In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Sunday Open Thread || May 17, 2015



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    1. Under Obama that’s DISarmed Forces Day! But WE can still celebrate them!! And we won’t be alone! “The United States’ longest running city-sponsored Armed Forces Day Parade is held in Bremerton, Washington. In 2012, Bremerton celebrated the 64th year of the Armed Forces Day Parade”.

  1. I have set the timer on the coffee pot for 6 AM EST (I will be fast asleep). Please pour quietly! You’ll find muffins on the sideboard and bagels and fixin’s in the fridge. First one here, leave the cream cheese out so it warms up and spreads more easily. Use the “Bagel” setting on the toaster (DUH)! The smoked salmon is particularly good, but please don’t let the capers get on the floor! SEEYA tomorrow!

        1. It’s in the ceramic crock in the back of the fridge. Raspberry. Homemade! (Hey, it’s VIRTUAL jam. It’s any kind I want it to be)!

          1. A.J. – no canned biscuits please! I will bring the white Karo syrup. Perhaps it’s a “Southern Thang.”
            My mother made biscuits and home made syrup for breakfast every morning. Oh-So-Yummy!!!

  2. It has come to my attention that there is an innocuous outbreak of incestuous infestation within WDC.

    Experts have determined that the cause has been tracked to rats and fleas known to populate federal buildings throughout the WDC area.

    ‘K’ street has been identified as the center of the infestation, particularly for a horrendous accumulation of ticks which are known to attach themselves to politicians, staffers, and even normal people that work within the bureaucracy.

    Efforts are underway to eradicate the area of the pests but the time frame to do so is indeterminate.

    Pest control agencies in the area are aware of the problem and are presently being vetted by the DoJ.

    Plagues such as this have made themselves known from time to time during human history.

    From an official document released from the White House:

    “Do not be alarmed ladies and gentlemen, we have everything under control.”

      1. Agreed. Jeb should just get it over with and declare that he is running for the democrat nomination. Also, pretty much done with huckabee. While I love so many are trying to shape the debate, I worry it will go to the convention and the RINOs will get their way.

      2. To GG.
        Replying here because the thread will get too skinny.
        I don’t like the huckster either, don’t trust him.
        I like a deep bench, and the GOP in general is losing their clout.
        Many people are donating money directly to the candidates of their choice which is the way it should be.

        1. Yes. Eager to keep Fiorina in the race. She does seem to be a better candidate now and she is the Only One who can fight the war on women meme. Lots of time on the clock…

  3. Some of you asked me to give you a report on my trip to Israel.
    It was the trip of a lifetime for sure. I felt safe the whole time. Our guide weaved a beautiful story of Christ as we worked our way through the country.
    If you LONG to go like I did for many years but are too scared, I encourage you to ask God to help rid you of your fear and get on that plane!!!

      1. “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come.
        And let him that is athirst come.
        And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” Revelation 22:17

        1. “But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,”
          Hebrews 12:22

      1. Thank you so much.
        Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
        Raining a lot here in Texas but the Rockets are winning!

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  5. U.S. Special Forces take out an ISIS leader. Twelve ISIS fighters were killed.
    Trove of Intel material found.
    I hope this was “very helpful intel”.

    1. This is the way we will fight terror cells in the future. Strategic air strikes and higly effective mini strike forces, assuming we can get the intel required to pull it off.


    2. This is against everything Obama believes in — boots, no drones, taking out an ISIS leader, rescuing a Christian Taxidermist woman AND getting good hands on intel.

      Either he is really in trouble or no one could find him.

  6. Going to a crawfish boil today! Yeh!
    Very hot, spicy!
    Suppose to rain, however only the people standing by the boiling pot will get wet. :)

      1. A Louisiana version, I think, Lee would know. I once went on a Mississippi barge press trip to learn more about the wetlands–and they had one on the deck–a boil. Yu-mmmm!

