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Really? Obama Has “Scratched and Clawed” for the Middle Class?

One moment of unintended – and unnoticed – levity occurred near the end of the White House briefing Tuesday, when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest claimed that President Obama has been “a president of the United States that for the last six and a half years has scratched and clawed to protect the interests of middle-class families all across the country.”

Not sure about who or what he has scratched and clawed. Because the markings are difficult to discern.

The White House is careful to dress up its policies as “middle class economics.” Because the middle class is where the votes are. But the Obama presidency is not about the middle class.

You can agree or disagree with Obama’s methods and policies. But his chief enthusiasm has been helping the lower classes by expanding the welfare state and regulating businesses. The middle class stuff is camouflage for the real agenda.

The proof is in the pudding. Here’s the pudding.

According to Reuters:

Barack Obama enters the final two years of his presidency with a blemish on his legacy that looks impossible to erase: the decline of the middle class he has promised to rescue.

Federal Reserve survey data show families in the middle fifth of the income scale now earn less and their net worth is lower than when Obama took office.

In the six years through 2013, over the recession and recovery that have spanned Obama’s tenure, jobs have been added at the top and bottom of the wage scale, a Reuters analysis of labor statistics shows. In the middle, the economy has shed positions – whether in traditional trades like machining or electrical work, white-collar jobs in human resources, or technical ones like computer operators.

Between 2010 and 2013, as recovery took hold and stock markets soared, the average net worth of families in the top 40 percent of income earners grew. For all others average net worth shrank, declining 19 percent for the middle fifth.

These results stem from specific policies. Obama’s chief domestic initiative, Obamacare, is not a middle class program. It’s an effort to get health insurance to the lower class, including a massive expansion of Medicaid. Expanding health insurance is a good goal, but the way he has done it involves turning insurers effectively into wards of the state and raising the price and lowering the quality of healthcare for everyone else.

Among his other battle cries are raising the minimum wage and legalizing illegal immigrants. He pushed and signed legislation containing massive new regulations on the banks, wants to regulate carbon emissions by fiat, and has enlarged the government’s share of the economy while running up trillions in debt.


Meantime the WEALTHY have benefited during Obama’s tenure for the zero-interest rate Fed policies needed to keep the economy afloat in the absence of any serious presidential leadership on expanding the economy. The low rates have grandly goosed everyone’s stock portfolios and made the rich richer.

These things he scratches and claws for. Not private sector expansion and business-friendly policies that would promote middle class expansion.

And the results speak for themselves.

40 thoughts on “Really? Obama Has “Scratched and Clawed” for the Middle Class?”

  1. He appears much older these days and nowhere near the bounce in his steps. It has to be from the “scratching and clawing”.

  2. Don’t forget, the Clintons have benefitted even more :) Setting the stage for the Obama Foundation? Heh.

    Also noticed Hillary 2016 is advertising here. I’m sure triggered by the keywords Obama and Middle and Class and scratched and clawed.

    1. Next will be the Obama Foundation…Billions of dollars will pour in from all over the world…while we the people will pay more in taxes just to keep the wild spending habits of our government going and going and going.

  3. The words “middle class” is defined inside the WhiteHouse as union workers (private and public unions) and with that definition – yes, he’s worked hard to give them our money or to keep them working. From stimulus funds all the way to minimum wage hikes, it’s all about the unions that were so generous to his campaigns.
    In Obamaland, the middle class people are not the small business owners, not the over-the-road truck drivers, not the middle management of any company, and excludes all non-union employees at any level.

    1. There can be NO “middle class” in a Socialist system (Obama’s dream) Only the elite ruling class (Obama, Clintons, cesspool of Congress & sycophants in the “media”) and the poor masses (US ‘citizens’… what-ever-the-hell that means anymore)

  4. Josh Earnest just will NOT allow facts to deter his promises to BHO to mis-lead and mis-inform the citizens ~ and the LameStreamMedia has already running with that narrative even though it is another LIE! jb

    1. He gets away with it because he is not held accountable.
      You can’t tell me that all of those reporters in that room don’t know that he is either lying, or with-holding information.

      It is disgusting.

      Earnest is a court jester, someone to amuse the populace and keep the heat off the king.

  5. We know we have to use our ObamaSpeak translator when The One says anything about anything. It’s a simple task: the truth is exactly the opposite of what he has said. So in this case, the correct translation is: “I have done everything I can to destroy the middle class.”

  6. Poor Mr. Earnest, I really feel sorry for him if he believes the s**t he’s peddling.
    Fairy Barry is in it for the tax-funded vacations and traveling and hob nobbing with Beyonce. That’s about it.

      1. And let’s not forget. The 2 are not mutually exclusive. Although I suppose most SUCCESSFUL charlatans are not fools.

  7. Obama lives the life of a potentate and has the nerve to say he’s the champion of the middle class.
    Barry and Josh…LIAR’S!

  8. in other words, Mitt Romney was right once again when he said he wasn’t worried about the very poor or the very rich. remember how he got pilloried for that?

  9. Apparently he is willing to scratch and claw to be in cahoots with Hillary regarding the foundation funding and her conducting all official business via her personal email and server.

    Two lawbreakers in full view.

    The odds of one of them stabbing the other in the back.

    And once again — Hillary wants to and feels entitled to changing my political beliefs.

  10. In the past the middle class would save and invest in their younger years mostly in stocks and as they got older they would convert into bonds for income. Consider this. In 1995 a million dollars in bonds would generate $50,000/year in income. Now $1 million in bonds would generate $8,000/year.

  11. Off Topic: Michelle seems to be trying to bring back racism in spades. Every time I turn around she is creating yet another situation.
    By the time the Obamas get through we will
    really have problems. The blacks will end up
    hating the whites.

  12. Matthew G Zatkalik

    There needs to be a prepositional change: “Obama has Scratched and Clawed at the Middle Class.” Obama – and his minions – are in need of Reality Therapy. Obama has set the racially oppressed against the middle class; he has set his welfare estate against those who are productive in business and providing opportunities for employment; he has sent race-baiters to stir up thugs, arsonists and criminals to destroy businesses and their own property; in summation, Obama has economically, morally and spiritually bankrupted the USA.

  13. Obama legacy shouts the truth; he has destroyed the middle class; foreign policy has advanced muslim world domination; middle class investments in their retirement and medical care has been RAVAGED by POLITICIAN thieves – $800 billion stolen from Medicare trust and given to Obamacare; another $trillion over next ten years schedule to be stolen for medical care of Congress and Union employees who shun Obamacare and those on Obamacare that never pay a cent for anything. Federal employees owe $3.5 billion for unpaid withholding. There is anarchy is our streets for law enforcement because Obama Sharpton sidekick is likewise lawless. Obama Amnesty is another big nail in the coffin of the Middle Class and his greatest accomplishment is America becoming a third world nation. Our very lives are jeopardized – IF WE ARE STILL ALIVE AFTER IRAN TRAITOR TREATY.IRAN, THE GREATEST SPONSOR OF MUSLIM FANATICS WORLDWIDE,WILL HAVE THEIR FINAL “DEATH TO AMERICA”.

  14. “The White House is careful to dress up its policies as “middle class economics.”

    One of a number of groups that the WH disdained until it realized it needed the votes.

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