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White House: Everything’s Fine in Iraq as Ramadi Falls

The White House dished out new happy talk Friday on Iraq as ISIS – or ISIL, if you like – forces seized Ramadi, a city of nearly one million people that is the capital of the country’s largest province, Anbar, which ISIS has mostly taken over.

But White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz had an alternate take from the alternate universe known as the West Wing:

ISIL’s momentum has indeed be blunted – it’s ability to mass and maneuver forces degraded, it’s leadership cells pressured or eliminated, it’s command and control and supply lines severed.

I’m glad ISIS’s momentum has been blunted, because if it wasn’t I guess they’d be in Cairo by now.

The consequences of President Obama’s decision to abandon Iraq and then fight ISIS with half measures continue to descend on Iraq. How sickening to hear again the names of cities where our troops bravely fought and died for victory, cities once again in the hands of the enemy.

Soon there will be serious consequences here. Every day ISIS is permitted to live is another day it has to plan large-scale attacks in the United States.

This country faces a dangerous foe. We can deal with the threat. But we won’t, and that’s going to hurt.

32 thoughts on “White House: Everything’s Fine in Iraq as Ramadi Falls”

  1. I think what he MEANT to say was “Obama was smoking a blunt.” that would make more sense, and would explain a lot.

      1. Blunting them! Used to be “Degrading” them (My camel is sexier than your mother, AND a better cook). Now we’re “blunting” them! When they detonate a “Big One” in D.C. NYC, L.A. then maybe I’LL need a blunt!! (Nah Scotch On The Rocks. And if it’s L.A. a BIG Scotch on the Rocks ’cause I’m DOWNWIND)!!!

  2. And all because the Alinsky acolyte currently sitting in the Oval Office considers the larger threat to America to be racist cops just trying to protect the innocent against Sharpton’s thugs.

    1. Stop and consider this (“Selah”)
      Perhaps that is his focus – and he has now been given free rein to sharpen that focus (no noun intended)…
      So that VJ can concentrate on her focus.
      As far as all the other issues we are being forced to endure – who will profit from those issues?
      Always, always – follow the money.

  3. I read early this morning that the maniacs raised their flag over a government compound in Ramadi.
    As well Isis executed 26 civiians on Thursday after over running the villages near Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra.
    They are speaking to us as if we were very young children.
    We see and read news from all over the world, and as Keith mentioned used the word blunted.

  4. It’s so hard to wrap one’s mind around that a city of one million could be held hostage by a force of, what, 10,000 troups. Or less.

    If a force like ISIS marched into Pittsburgh, they’d have to take every house, every street, every neighborhood and dodge incoming fire from everywhere. It just wouldn’t happen.
    Assuming the people were unarmed in the face of ISIS, it’s not hard to calculate that guns = freedom.

    1. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto felt the same way srdem65.
      ” You cannot invade the mainland United States, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
      Our forefathers understood that an armed citizen is a freeman, not a subject.
      2nd Amendment guarantees that freedom.

      1. Well, we’ll just have to fix THAT. Can’t have the citizenry defending THEMSELVES, now can we. They might try to defend themselves from US!!! (Barack Obama, 2015)!

    2. In fairness to the residents — ISIS operates more like the Mafia on crack than an invading force. Not only you, but all your family and friends, if you resist.

  5. The press needs to ask presidential hopefuls what their plan is to defeat isis? Nevermind, asking dumb hypothetical questions, “giving what we know now should we….?

    Too late to change the past, we can only hope to change the future.

  6. I’ll bet our ME “allies” camping out at Camp David were not reassured by this news. Of course, Barack probably shined them off.

    Actually, this is what I think. Tucked away in the woods, isolated, Obama can pretty much do what he wants. Having made the speech, and bored with the company,especially since the bloom is off the deal for them, and hating the woods — most like he has had a blunt (or 2) and is tucked in watching some sports or being serenaded by ValJar .

  7. Well, remember. The Economy is just perking along famously, healthcare has NEVER been more affordable or available, our children are better educated than ever before, and as for relations between the races, all I can say is “Kumbaya”! So what is surprising about one more Obama Admin example of Opposite World?

    1. It is sickening to know what you said is so true A.J. and all you other wise people here.
      I just want to go sit on the beach this weekend and tune out this disaster lil o

  8. He said: They are real. Saw one first hand. Happened in during o’s 2008 campaign. Unwritten rule: Not to speak about it.
    He spoke with Daily news about this.
    Flying from Kanas City to Iowa. Clear skys, reached cruse altitude. To his right was a white disk. Large Disk. It was pacing them. It than turned to a orange glow color. After 40 minutes, there was a red ball above the cloud. The captain saw it as well.
    You can ask him questions on Fox’s facebook page.

      1. 100 BILLION GALAXIES have been documented.
        We are not the only ones out here.

        We are one little planet in a solar system on the edge of the Milky Way.

        If we were in the middle of the Milky Way, we couldn’t see the rest of the galaxies that surround us.

        Like living in the midst of a big city and trying to get past all of the lights.
        Vs. Living in the country, away from the lights.

        The Milky Way Galaxy is relatively small compared to many others.

  9. Google the story about the Dominican nun who testified this week before Congress. She told the explicit story of the Christian genocide that is now happening in Iraq. And the WH sits idly by…. Paging Neville Chamberlain,

  10. What alternate universe is he living in? I want to go where things are going so well. Who knows, the economy might be better too.

  11. Too bad there wasn’t a giant photo of a mushroom cloud behind him as he was speaking. Truly the inmates are running the asylum.

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