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Quote of the Day || May 11, 2015

“Well Barack, I’m refereeing a ping pong match at the Mecca YMCA, but I definitely will come to your next meeting.”

– Saudi King Salman

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

7 Responses to Quote of the Day || May 11, 2015

  1. So the Saudis do not trust Barry any longer ? Well, well, I don´t trust him either ( or the Saudis for that matter ). Yesterday I read about Seymour Hershs new report on the killing of Osama Bin Laden. It was sensational. And I trust Seymour Hersh. He said that the White House statements about the events in Abbotabad was so false and embellished that they could have been written by Lewis Carroll. And then a movie was produced on this material. Given how sloppy and uneducated many are today many see a movie with “real facts” as a given truth. Movies have replaced history books. Well, Obama stood there that night lying, took all the credit, PR and propaganda made him some kind of a hero ( remember the “gutsy call” thing ? ), and….got reelected. And we have to endure this presidency today.

  2. The Mecca YMCA? Very funny. But wouldn’t that be the Mecca YMMA, or YMIA?
    Do they have an Arab band dressed like a cowboy, a construction worker, and a leather man?