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WSJ: Mideast on Cusp of Nuclear Arms Race

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are trying to fool the world into thinking that the Iran deal they are bound to soon complete will prevent the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons.

But Iran’s neighbors, who are most threatened by the arrangement, know better. And according to the Wall Street Journal, they now see the emerging agreement as the starting gun for their own nuclear weapons programs, entering a race that ends in ten years, once the restrictions on Iran are lifted.

From the piece.

The nuclear deal that the U.S. and other world powers hope to reach with Iran would put a 10-year curb on the Islamic republic’s nuclear program. For some of Iran’s regional rivals, that is also becoming a deadline for developing nuclear arms of their own.

In Saudi Arabia, there are widespread public calls to match Iran’s nuclear quest. The two other Middle East heavyweights, Turkey and Egypt, could also feel compelled to follow suit, senior Western and Arab officials warn.

Such an arms race would further destabilize what is already the world’s most volatile region, where the risks of a nuclear war would be compounded by the threat of radioactive material falling into the hands of terrorist groups.

While Saudi Arabia has long advocated a nuclear-free Middle East, its leaders are doubtful that the completed accord on limiting Tehran’s nuclear program will stop Iran from becoming a threshold nuclear-weapons power when proposed restrictions on is number of centrifuges and uranium stockpiles expire in 10 years. They also aren’t willing to bet that the regime in Tehran will somehow become more moderate and responsible by then, a hope entertained by many in the West.

Think of the world we are facing with this Iran arms deal. Nuclear weapons in India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt. And then others will surely not want to be left out of the fun. We are confronting the end of the nonproliferation era.

Does anyone really doubt that these weapons will be used? Either in hostility, through the accidental or purposeful provision of atom bombs to terrorists, or simply through an accidental launch?

Is this scenario less risky than trying to eradicate Iran’s nuclear program militarily which, if done by the United States instead of Israel, is an achievable objective?

Thinks of who will now have these weapons. Extremists, unstable regimes.

The Saudis seem kind of Westernized because they are fabulously wealthy and do business with us. But they’re not. They’re religious zealots seeking to spread their ruthlessly uncompromising brand of Islam far and wide. Are they really going to be good custodians of nuclear weapons?

The Iranian regime isn’t likely to change. It hasn’t changed much in 36 years. And now the mullahs will be newly emboldened and empowered by their successful completion of their decades-long nuclear weapons project.

Meantime, John Kerry and his Iranian counterparts will pick up the Nobel Prize for Peace.

From Hitler, to Mao tse-Tung, to the Soviets, to Iran – why do Westerners never believe that fanatics are serious about the beliefs they ardently espouse? And to the extent we do, we’re like like altruistic but naive women staying with morally defective men in the hopes that they can “reform” them.

This is going to be a very bad old world soon. It has been made that way not by fate, but by choices made by this president. And consequences to be faced by a future one.

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  1. The footprint Barack Obama is leaving on this earth through his fanatical ideology is going to be almost impossible to remove.

    The fundamental transformation of America has become chaos in the middle east.

    The next president will undeniably have the biggest challenge of their lives.

    We had better pray that it isn’t Hillary, because, if it is, it will only be an extension of the Obama policies.

    • Has a Nobel Peace Prize ever been recalled ? Because BO’s should be. He’s created a pre-Civl War climate in the U.S. as well as a potential for WW3 overseas. He’s a petulant little whiny boy with too much power and a GOP Congress he’s successfully neutered.

      I don’t think a GOP President’s going to have a chance because Obama’s also built a nasty team of social justice warriors who will finish burning down our country no matter who’s in the WH next.

      Aren’t I the pessimistic little butterfly ;)

      • That depends on who is the president.

        At this point in the ordeal that we are about to witness during the upcoming election cycle, we need to be hesitant, not pessimistic.

        We have seen the old guard GOP adamantly destroy or attempt to destroy conservative candidates.

        This next election is crucial to the survival of this Country and our society as Americans.

