FLOTUS to conduct herself, and make a video of it.

      In your face America !

    • I will skip looking at her if I can all help it.
      I just read MarjoJimbo, srdem65, and AFVet’s comments, and get the idea of how it looked.
      I hope she does not send a copy to the Queen of England, she may drop her cup of tea.

          • I answered you below. Is this what the Hall of Mirrors is like? ;+]. Spooky kind of place. I keep hearing the lions and tigers roar in the background, and the tornado sounds like it’s getting closer. I hear the faint voice of Keith in the distance calling for help!

    • Embarrassment? Now here’s real embarrassment from FLOTUS: her Princeton University thesis. It is about “race” (what else would we expect?), and is so poorly written (for a person graduating from Princeton, for crying out loud), rambling, paranoid, awkward and cringe-worthy, that Princeton should be ashamed for having approved it.

        • Saw it a long time ago, about the time it came out. I’ve read there were quite a few inaccuracies in the script vs the book, but it was still an amazing movie. Col. Rick Rescorla,, one of the heroes in the book, died on 9/11 trying to rescue people from the burning towers. A hero to the very end.

          • I plan to put a couple of clips here on Memorial day.
            Vietnam was a nasty war, and many people don’t know what war is like.
            The final scene is brutal.
            That’s why the men and the women still have nightmares to this day.

            They can’t get it out of their head.

    • She has no sense of decorum or respect for the position she holds as FLOTUS. I’m sure she’s not the only First Lady to exercise but others had enough dignity/respect not to share photos of themselves all over the internet.

  6. Juan on The Five, just stated: We don’t know if o, Rice and Hilla read the documents. That is the ones just released yesterday by DIA.

  7. I just pulled up Fox.
    I did not hear about this today.
    Iran’s supreme leader vowed Wednesday he will NOT ALLOW international inspection of Iran’s military sites or access to scientists under any nuclear agreement with world powers.

    • Yea, some of those conditions have been more or less public for awhile. The inspections would slow down the progress the Iranians want to make to set off their version of the Apocalypse, which is something at the heart of the jihadist theology. They don’t want a slow down of their Apocalypse.

      The Iranians will eventually fire off their atomic weapon which they will place on the tip of a ICBM missile. They already have the missile capability to hit Israel. The Obama administration must certainly be aware of all this (it’s been in all the newspapers, for goodness sakes), and they don’t care, obviously. If anything, Obama is enabling the Iranians. That’s why the leaders of the Middle East and Europe are so ticked off at Obama.

      • Obama is more concerned about taking this Country to Her knees.
        His priorities should be obvious by now to anyone that is paying attention.