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Romney vs. Holyfield: The Weigh In

Five-time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and Mitt Romney weighed in Thursday for their “fight” Friday evening for Utah’s Charity Vision, a nonprofit that provides eye care for patients in developing countries.

Romney weighed in at 179 pounds while Holyfield was a little heavier, coming in at 236.5.

Romney looks to be in great shape, yet Holyfield is a 142,000:1 favorite against the former presidential contender, the one chance being that Holyfield develops rapidly metastasizing cancer in the ring and dies before chemo can be administered.

No, those aren’t the real odds.

11 Responses to Romney vs. Holyfield: The Weigh In

  1. Top Ten Takeaways:
    10. Proof that old men can’t keep their dukes up
    9. Silky boxing shorts look like skirts
    8. White men can’t jab
    7. Black men only look menacing
    6. The public will watch anything
    5. Losing a presidential election drive some men insane
    4. Former boxing champs took too many hits to the head

  2. I wonder how the game plan will go? Will Holyfield’s gloves be wrapped in cotton batten? I hope it is fun, certainly a good cause