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Cruz Asked to Prove He’s Authentically Latino

Oh boy. I guess you can get away with this if you’re doing it to conservatives. But imagine if someone had done an interview in 2008 with a half-white crusading liberal candidate who grew up in Hawaii, testing him to prove he was authentically African American?

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin recently had a list of condescending questions for Sen. Ted Cruz, a standard journalism “gotcha” scam designed to hopefully come up with some hell-raising gaffe that will destroy a politician and elevate an oh-so-clever-clever reporter.

Among Halperin’s probing questions:

“You got a favorite Cuban food, Cuban dish?”

“You have a favorite Cuban singer?”

“Finally, I want to give you a chance to welcome your colleague, Sen. Sanders, to the race, and I want you to do it, if you would , En español.”

“I’m gonna stick to English,” Cruz responded.

Hmm. I’m Jewish. If I ever run for office, I’m going to stay away from Mark Halperin lest he ask me what goes on a bagel.

As for my favorite Cuban food, that’s easy. It’s the delicious Cuba Libre.

41 thoughts on “Cruz Asked to Prove He’s Authentically Latino”

      1. Can you ‘splain it to me Ted? Chust so you know Ted.
        Beans or rice with that burrito Ted?
        How impossibly insulting and stupid these “journalists” are.

    1. I’m surprised that Cruz didn’t make him feel like the fool that he is.
      Why are these politicians afraid of idiots ?
      Does the camera intimidate them ?
      I could have turned that interview around on him as soon as he started asking inane questions and I am not a college graduate.

      What audience are you trying to attract ?
      Does your audience really care what I eat ?
      Who wrote these questions,…you or your producer ?

      This is a waste of my time,…(takes mike off and leaves).

      Cruz has the intelligence and the verbal ability to make this guy hide under his chair.

        1. They aren’t afraid of them Lee, they are reluctant to confront them on camera.
          Star mentioned Rand Paul had enough and left the interview.
          Cruz should have done the same thing.

          I mean, when are they going to ask them what color crayon did they like when they were a kid ?

          The questions are ludicrous.

  1. He should have stated: Instead of asking such childish questions, Let’s discuss:
    or he should have stated:
    You have got to be kidding.
    I will stop there, because he would not be able to respond with other ideas (statements), I have in mind at the moment.

  2. Halperin demonstrates the interview techniques of East Germany’s Ministry for State Security (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit)–the Stasi. “Ve haaf been vatching you for a long time, Mr Cruz. Prove to us that you are who you say you are. Ve know all about you.”

    It’s a wonder Halperin didn’t ask Cruz why he wasn’t wearing his armband.

  3. Cruz should have responded in a similar manner as how Walker did when asked if he thought Barack Obama was a Christian. “I don’t know.”
    Only in this case…What does that have to do with my policies? What does that have to do with how I will lead the country?
    This knee jerk response by Republicans to the world’s stupidest questions as posed by some left wing liberal nincompoop has to cease.

    1. That is one of the best ways to respond to stupid questions,….turn it right back on them.
      What, why, when, where, how.

  4. While trying to discredit SenCruz in the most clumsy, offensive manner, MrHalperin reveals the fears of the Dems elite; SenCruz can corral all of those hoped-for Latino votes the Dems have worked so hard to gain.

    The assumption that seems to bubble through the ranks of the Dem elite is that Blacks only listen to rap music, and per MrsObama, avoid museums and concert halls. So, therefore, all Latinos or Hispanics must like ska music and smoke fine cigars.
    Their racism, their arrogance knows no bounds as they propose their own view of what an “american” should be.

    1. Yes–did you see the 60 Mins seg on Misty Copeland, the black dancer at American Ballet Theatre–she puts Bouncy to shame! So athletic, graceful, and beautiful!

  5. As one might assume, NO ONE at Morning Joe said peep to Halperin about this. He should have been called out on air. Mika would never ruffle his feathers, Joe, Mr. RINO, says he loves everyone now, so he’s useless. Halperin got away with being rude and the media yawned.

  6. Halperin’s rep precedes him. Even Salon listed him as #1 hack in 2011.
    In the same year, MSLSD, suspended him for a month after he said 0bama came off “kind of a dick” during a previous presser.

    Keith, loved your bagel reference. Halperin is the center of a bagel – a big empty space.

  7. Yes, I read a piece written in the Fresno Bee by someone who knows him personally. I’m just insulted by the manner this jerk conducted himself. I have to say, Mr. Cruz acted very cool. Mr. Cruz is only HALF on his dad’s side. How can he possibly call himself Cuban? Do Jeb Bush’s kids call themselves Mexicans?

        1. Or check them all. :)
          I have never done that, but was inclined to do so.

          “At this point,…what difference does it make ?”

  8. Any self-respecting person should stay away from the Celebrity News Network. Jake Tapper’s the only one that’s not a worthless bag of gas!

  9. Senator Cruz could verbally turn Halperin inside out but he knew his response could not be comprehended by by the idiot.

  10. Cruz had a pretty classy response to Halperin, and Megyn Kelly showcased that exchange on her Tuesday night show. I like that Cruz doesn’t get down in the mud and wrestle with journalistic piggies like Halperin.

  11. “I’m going to stay away from Mark Halperin lest he ask me what goes on a bagel.”

    Just tell him: ‘any damn thing I feel like putting on it, Mark.’

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