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Fournier: Obama Could be One of the Worst Presidents Ever

The relatively unbiased, and certainly not right wing, Ron Fournier of National Journal said Monday evening that President Obama could go down as “one of the worst presidents in our nation’s history” if Iran develops nuclear weapons under the deal he’s negotating with them and it inspires Arab Middle Eastern states to start constructing their own nukes.

Well, I have bad news for the liberal historians who write history. The deal allows Iran to construct a nuclear weapon, and the Gulf monarchies aren’t just going to sit on their royal asses.

Just think. Chester Arthur. James Buchanan. Millard Fillmore. Warren Harding. Barack Obama. This is not pleasant company.

Obama on counter

Rick Klein of ABC News, who doesn’t appear in the video below but spoke just before Fournier, describes why experts believe the Saudi King Salman’s absence from the meetings with Obama this week is indeed a snub, noting that what Obama is offering the Gulf states in terms of protection comes up well short of what they want.

In fact, our Arab allies aren’t the least convinced the president is serious about countering Iran, and they need to see far more serious actions out of Obama to accompany the meaningless reassurances he is set to offer at the summit this week.

That’s the message of the absence of both Salman and the leader of Bahrain from the meetings.

40 thoughts on “Fournier: Obama Could be One of the Worst Presidents Ever”

    1. That’s a great article !
      She is intelligent and it appears she is now seeing the hypocrisy of the left.
      I’m glad she tackled this subject.

  1. I agree.
    With secrecy of the ACA, and now the secret TPP, Obama is exhibiting very dangerous tendencies.

    For some reason, congress is giving up it’s power to a man committed to destroying this Country and it’s position on the world stage.

    At least even the Democrats are beginning to take notice.

      1. By the way, she said she had read it in a private room, no electronics allowed, no notes allowed, and was not allowed to make detailed remarks about what was in it. Really open, guys!

  2. There’s no COULD BE about it. Obama IS the worst president ever.

    It’s not just Iran – it’s his utter lack of transparency, his taking race relations to a new Nation low, by his lack of respect for the military and police, by deciding foreign policy based on his ego and legacy….should I go on?

    1. Obamacare, “You can keep your doctor / plan”, record unemployment, undoing welfare reform by executive order, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA/Snowden, wiretapping journalists, CDC Ebola SNAFU, NLRB, Benghazi, Libya, Syria, no status of forces agreement in Iraq, the ISIS “JV team”, the Russian “reset”, Crimea, EPA regs, FCC taking over the internet, “You didn’t build that”, flooding the border, executive amnesty, suing the states for doing his job, the apology tour, and (if you’re a liberal) drone wars, trade deals, not closing Gitmo…Martin/Zimmerman, Ferguson, Baltimore…but he did get the Nobel Peace Prize…

  3. If a nuclear deal with a country that has vowed to kill us all is the only criteria for a good/bad President, then, yes, he would be the worst.
    A good President is one that, first of all, makes us feel safe in our homes and communties and MrObama does not. Good President inspires us, gives us assurances that we are exceptional, and sees that the economy is allowing all who want a job to have one, but MrO doesn’t do any of that.

    What he did was to bow down to our enemies, allow our country to become a haven for criminals, wrecked the common economy, and then tells us over and over that we are a bad people.
    Bad Obama. Bad President.

    1. I never could stand Bush–but when 9/11 happened, I waited to hear his reaction, for him to speak for us–and he did on that rubble pile! I never care about Obama’s reaction–and can usually predict it anyhow.

    2. All good points. I would add a good President is one who honors the US Constitution and the limits of Presidential power that document outlines.

  4. “Could be?” Too late. Good presidents don’t need to hand out lab coats to fake doctors used as props as a means of advancing policy a majority didn’t need or want. It’s pretty much been all downhill from there.

    These people don’t merely lack transparency. These people are pure evil.

  5. you just got a shout-out on Rush’s radio program for this article, Keith. way to go! put on another server for when Rush’s audience discovers your site.

  6. “….our Arab allies aren’t the least convinced the president is serious about countering Iran.” Absolutely true. In fact, they wanted to specifically talk about containing the madcap goal of Iranian hegemony, and Obama refused to put that topic on the agenda. That’s our Barry.

      1. Yep, true. Barry must have read at least one newspaper article about all the fireworks going on the Middle East, so there’s no excuse for him for being so ignorant. On the other hand, we know he doesn’t read his Presidential Daily Briefing because he already knows what’s in it, as said by ValJar.

        What a bunch of knuckleheads.

  7. Barack Obama is an evil Mr. Magoo stumbling about from catastrophe to catastrophe leaving broken things, betrayal, and chaos in his wake. When he became president he went on a tour apologizing to our mortal enemies. When the new president in inaugurated he will have to go on tour apologizing to our friends, if we have any left.

    1. “Barack Obama is an evil Mr. Magoo stumbling about from catastrophe to catastrophe leaving broken things, betrayal, and chaos in his wake.”

      Nope,….have to disagree with you.

      The devastation of America was planned.

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  9. October 31, 2008. University of Missouri – Columbia campus.

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    That, as it turns out, was a threat. And he is carrying it out. Nobody, not a living soul, asked him to explain that, to describe what a “fundamentally transformed United States of America” looked like. The human beings in the press who had access to that human being between that moment and election day, those 2 days, should be held to account by all of us.

  10. wow Ron it only took you 6.5 years into Barry’s tenure to figure that one out. Maybe it’s the implied agreement by the press that you (they) are bent towards socialism. Once the supposed favored (the press) feel the sting of injustice by socialists do you (they) finally understand that socialism is not for the socialists

  11. “Chester Arthur. James Buchanan. Millard Fillmore. Warren Harding. Barack Obama. This is not pleasant company.”

    No, not pleasant, but certainly a laughing stock.

  12. And everyone knows people just walk into the White House to BECOME president right Ron I guess the SS oops I mean secret service got lax?! People I don’t know maybe VOTE and/or SUPPORT them and they get in the white house?! So does this mean Obama VOTERS are WORSE than voters of Billy the Clinton the FIRST BLACK president?!

  13. I think it is clear that Obama is the worst President at least in my life time making even Jimmy Carter look good. Obama has made America a laughing stock. There is a strong lesson to be learned here that we should not elect people with little experience especially a lack of leadership experience. There are those promoting Hillary and she does not have leadership experience either.

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