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  1. Thanks Keith, Good morning to Everyone.
    I mentioned on last thread the issue of another email of Hillary.
    Now this issue of waiting till January 2016 to release the first one (55,000). Now why do the tax paying American people have to wait that long to see them? She is planning to run for President, and she is going to have attorneys push this till January 2016!
    No word from her!

  2. Gen. Keane (Ret), said just now on Fox that, Last Friday we were told we were pushing back on ISIS. What an absurdity, to speak to the American people like that.
    This is an operation that has been proceeding for weeks. The reality that they drove in with suicide bombers, than they begin to kill women and children. They are in moral control at that population.
    He (Gen) was asked where is administration speaking of this?
    Gen. Keane said they are expanding into Syria, Lybia, Afganistan. We have no stategy in Iraq, we certainly don’t have stategy elsewhere.

    • To Katarina,….
      The only way they can win is to dumb down their electorate even more than it is now.

      In order to do that they have to restrict the information flow and opinions of intelligent people.

      That’s the nice thing about this forum.

      Many intelligent people abide here and the conversations that result are very refreshing.

      • Dumbing down the electorate shouldn’t be that difficult with millions of illegals now able to vote thanks to Motor Voter, online voter registration, and other methods of voter fraud.
        Hag Hillary doesn’t have to lift a finger – the fix is in!

      • BY-THE-GODS! I wish the “USA” had “voter IQ rules”…
        If you are too stupid, clueless to pass a basic ‘current events/social studies test’
        You should Not Be Allowed to “vote”

        • The country came into being when there was outrage among the people over “taxation without representation”. Now we have swung far to the other direction with “representation without taxation”. Equally wrong, and equally outrageous. If you don’t pay taxes, you don’t have a right to vote!

      • I have been reading this blog for more than 6 months AFVet… I don’t say a lot.. most of the time.. I just read and donate to Keith.. I very very seldom disagree with anything that I read on here… A lot is opinions and do I ever love conservatives opinions!
        Also I learn a lot from the bloggers on here and I appreciate them..ALL of them!
        So I will continue to listen and learn! ….ツ°

        • I do not run this blog Katarina, Keith does.

          This is a forum comprised of people that are basically like minded, however, from time to time we do have our differences.

          Keith is a gracious fellow that allows us to pontificate on any issue we feel pertinent.

          We are all Patriots, and love our Country.
          We all love a good discussion, one that intrigues others to join in.

          Believe me, they will not hesitate to join in.

    • MrsClinton is not facing the press because she has no answer, can’t explain, doesn’t WANT to explain all of the swirling scandal-ish events she was part of as Sec of State.
      How could she explain a charitable foundation she heads that only spent 10% of the money donated on it’s stated mission – uh, we had to “pay the bills”?
      She had to have expected the MSM to give her the same cover and spin that MrObama enjoys to this day. The Clintons counted on other Dems to step up with outrage at the ‘unfair’ treatment, or to start the sexism charges. Some did just that, but it fell on deaf ears giving credence to the theory that the Dems want someone else to head their 2016 ticket.

      The Clintons should have retired into a kind of senior statesman position where they would be honored for their past service instead of being colored as greedy, shady grifters.

      • Yep. Agree with all you wrote. The Clintons are now about waist-high in the quicksand pit they themselves created for the past 30 years. It’s going to get worse for them, much worse before this is over.

      • At the very least, the server scandal should disqualify her as a presidential candidate. Buy her secret, symbiotic relationship with foreign entities and their bank accounts should scare the living daylights out of everyone.
        Greed, lust and power is what the Clintons are all about. It’s obscene!

        • Did you see–there is now some shaowy Sidney Blumenthal deal where he emailed her rumors and stuff of interest to his Libyan would-be investors, her asst forwarded those emails blind to Chris Stevens and others for evaluation and who knows–maybe emailed THEIR intelligence back to Blumenthal? Pretty cozy.

          • Can’t remember which Blumenthal– Richard, Sidney or Max who once said “The Clintons lie even when the truth would serve them better.” Boy, ain’t that the truth.

          • Dunno–don’t count on it. I just went three email rounds with a friend who asked me how I knew so early Obama would be a bad president–I went all through it–where did he come from, what had he done–no info…bad vibe etc. then she said she would not vote this time. I said oh we need to vote, this stuff is pretty far gone as it is. She said, OK, she guessed she’d vote for Hillary. Can you hear me scream from your house?

          • This is a very smart woman–you would know her by name. But you’re right–the whole system is so skewed there is no place to stand and may never be again.

  3. The Shoot-out in Waco;
    All of the MSM sites have either a lead story about it, or have some video to share.
    CNN- $1million dollar bond for each biker!

    They’re lapping it up, having something to show that White people can be violent too instead of the drip,drip of Black’s rioting or just whining about their lot in life.

    Flashback to 2002 -the ‘river run riot’ at Harrah’s casino in Laughlin NV. 6 members of each gang went to prison for the ‘riot’ because, well, it’s only fair. No one turned against anyone, so all they had was the blurry video.
    Then later, Harrah’s was sued for not stopping the carnage and bystanders were injured.
    Projection – bail will be reduced, charges dropped as each gangster claims ‘self-defense’ and some scapegoat from each ‘color’ will be sent to prison.

