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White House: No Saudi King? No Problem!

The White House Monday pushed back hard on the notion that Saudi King Salman’s abrupt cancellation of his participation in a meeting and summit with President Obama this week is a “snub,” insisting that other high level Saudis who will be in attendance – including the crown prince – ensure the “right” people will be on hand.

“There has been some speculation that this change in travel plans was an attempt to send a message to the United States,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest. “If so, that message was not received,” Earnest said, noting the Saudis themselves have said travel plans were changed for the king to monitor the situation in Yemen.

As if there are no other who could do that.

The summit was arranged so Obama can try to convince Gulf leaders that the Iran deal is a great thing for world peace, which all the Gulf leaders know it’s not.

“We’re confident we will have the right people around the table to attend the meetings at Camp David,” Earnest said.

Well, don’t believe it. I’m sure the White House is furious. When was the last time you heard of an ally sending the second string to meet with the president of the United States? Can you imagine the reaction overseas if Obama suddenly cancelled a trip and sent Biden?

Saudi wave

Other Gulf leaders are also sending deputies, although most because the top dogs are too sick to attend.

This is a message, even if denied, that Saudi Arabia is unhappy with the arrangement being struck with Iran, as are other Gulf states. It will force Saudi Arabia to develop its own nuclear weapons. And that’s not an arms race they want to have with Iran, or that they can win.

20 thoughts on “White House: No Saudi King? No Problem!”

  1. And this is what happens when you don’t attend the Paris rally against terrorism. Symbolism has meaning all over the world, not just in the USA media.


  2. New King had announced a major cabinet reshuffle that puts in place a new generation to succeed him.
    I had read this at an earlier date. Thought I would place the website.
    All the traveling that o does for unimportant things… I think he should have flown his but over there for a meeting. Make friends, than invite them all back for a golf game and an agreement. sarc.
    He has not bothered to form a relationship with hardly any leaders around the world. Now he wants everyone to jump…. and do as he thinks, seems fit.
    Which it is not fit!!!!!!!!!!

    1. And this is the leader of our country, the man who takes the daily briefing on his ipad rather than sit with real human advisors. When he was elected, I said he was the Emperor who wore no clothes. Rather fitting, no?


      1. I really don’t think he understands the full depth of a great deal of things he has/is screwing up. I feel he is being is being led…..

  3. Take a(nother) bow Obama.
    Bottom line, Saudi is playing hardball. They want nukes too and all of this is just gamesmanship to get them.

  4. “If so, that message was not received,” Earnest said,…”

    As Earnest unintentionally sums up this entire Administration.

    1. I tend to agree. If we remember, Saudi Arabia DEMANDED Obama begin an attack on Assad (the Saudis and Syrians Iranians are competing against each other for the European oil market, oil pipeline rights, etc). Obama, in his usual BS rhetoric, started talking about a line in the sand, etc. Ironically, Obama’s dithering gave the Congress time to organize against this stupid move. If you remember, it was Putin who publicly took the clueless Obama by the elbow and quietly walked him off the stage and away from this stupid move.

      Obama owes a lot to Saudi Arabia, personally (see below), and the King called for payback. The Saudis invested bought off, er, invested in Obama, and he didn’t deliver for them, and now the Saudis are sulking. That’s what’s going on here.

  5. The Saudi regime will still be in power long after MrO leaves the WhiteHouse to shake down big corporations for his No Black Kids Behind program.
    They’re not dumb , they can interpret the political tea leaves, and most of all, care more about their own survival than some has-been American leader trying to justify his faux Peace Prize.
    There’s no insult here, it’s more a reality move for their own country’s sake.
    The insult comes from MrObama who believed that if he calls, they must come running.

    1. “There’s no insult here, it’s more a reality move for their own country’s sake.”

      Or could it be a slap down of Obama ?

      Remember how Netanyahu was treated ?

      Barry is getting a taste of what he dishes out.

  6. The administration can spin this incident all they want by claiming that they can still negotiate with the lower-level leaders the Gulf countries are sending but there is no doubt that this is a rebuke of the administration for putting Iran first. The Gulf leaders see the U.S. increasingly cozy with the rulers in Tehran, whose imperial designs they regard as a mortal danger, and they are not reticent about signaling their displeasure. Refusing to attend the Camp David summit is the least of it. Other actions that the Gulf allies are taking are more serious—for example launching bombing campaigns against extremists in both Libya and, on a larger scale, in Yemen without asking for America’s permission or even bothering to notify us more than a few hours in advance. The next step in the Sunni pushback is, as the Saudi leadership has loudly and long signaled, for them to acquire their own nuclear weapons.

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