As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

63 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || May 10, 2015

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to the WHD readers!

    We are getting lots of rain from Ana. It’s going to be a soggy next couple of days here in SE North Carolina.

    • I went to Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago. I may pull up the webcam to look at the waves.
      By the way, I wanted to go to the Outer Banks. I got outnumbered.
      Be careful. Make sure that you have your flashlight, batteries on hand. That is in case you lose electricity. I always leave one flashlight in the bathroom. :)

    • Denise, I was just going to post about this, too.

      Rather than looking at all the great strides blacks have accomplished, let’s just continue to focus on the negative.

      She is one unhappy woman, to put it mildly, and look at all she has.

      • I read this earlier as well. I agree MarjoJimbo.
        She should be inspiring people of all ages.
        She should have been eating one of the trash meals they are serving Americn children in school, instead of whining about herself.

      • Nice Uplifting speech….not. Instead of inspiring the graduates to help change the culture of violence within their own community, she sparks the flame of racial rage, once again pointing fingers at others instead of performing truse self assessment by gazing in the mirror.


        • I recently listened to Ron Perlman’s autobiography–the guy from Beauty and the Beast and Sons of Anarchy–and he spent 23 yrs in therapy and his therapist would tell him to sit in the morning and take inventory–I am alive, I feel pretty good, my house is warm (or cool), my wife is beautiful, my kids are healthy, I have enough money to get through the day, I am going on vacation next week, I have work I enjoy for the most part, I have more in my life than most of the world, I am contributing…etc etc. I am far from a chirpy optimistic person, but just taking a few minutes to what–count blessings?–can’t hurt, Michelle. You are almost ridiculously lucky!

    • Prior First Ladies accepted their role graciously without seizing every opportunity to complain. Michelle is an angry bitter woman and I’m beginning to think no amount of money or anything except fawning celebrity will make her happy.

        • We all know there is a website devoted to her generous proportions–she should just laugh and say “baby got back”! But usually she just gives them more ammo with her cross resting face, weird wigs and other things SHE has control over. I think this is a “national conversation,” Michelle–your hubs is always calling for those.

          • Her “generous proportions” does not give her the latitude to demean the ‘office’ of the First Lady.

            I can’t think of one of them that have behaved a deplorably as she has.

            She is an embarrassment to this Country.

      • Have you ever seen a prior First Lady do pushups on a stage on national TV ?
        How about sack races in the White House ?

        Laura Bush has to be cringing, along with Rosalin Carter and Nancy Reagan.

        None of the women that comment on this thread would ever dream of doing what Michelle has displayed to the American public, all with the attitude of go ahead and try to stop me.

        The First Lady has a powerful position if you use it correctly.
        She has ran it into the gutter.

      • Hi AZG…it’s a new site I’ve never been too. If it’s like The Onion that would be news to me. And an explanation for how someone like MHP could be soooo stoooopid and still make more money than I do. Oh wait, she doesn’t pay taxes does she?

        Anyway, I’ll go research/validate.

          • Agreed. But I watch MoJoe–it’s about oh, a thousand times smarter than Fox & Friends, even if you don’t agree with the people. They speak well, they have read things, they have original opinions–they are wrong, but they are interesting.

          • @star. Finding myself with more mojoe on in the morning. While I don’t agree either, at least they make an attempt to talk about “news”.

    • I love the term pretzel logic, it is so fitting. So if MH-P is disdaining 3 Negro police officers for being “White African Americans,” which I will assume is more an attitude rather than an actual fact, does that mean she TOTALLY disdains the King of America, Barack Obama, who is in reality, half-Negro, half-white?
      Fact: she is a Dodo.

  2. Denise, The Ace of Spades hits the nail on the head about the rioters. A book to read about Jessie Jackson entitled “Shakedown” should be required reading.

    Also there is a You Tube called “Scottsboro Boys”. It is about some young black boys accused of raping two white girls in 1931. It shows how bad the blacks in the South had it in the 30s. Those days are over. Don’t blame me for something that happened before I was born.

    It also shows how outsiders will come in and use the blacks to satisfy their agenda. In this case it was the Communist Party.

    There are some taxi drivers from Darfur driving cabs in New York City. Leaving the Sudan, the land of opportunity, and coming to the USA, an evil, unjust country, beats me!!

  3. Thanks, Denise. Very powerful!
    Unfortunately, ‘acting white’ is a ‘no-no’ for the very Blacks this writer is speaking to. Education and respect for the law is only for the ‘evil’ whites.

    It also looks like ISIS is trying to woo the disgruntled Blacks away from Sharpton et al. Two blacks just murdered two more police officers. Between Obama’s racist ideology and ISIS, law enforcement is under siege. It’s only going to get worse!

    • I agree.
      Obama’s vendetta towards the police became obvious with his comment “the cops acted stupidly”.
      Now, when you hear Al Sharpton declaring the DOJ should essentially control the police departments and the appointment of Loretta Lynch as AG, it will indeed get worse.

  4. To go back to Lee’s original comment, re the Mississippi police shootings, since this morning I have watched the mainstream media coverage, or rather their appalling lack of coverage. The worst offender is the NYT, where not until 2:30 this afternoon could it be bothered to post an item buried under their “More News” banner. Barely a blip. Compare that to over 75 articles the Times has published about Baltimore and Freddie Gray.

    It’s a sad day once again in America when two policeman are gunned down and the press yawns.