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Defending Obama Against the Sensitivity Police

I’m glad President Obama got a taste of the left’s own medicine after committing the putatively sexist crime of referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Conn., as “Elizabeth.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, from whom the White House today said it expects an apology, suggested it was sexist. National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill actually said it was sexist.

Well, it’s a bit ironic to defend Obama against such silliness, given that he is the instigator of so much of his own unprovoked, vitriolic nonsense against the legitimate views of opponents. And the White House wants my help as much as it wants a chimpanzee to redecorate the Blue Room.

But, hey, he’s my president too. And when the goons come for him, I’ll defend him.

So here is Obama using the first name basis with a few of his male colleagues. Just a couple out of tons of examples:

From remarks a Beverly Hills Democratic fundraiser in November 2013:

Now, I understand Harry Reid was here, but Harry left. But I’ll tell you what, although Harry may not win sort of any contest for best sound bite on CNN — (laughter) — if you’re in a fight, you want Harry Reid in your corner. And nobody has fought harder for the American people and for working families in this country than Harry — (applause) — with the possible exception of the person who has been one of the finest Speakers that we’ve ever had and who I intend to see Speaker once again, Nancy Pelosi. (Applause.)

And at another fundraiser in New York City in September 2014, referencing Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York City:

You may not have heard of Chuck because he doesn’t really do a lot of media — (laughter) – but he is tireless and incredibly effective. And one of the best young public servants that we have in our country who has the thankless job of being the head of the DSCC — the Senator from the great state of Colorado, Michael Bennet . . . And so the reason that I’m working so hard on behalf of the DSCC is because of what Chuck represents and what Michael represents and what the Senate Democrats represent is an acknowledgement that we have to grow, and we grow best when everybody is part of the deal.

It’s also worth pointing out that Sen. Warren is one of the senators Obama personally knows best, having appointed her to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau before she became a senator, and so a first-name reference would seem even more natural.

What also angered some people was Obama’s shocking revelation that Warren is “a politician like everyone else,” suggesting a little bit of presidential pique.

I agree with an assessment I heard Rush make today, that he’s probably jealous of her. I mean, she’s stolen his mantle as the post-political crusader for all that is moral and good.

Gosh, if only Obama had permitted his operatives to tell the world in 2008 that he too was just “a politician like everyone else.” The nation might have been spared lot of trouble.

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  1. Let’s just all admit that the Dems have had enough, too. He and his miserable projects have cost them the majority in Congress, and you better believe that we aren’t the only ones complaining about this whole ‘racist’ theme the O’s are pushing.
    srdem might be complaining about the draconian business regulations, but the big money boys are screaming about what it’s costing them.

      • yeah, that’s what I thought too. and since Keith is a “conservative,” taking that line out of context is all the Left would need to permanently first-lady-shame him.

  2. Agree. For once the Prez is trying to communicate and build relationships by referring to colleagues by first name. Its actually not insulting if you indeed know them. The Correct Police got it wrong this time.


  3. It is one thing when he is paying a compliment, and another when he is being a smart alec.
    He should have explained that he respected her thoughts on the matter, and than ramble about his thoughts.

  4. Obama is like a pyromaniac setting fire to the straw men that he creates.
    The wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of OZ said,…”How about a little fire scarecrow ?”

    Barry needs enemies in order to appear the hero.
    His reinforcements are beginning to dwindle, and he sees it.
    They are skeptical of his leadership abilities on the world stage and are distancing themselves from him because of it.

    He has become toxic to many of the people that used to support him and now we are seeing them question his policies.

    Now his record is established throughout the media, and the videos do not lie.

    • Speaking of video’s. While I was listening to Fox a moment ago. I glanced up as they were showing him shaking hands with one of the prince. Sure enough he bowed his head down just a little bit…

  5. OT: A senior Iranian military official warned U.S. and Saudi Arabia that blocking an Iranian aid ship bound for Yemen will “spark a fire”, but a U.S. Navy official tells Fox on Wednesday that the situation is “all for show”.
    A lone Iranian cargo ship continued to sail in the direction of Yemen Wednesday, a few weeks after a convoy of Iranian ships, carrying weapons was foreced to reverse course after U.S. Navy sent an aircraft carrier and escort ships to trail the vessels.

  6. I really don’t think you should bother defending Obama, Keith. I prefer to think of think it as sweet, sweet karma.

    it’s kind of like Kirsten Powers being accused of homophobia because she wrote a book about how the Left tries to shut down dissent. Powers, who’s passionately pro-gay rights, is now being called a bigot–

    actually, now that I think of it, it’s not like that. Kirsten Powers really IS for gay rights, but I think they may have a point about Obama being sexist. I still remember him calling a female reporter “sweetie” during the 2008 campaign. imagine if McCain or Romney had done that.

    yup. karma. it’s a b!tch.

  7. Everyone’s missing the point here. If the Dems are going after one of their own for “sexism,” just wait until the 2016 presidential campaign is in full swing…the Republican nominee won’t be able to say one word about “Hillary” without being branded a sexist. This dust-up with Barry is just a practice run for the real deal.

  8. Just think how it would be if everyone ran their household moneys like this lowlife run the country or your teacher/nun/mother/father lied to you as much as this scumbag lies to the world …

  9. The trade agreement ALSO includes things we are not suppose to know about, it is being kept from the general public: eg: things like : it includes criminalizing supplements, natural medicines, and anything besides big pharma.
    It criminalizes natural heirloom seed saving, so that only Monsanto, gates and the rest can distribute GMO seeds’
    It includes removing 2nd amendment rights..
    and more;
    Obama is using all his power to change America and only help blacks and big business..
    See article on TPP (his trade deal with the pacific nations) at by mike adams

  10. […] Defending Obama against the Sensitivity Police . . . I’m glad President Obama got a taste of the left’s own medicine after committing the putatively sexist crime of referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Conn., as “Elizabeth.” Now, the White House wants my help as much as it wants a chimpanzee to redecorate the Blue Room. But, hey, he’s used senators’ first names many, many times. White House Dossier […]