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Video || Obama Takes a Lunch Break

Updated May 6, 2015

White House propaganda, but cute.

UPDATE: As srdem correctly points out, while at the cafe, Obama reportedly told a reporter who was filming him to put down the camera. Meantime, White House cameras were clearly rolling during the outing . . .

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  1. Well, this explains the voids in his official schedule. Nice to see him interact with the little people as well. Seriously, he does this part of the job well, when he does it. Too bad his communication with Congress is not so free wheeling and casual.

    And lastly, if you had time to stroll with the Teacher of the Year, why didn’t you stroll to the bagel shoppe with Bibi for a bagel and a schmear?


      • Sorry Harv, but there is no law that says a past president will be forced to move out of OUR WhiteHouse. Till now they have been gentlemen and done so of their own accord. No guarantee that MooMoo will be doing that.

  2. Cute?
    @ Gateway Pundit posted this 6 days ago:
    Time reporter Zeke Miller was at a Teaism cafe near the White House Wednesday around noon when President Barack Obama came in for a surprise visit.

    Miller started broadcasting Obama’s visit on Periscope with his smartphone.

    A peeved Obama ordered Miller to stop filming–and Miller obeyed.

    Read more:

      • It was the same event; the woman shown in the video is the “Teacher of the Year” that he honored at the White House.
        That day’s agenda produced by the WhiteHouse claimed that he was to lunch with CongPelosi, then visit WalterReed Hospital. .

        • So are we to assume those two events listed on his schedule did not happen? Wouldn’t surprise me. And if he DID wind up at Walter Reed, he probably was not yucking it up like with the harmless kids (who wanted to eat him for lunch because they are starving due to MO’s lunch mandates!!)

  3. They were going out for lunch. A reporter from TIME happened to be at Teaism (final destination). Obama told him he couldn’t and to stop!
    You know, only approved WH photography allowed. Later that day, the WH linked the videoed lunch to a youtube.
    The show must go on.