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Live Stream || White House Briefing – May 12, 2015

The Briefing has concluded.

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  1. The P. needs approval and authority for TTP Bill. These are challenges Senate will have to work though. The Pres. and staff will remain engaged of substance. This is complicated. He is encouraging Dems to support him.
    Reberta: What is position of packaging the bills.
    Joshi: The authority is important to future of our economy. Need to over come the procedrial safu.
    I will say: We are in era of divided Government. Party line votes not going to cut it.
    Roberta: She asked about the Cargo ship, and effort to stop Iran.
    Joshi said he they are monitoring. The United Nations looking over aid to get to right places in Yemen. Try to be responsive to aid to people.
    My understanding of journey of vessel is being monitored. Iran understands they can’t play games interfering with aid.
    Mark: Snafu. If it gets stalled. Do you have vote in both houses.
    Joshi I am confident there is Democratic support.
    Richard: Russia. Is Secretary Kerry bringing personal a message.
    Joshi No don’t think there is a personal message. Discussion will be about Ukraine, Russia.
    Richard: Missed question he made about Ukraine.
    Joshi said other issues they have worked together, like space program.
    Richard: The Bradon story: Kids are following football.
    Joshi: There have been a lot of discussions, never expected this one. Have not thought about it as much as NFL.
    Joshi: I will say children do look up to Brady. He confronts this, he will mindful of how he serves as a roll model.
    Question: Could not understand question.
    Joshi: After 50 years of trying to isolate Cuba. The President feels strongly we can continue to support Cuban people.
    Margaret: She brought up the FOOTBALL issue again.
    I am going to have lunch.

  2. I wonder what EE or CE country Kerry handed off to Russia to get them to back off. Georgia perhaps? The rest of Ukraine? One thing for sure, it isn’t Poland.

    Lavrov vs. Kerry — not even a contest.