        If a liberal Marxist like Obama can take this Country to her knees through divisive tactics, then a true conservative constitutional president can build her back up.

        I will remain hesitant, but hold optimism in the wings.

  2. My question is this. Why is the US leading this charade? If the other Mid-East countries surrounding Iran are so frightened of a nuclear Iran, why are they not bringing the utmost pressure to bear not only on Iran but the feckless and stupid Barack Obama and Lurch Kerry?

  3. “From Hitler, to Mao tse-Tung, to the Soviets, to Iran – why do Westerners never believe that fanatics are serious about the beliefs they ardently espouse?”

    Add Obama to the list of fanatics.

    Here’s what Obama knows, but doesn’t seem to care about:
    (1) Saudi Arabia in part financed AQ Khan’s nuke bomb project in Pakistan … why…
    (2) Because Saudi Arabia owns numerous Chinese CSS-2 ballistic missiles which are nuke capable.

    Obama’s plan is effectively pushing Saudi towards nuking up. Once they do it, everyone is going to jump on that bandwagon.

    If it ain’t a mess, it’ll do until the mess gets there.

    • One of the commenters at MOTUS refers to Obama as Bampot. I’m stealing it because he does remind me of Pol Pot, only butchering our constitution and not people (yet).

  4. A bad deal is worse than no deal! Don’t forget our two-faced, traitorous Senate, Keith. In particular, Mitch McConnell. He (they) have relinquished all control on the nuke deal to Obama. Obama will be able to veto any sanctions Congress might impose, and it will take a 2/3 majority in both chambers to overrule him. That, of course, will never happen.

    Next to Obama, McConnell is the greatest threat to our security and freedom. What a fiasco!

  5. Also, America is being destroyed from within. Appears the immigration door has been opened wide open for a large influx of Muslims. Islam is not compatible with America’s way of life. All one has to do is to look at all the problems Muslims have created for the Europeans.

    It is a mystery to me of what is going on in Obama’s mind and why no one is standing up to him.

    • No mystery to me what is going on in Obama’s mind.
      His agenda is proceeding along the path that he has dreamed of all his life.

      Many have tried to stand up to him only to be shouted down as racists.

    • Good point, Old Timer. Over the last six years Obama has set a record by importing more Muslim refugees, in particular Somalis, than all other ethnicities COMBINED..including hispanics.
      They also hold the record for breeding..surpassing hispanics.

      It won’t be long until they reach ‘critical mass’ (3%) of the population. What then??? We will have a country full of radicals similar to the Boston marathon bombers. It’s usually the young teenage sons of Muslim refugees who do not adjust to our way of life.

      Islam/Sharia and Christianity will never be able to co-exist peacefully. Our Northern and Southern borders were meant to protect us from the evil in the Middle East. Obama has unilaterally transformed our lives forever.

      • He also missed the peace/love. When I was a child step by step this Country came to peace with a certain matter.
        It seems he did not take part in that, and did not read the chapter in his history regarding that time period. It seems he is getting off wanting it to happen all over again.

  6. Obama and his administration have done everything in their power to pave the way for a Iranian nuclear bomb, and set off, as Keith notes, a Mideast nuclear arms race. That’s Obama’s legacy. Period.

    • If I were in office. I would have my family on both sides calling me non-stop, asking what the blank are you doing, besides nothing?

    • …and its great to see NO ONE in the “media” bring this up.
      I would question the “WH press corps” but that is just a waste of time…

      Ask Mr. Koffler, because NO ONE is allowed to ask a ‘real question’ or get a ‘real answer’ from this Obama regime, the “most transparent ever”


    I Trust Israel, because they have the best “First Strike” (strike-fighter, submarine & IMBM) to protect the Holy Land.

  8. OT: U.S. military has raised its alert level for bases in North America to it’s higest since the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in the in the face of mounting threats from I*** sympathizers on American soil.
    The level known as Bravo is the third of five levels and means increased security at military post across the country.
    We don’t seem to have been on top of the ball with this matter. I hope and pray they are/were, and are keeping things under wraps because they really have a handle on these maniacs.