      2. Just got back. We had 5 or 6 pots of boiled crawfish.
        I have never been to a clambake.
        You take live crawfish and throw in the boiling water that is seasoned. You add whole onions, whole garlic, lemons cut in 1/2, celery sticks, mushrooms. Than peel and eat them around a big table covered with newspaper. Lots of family/friends. Lots of cold beer.

        1. And just exactly how do the CRAWFISH feel about these festivities? (Disclaimer: I have boiled MORE than my share of crawfish and loved every bite. When they go in the boiling water they make a noise that sounds like AAAAHHHHH!).

  7. One result of the Garland shooting is NASA has tighten security at Cape Canaveral. NASA Visitor’s Center has discontinued their daily bus tour of the launch pads.

    1. I was unaware of that. Little by little, Piece by piece things we freely got to see are being taken away.
      I am still upset with cameras all over the place. Even from space.
      I know a few/all of you may be thinking, Lee get use to it, but it’s such a difference to me.

      1. Camera thing bothers me, too.

        I asked my attorney daughter about their use, and she said we should have no expectation of privacy away from our home. Say what? No privacy?

        And now with drones, no privacy at home, either. Heck, we can see our own home on Google maps from the air and street view. With our cars in the driveway.

        1. I think everyone in the administration, etc. should give the citizens the right to have a camera on them 24/7…
          If the shoe was on the other foot, there just might be discussion about the eye.

    1. With the Obama administration, the United States will have completely lost 8 years of progress, economic advancement, a better, more efficient government, improving our relationships with our allies, cleaning up the inner cities from their murderous social pathology, energy independence, lost opportunities to neutralize ISIS–the list of missed opportunities is very, very long.

      We will eventually address all those things, but what a destructive waste of time Obama has put us all through. And he struts around like Mr. Peacock, thoroughly enjoying his storm of destruction on the American people. He’s very proud of what he’s done.

        1. Unfortunately, that’s the case. The Congress has all the tools needed to stop Obama in his tracks, and they refuse to employ them. In fact, even the Republican leadership helps him. Just amazing.

  8. George Stephanopoulos is going to rue the day he attacked that “Clinton Cash” author(who specializes in corruption investigations)because that author is now investigating Georgie !

    1. I would thing to save his face he would say: I am going to donate the same amount of money to a needed cause, such as Red Cross. The: I’m sorry comment doesn’t cut it.

      1. In his wife’s memoir she says she always does what her mother recommends when things get tough–Go to the Four Seasons, get some pampering. Wonder if she’s there now. I thought the line was funny, now it seems to emphasize all the dough they have to fling around everyplace. I would love to give a ton to animal shelters.

        1. I remember that adage, “When the going gets tough, go to the Four Seasons”. Sure we can ALL do that. I be sure to mention this to the clerk at the Dollar Store if she seems stressed the next time I’m there! These people have NO connection with reality and their opinions should be regarded with the suspicion normally reserved for someone with cloven hooves, horns and a tail! And I’m NOT talking Elsie the cow!!!

        2. I’m starting to get annoyed at this website posting for me BEFORE I click the “Post Comment Button!! Anyway —- I WAS going to say something snarky along the lines of “Who would read a memoir by Georgie’s wife”. Turns out George should be known as Alexandra Wentworth’s husband. She’s FAR more accomplished than he! IMNSHO!!!!

  9. CNBC has a business program called Squawk Box. Anytime they interview someone who talks about a stock they will scroll to show if the talker is an owner of the stock or has a financial interest in it.

  10. What is the connection between Obama and George Soros and his evil agenda? It’s a question that has to be examined. The answer: there is powerful evidence that Obama and Soros are intimately connected–politically and financially. That connection answers, at least in part, why Obama always seems to be so out of touch with the basic principles and values of the United States, and makes genuinely bizarre decisions and statements.

    Check out these sites (and there are many more) that talk about the Obama/Soros connections.

  11. And who says the entertainment industry doesn’t help out those in need

    Apparently Jay Z – an Obama BFF — posted bail for arrested “protesters ” in Ferguson and Baltimore.

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