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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at noon

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      1. We would, because I don’t believe he does nothing, it’s what we don’t know he does that’s scary. More deals with Iran? Putin?

        1. That’s is exactly the right point that should be highlighted every single day. With whom are they meeting who is NOT on the schedule? And why aren’t these people on the publicized schedule? What is Obama so desperate to hide?

  1. Back to the Corrupt Clintons, Drudge linked to a very interesting WaPo article about their foundation and the CGI.

    Bubba and Chelsea are currently with big donors at a luxury resort in Marrakesh, Morocco as part of the first ever CGI conference in Africa and the Middle East, a spin-off from their annual CGI conference in NY each September. WaPo:

    Over the past week, Bill and Chelsea Clinton toured four African countries with a delegation of billionaires, lobbyists and business executives who have given generously to the Clinton Foundation and now are raising money for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, blurring the line between politics and philanthropy.
    In the Post interview, Chelsea Clinton dismissed the suggestion that donors gave to the foundation — and came along on the Africa trip — to curry favor with her parents.

    The article gets into the controversial fundraising issues and the sponsors of this trip. Drudge highlighted the fact that the article states that Exxon Mobile is pulling their funding from CGI. It appears that other companies are considering following suit. Samsung and Deutsche Bank, previous sponsors of the CGI fall, won’t say whether or not they will be sponsors this year.

    Btw, did you know that the foundation and the “Clinton Health Access Initiative” employ 2,200 people?!

    Bubba and Chelsea are scheduled to be at a “domestic themed” CGI conference in Denver in June, along with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, HUD Secretary Julián Castro, and the Mayor of Detroit. But, they had to cancel the conference that had been scheduled this summer in Athens, Greece to focus on economic and social challenges in the Mediterranean region. Really, these are just freebie junkets for Bubba, Chelsea, friends, staffers, and donors.

    Lots of interesting tidbits, including some laughable quotes from Chelsea:

    1. Just heard Hillary go all out for amnesty and a legal path to citizenship. Also if Congress fails to act she will be happy to quick like a bunny go around them.

      Don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for an Emperess with no clothes but apparently Hillary likes the unconstitutionalism ala Obama

    2. This is a good example of Clinton brazenness and their complete lack of shame, conscience and moral character. It’s pathological. That they would continue behaving they way they have been behaving WHILE their vile fund raising activity is being discussed every single day suggests a pathology that needs to be addressed immediately.

  2. And tomorrow, a very, very important event, the British election. It is important because British voters, as voters in many other European countries , don´t feel any trust in the politicians, do no think that they care about the important issues. Instead they are elitists, political broilers, interested in their own careers. Hence, all these “rightist parties” ( the media label), with immigration and EU on the agendas. In Britain they have UKIP and Nigel Farage, an intelligent, wellspoken man with lots of sharp and witty humour. I really hope that UKIP will have a sensational, stunning success in the British election, the politicians in the UK and the rest of Europe, need a wakeup call. Go Farage !

  3. He is recovering from the cinco de mayo party. They had with the spanish people. Heard cuton mark levine.
    Obama saying to them about Tequila. That is why their is no schedule. We pay for his tequila hangover.

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