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State Won’t Review Secret Clinton Charity Donations

The State Department today said it would not review foreign government donations made to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State – donations that were not revealed, in violation of a memorandum of understanding with the White House.

“The State Department has not, and does not intend, to initiate a formal review or to make a retroactive judgment about items that were not submitted during Secretary Clinton’s tenure,” said State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke.

Well, okay, State Department reporters, including AP’s indefatigable Matt Lee, had a rather obvious question for Jeff, which is, “Why not?”

To which our spokesman responded, “God only knows,” or at least that was the expression on his face.

Here Rathke is, looking like a poor stranded duckling abandoned by his mother and left in the wilderness with inadequate talking points.

29 Responses to State Won’t Review Secret Clinton Charity Donations

  1. It’s likely Rathke doesn’t know why State made this decision. He’s going off talking points written for him, and sent out there in front of the microphone to chinwag his way through the question. Sort of like dropping a French poodle in the middle of the Pacific ocean and telling it–“You’re on your own now, so start swimming!” That’s how bad it is there, and the people of the United States get screwed again.

    • Yes and Barry is out of town making remarks on the west coast.
      Funny how he is always ‘indisposed’ when the s*** hits the fan.

      • Yep. He’s still voting “Present” there in the WH. He’s out begging for more money and “delivering remarks”. That’s all that matters to him.

  2. Why not you ask?
    If the NSA is listening to and storing my phone calls to my Grandchildren, then we can assume that everyone at State (and the WhiteHouse) knew exactly how MrsClinton was using her position as Sec of State to enrich the Clinton slush-fund.

    Assuming they knew every detail of her actions, every transaction, and every dollar offered, then to start an investigation within the State Department would expose everyone who did know and did nothing.
    The key here is CYA.

    • I’ve often wondered why these investigations don’t proceed more quickly than they do.
      The question is,….are the congressional committee members CYA’ing their butt also ?

      • Sorry to tell you, it will continue without end until the last real American is hunted down by DHS. Hillary has already been elected and is President-in-Waiting. The GOP is apparently OK with all of the above.

        • Well, if martial law is imposed and Hillary is assigned the presidency, you may be right.
          The GOP basically consists of old white dinosaurs that fight mightily every election cycle to convince idiots that they have all the answers.

          They don’t have all the answers as evidenced by the situation the country is in now.

          Younger conservative members are shouted down and demonized in the election campaigns to allow the incumbent to retain his/her seat.

          And one wonders why nothing ever changes.

  3. The Answer is Simple:
    The RULES and the Law does not apply to those that are in power, have power, or knows someone who is in power or has power.

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