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Saturday Open Thread || May 9, 2015



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  1. Good morning WHD readers.
    There is a cup of coffee left in the pot on the last thread.
    Put a roast in the pot.
    Cut some tree limbs, and mowed along the fence line with the walking lawn mower.
    Everyone be careful in the Dallas, Oklahoma area. Also on the East Coast. Don’t drive in the water. Even though it may not look high, it can creep into your engine. Been there down that. Stay out the water with the Rip currents.

  2. Happy Saturday morning!

    The LSM is probably not reporting this story, but David Axelrod was paid $500K to put David Cameron and the Conservatives out of business. Nate Silver had the Conservatives losing 25 seats when, in fact, they picked up 24 seats. The polling was so skewed.

    Wonder what Cameron is thinking about his lapdog, Obama, this morning. Obama helped get him elected the first time around, and now he has turned ‘traitor’
    Hope Cameron gives him the cold shoulder from now on.

    • Hmmm,….it appears that Obama and his cronies are losing their influence.
      Sometimes revenge can taste so sweet.
      Thanks for the info Girly1.

    • Creepy Jim Messina managed the conservative Cameron campaign. And now he is moving onto the Clinton campaign. Not only creepy but further evidence of the whoring of political consultants.

    • Good evening Girly, I guess Cameron is thinking, well, I used to be his lapdog but now I am re-elected for many years to come and he is on his way out, now let´s see who´s the boss. Maybe I should send him that Churchill statue again , just to make a statement.
      Yes, Cameron won, but I must say that the British system is mystifying. I mean, UKIP got almost 4 million votes but only one MP while the Scottish Nationalists in SNP got 56 MPs on 1,5 million votes. Their system is ” the first past the post “, many small districts. I guess many Brits feel that they have no voice in the Parliament today. But anyhow, much rather Cameron ( who was forced to promise a referendum on EU-membership and limited access to welfare by immigrants because of UKIP ) than Milliband. Milliband a Labour leader ? What a joke !

        • A bunch of ex Obama aides, ran anti Netanyhu (sp?) campaigns in Israel. I do not recall the party that retained them. Of course, no interference by the Administration./sarc

  3. Good morning all,
    I open this morning with a column, but this is not the joking shameless, self promotion type.
    This is a story of one man in Holland and his journey to pay tribute to fallen allied airmen around the villages where he lives today. I came across his tweets a few months back and it all transpired from there. (There IS some good left in the internet!)
    Columns normally don’t make the paper’s “free” site until after print edition comes out but this got an exemption and went up last night in recognition of VE Day:
    PLEASE SHARE and show that not everyone wants to burn cities in the name of lies and fake justice and that there are still more than a few of us out there that know the moment we forget our history is the moment our future forgets us.
    God Bless the United States and the men and women past, present and future who when the call went out, answered without question.

      • Yeh, me too. The “tech” side over there still has its issues from time to time. I’ll probably wait till I get time to post up to the Corner tomorrow after it prints for twitter. Main thing is to just get out Peter’s story and what he did to tell the story of the true sacrifice made those so many years ago.

    • I had trouble pulling it up the first time. Second time, better luck. Wonderful article. Yes: Everyone should know history.
      My Grandfather was a WWII Vet. When we were growing up, he would ask all of his grandchildren how they were doing. Than always asked, What are you reading?

    • Great article. Someone should forward it to our nekkid emperor who was too busy at Nike to acknowledge VE day or join the few remaining WWII vets and patriots at the National Mall for the flyover.

      Oh well let’s hope he scored Nike swag for the Baltimore mob for their service.

  4. Keith needs to spend some time looking into Obummers latest really big thing. The secret TPP which is the Trans Pacific Partnership.

    Why is it secret?

    We the public need to know before its passed like Obummer care was.

    The RINO GOP leaders cannot be trusted to look out for us.

    • Speaking of the TPP (Tea Party Patriots!) They should plan a big summer stormin’ of the Capitol Bldg. I’d be there!

      It would also prove they’re not a partisan group since the GOP has the majority in both chambers of Congress.

    • You know why it’s secret, because it isn’t good for our country. Obama, Dems and RINOs, partners in crime. Transparency! I’d laugh if it weren’t so tragically sad.

    • Jeff Sessions has a very good analysis of this — exposing the usual nooks and crannies where the Obama ideological gains and power grabs are hidden. Included is a back door for immigration — which is baked into the cake of virtually every Administration action.

      BTW for my two cents Sessions is almost a national treasure — he reads the proposed legislation and deals, reports publicly and keeps the welfare and security of America and Americans at the forefront.

      The Republicans keep him in the basement as much as possible.

      • I agree with you on Sessions.

        The horse trading that goes on between the hill and the White House is disgusting.
        Obama will never relent on his agenda and any congress that gives in to it are complicit in the destruction of this republic.

        It has been going on for many years but now it seems that it has accelerated under this administration.

        Our Constitution is there for a reason and the constant attempts to undermine it are disheartening to say the least.

        The host of this site and the readers of this site are to be commended for the people that are on the watchtower of what used to be the Shining City on the Hill.

        The United States of America is still here but she is being suppressed by a communistic movement entrenched within her soul.

        The eradication of the irritant is within our grasp.
        The next move is our’s.

  5. I am surprised Venezuela has not exploded by now. Their situation goes from real bad to really real bad. The latest is Ford plans to demand that their cars be paid for with dollars. I wonder if Obama has a plan to bail them out since they are a colony of Cuba, our newest ally. When Chavez was president Castro took over Venezuela without firing a shot.

    • The subjugation is giving way to flat out crazy. I’m not sure the Maduro clan will last much longer but who knows. It’s starting to look like the search for Wenck to save the regime.

  6. I forgot to pick up something from the store yesterday. Look forward to more comments. I mentioned the trip to the store, because I noticed yesterday that since just last week the canned vegetables went up ten cents. Ok at the most within week 1/2.
    Thanks for letting me vent. The groceries are going up more often than years ago. I will not complain today about the amount of chips in the bag.:)

  7. Yesterday I had an appointment with my F/A at Edward Jones.F/A asked if his F/A in training could be part of the meeting.I had no problem with her being included. Conversing with her I learned she had served in Iraq in the Army and then transferred to the Air Force and now she is a Veteran.Her two brothers are still active military, one of whom is a pilot flying Blackhawk helicopters.
    Sharing my short story because it nice to know that our America,in spite of the negative news,is being protected by young Patriots who serve unconditionally and with honor.

    • Nice. Similarly I heard the head of a very successful investment firm on FBN yesterday talk about a division or separate investment firm he had set up employing only veterans. He provides the training and it has proven quite successful. I wish I knew the name.

  8. I am really concerned about Obama’s goal to federalize the police through the DOJ. These two links are good articles. One is on Loretta Lynch Holder II investigation of Baltimore PD (oddly report in March 2015 Obama praises the BPD –) and the other is Obama’s crusade using the DOJ against police departments.

    If you have similar concern you might find them interesting.

    • I appreciate the articles. I will await to read other comments. Except once again, I feel our Country is going down a slippery slope.

  9. During the war ( WWII that is ) many planes crashed in the sea next to the place where I live. Right now divers are looking for three WWII planes, an American B 17, a German Focke Wulff a British-Canadian Halifax. About this last plane, seven crew members parachuted out and one of them landed on a cow ( !!!) peacefully grazing in the meadows. So this man went from the burning inferno in, maybe Hamburg, to a surprised cow in a summer pasture land. There are many stories about these Brits and Americans who made “crash-visits” during the war. Many have returned as old men and have many friends over here. By the way, Russia celebrates Victory-Day today in a grand, but militaristic, way.