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Video || Jeb Accidentally Announces He’s Running

What? No grand splash at Liberty University?

Jeb Bush today accidentally told a Nevada TV station that he is running for president. Technically, he’s still just a nice private citizen exploring the possibility.

But what he really revealed yet again, after mishearing a question the other night about the Iraq war, is that he’s a rusty campaigner. Remember, he hasn’t run for anything since 2002, when he was reelected governor of Florida.

7 Responses to Video || Jeb Accidentally Announces He’s Running

  1. I hate Jeb. He is more of the same and who needs that!

    Some say it is already a done deal.
    Bush vs Clinton.

    Why bother voting when there is really no real difference.

    Both of those 2 are super pro open borders. The intended Mexiafaction of this country. How many 3rd world people do they want…. all of them?

    I hate Jeb and will not vote at all if he is the RINO on the ballot.

  2. I lost interest when I found out he was for Common Core. As well I would like another name.
    Than we have the Hilla. issue. I think there should be a law stating that a spouse of a former President cannot run.

  3. Former President Bush, the senior, nor Bush, the junior established a royal progression to allow Bush, the third to assume power.
    We don’t like that kind of thing here in the US, we like change- always hoping the next guy or gal will do better.

    If Bush, the third, can’t find anything useful to do with his life other than be POTUS, perhaps he could lower himself to run for the US Senate in any state he thinks he might have a chance.

  4. Sorry Jeb, please stay OUT of the race. We have a bunch of stupid voters and your name alone will cause them to choose the alternate, probably HRC (gag). There are plenty of other good candidates for us. Go back to Wall Street or wherever pleases you. Sorry, it’s as simple as that. You will not win – it’s your name.