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Liberal Pundit Calls for FBI to Probe Hillary

Et tu, Alan Colmes?

The liberal but nevertheless intellectually non-comatose radio talk show host Alan Colmes Wednesday called for an FBI investigation into the potential conflicts of interests resulting from foreign donations to the Clinton charitable fund and Hillary Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State.

First person running for president while simultaneously under investigation by the FBI? Don’t count on it, but it’s not just a right-wing talking point, and everybody knows it.

7 Responses to Liberal Pundit Calls for FBI to Probe Hillary

  1. Your staff might want to reconsider that headline. For the most part the FBI is made up of dedicated men and women out to enforce the laws of the land. Asking one of them to “probe” Hillary goes above and beyond the call of duty. :)

  2. Pardon my cynicism, but this has to be the most sneaky way to clear MrsClinton of any wrongdoing – have the FBI announce there’s nothing there of interest to them.
    Then, of course, the Dem outcry will be for the FBI/CIA/OSHA/DMV to ‘investigate’ every Repub for some wrong-doing or shady deals.

    There was plenty of time to start air these allegations against MrsC and her conduct while Sec of State, but now as an announced candidate – that ship of shady deals has already set sail, and it’s too late to examine the cargo.