    • Those Banditos are making my beloved SONS look bad–Okay, they were torturers and murderers, too–but they were MY torturers and murderers. (In case anyone is about to squeak at me–I am kidding. I feel I must say that now on WHD, which has become a teeny bit humorless and literal.)

  4. Just had a wacky idea for FOX news …a Hillary Limbo Dance Contest.
    Sorta like Dancing with the Stars…
    but with a political ‘Twist’.

    Contestants would line up on the dance floor and for every Hillary lie/scandal, the Limbo bar would be lowered a notch. The starting point would need to be about ten feet high in order to accommodate Hillary’s baggage.

    Just being silly here, but inquiring minds would like to know just how low the bar is for the future leader of the free world? Hillary just reeks of corruption!

  5. By the way, here’s the bum’s schedule for today, oh so busy:

    TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015

    In the morning, the President and the Vice President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.

    In the afternoon, the President and the Vice President will meet with Secretary of Defense Carter in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.


    9:30AM In-Town Pool Call Time

    10:00AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

    Oval Office
    Closed Press

    4:00PM THE PRESIDENT meets with Secretary of Defense Carter; THE VICE PRESIDENT also attends

    Oval Office
    Closed Press

    Briefing Schedule
    12:30PM Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest

    • Thanks, Snark! What’s up with all the ‘secrecy’??? Highly unusual for Biden and Obama to receive the DB in the Oval Office, too. Can’t even speculate on this one…

      • Perhaps their world is beginning to crumble and they are gathering the forces to prevent it or at least put the brakes on it.

      • I know, Girly1. They used to do sometimes do the PDB together in the Oval Office, but that was mostly in his first term.

        Obummer will be back to fundraising tomorrow, with official business thrown in so we pay for the trip:

        “On Wednesday, the President will travel to New London, Connecticut to deliver the commencement address at the United States Coast Guard Academy. While in Connecticut, the President will also attend a DNC event. Further details about the President’s travel to Connecticut will be available in the coming days.”

      • Yea, seems something is up. Who knows what? Perhaps a spin session on what to say about the fall of Ramadi. Baghdad is certainly on the list for destruction for ISIS, and we have an embassy there. What to do, what to do? Do we move the embassy personnel out before the attack or after the attack? How do we do that and still maintain the fiction that ISIS is on the run–running around at night in their Toyotas with the headlights turned off? How can we keep fooling the American people? Can we rely on George Stepping-On-His Face to help us on this one?

        More likely, it’s a meeting about where the best golf courses are located.


    • Thanks as well Snark for the update.
      What I would like to know is, Why isn’t he sitting in his office every day with Carter to try and tackle these maniacs once and for all?
      Why doesn’t o have the common sense to bring back all the well experienced Generals, etc. back, to help him tackle this matter?
      Why doesn’t the dad burn Press ask the question: What about our children and grand children’s future? O and a lot of the rich people in office feel they are safe with there under ground bunckers and money to get them though the worst.
      Why is the press still kissing up to hilla, when we had Americans killed in Beghanzi, including the Ambassador?

  6. Just heard on Fox what Joshi had to say today:
    Not like we are going to set our hair on fire every time there is a set back.
    That was an ignorant comment he had to state today, in regard to Ramadi.
    You cannot make this stuff up. If you wrote everything: The list etc. and handed it to a publisher, he would tell your to start over.

  7. White House!..”Strategy is a Success against ISIS” ?Pretty sure all the people who have been killed by ISIS and this ‘Strategy’ would not agree…if they had a Voice.

  8. I must recommend an article on Zero Hedge : ” If the public knew about Obamas lies and coverups, Mitt Romney might be President”. In the article Judicial Watchs president, Tom Fitton, summarizes the latest found revelations about Obama, and Hillary.
    I have always believed that Obama snatched the election with foul play.It´s a disgrace. He is a disgrace. Romney would have been a fine President in my opinion.

  9. Good morning.
    I typed in white house dossier. Website did not come up.
    Typed in bbc news. Did not come up.
    Typed in Fox news. Did not come up.
    Than several other sites.

    In other words the website itself did not come up as it usually does.
    Does anyone know why this is happening?

  10. Just heard young man sing National Athem on Fox. Wonderful!!!
    He sang at a ball game as well. I apologize I did not catch his name.
    They just mentioned his first name: Nicholas.
    If anyone knows his name, and the name of the ball game he sang at, please share it with WHD.

  11. U.S. White house considers potential new stategy. U.S. rethinks ISIS stategy after loss of key Iraqi city.
    Doug McKelway on Fox said WH taking this issue more serious than Joshi did.
    Joshi comments spoke volumes of the WH and their stategy.
    Retaking cities is more difficult than retaking general gound area.
    Administration is not considering sending U.S. Ground Troops.
    I want to know what has been, and is his stategy regarding the ones that are slipping into our Country!