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The Number Who Think Hillary is Honest: 25 Percent

Only 25 percent of those surveyed in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll said Hillary Clinton is honest.

From the piece in the Wall Street Journal:

Hillary Clinton’s stature has been battered after more than a month of controversy over her fundraising and email practices, but support for her among Democrats remains strong and unshaken, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.

In just seven weeks, a period in which Mrs. Clinton formally began her presidential campaign, the share of people with a negative view of her jumped to 42% from 36% in last month’s survey, and only a quarter of registered voters said they viewed her as honest and straightforward, down from 38% last summer.

But she remains highly regarded among Democrats, with 76% saying they viewed her favorably—a greater hold on party loyalty than any of her potential Republican rivals had in the poll taken between April 26-30.

“That is a crushingly bad number,” said Bloomberg’s John Heinemann this morning, referring to the honesty tally. “You do not get elected president with a number like that.”

Well, yes, it’s bad, but it’s not clear how much it will hurt. Nobody has ever particularly supported the Clintons because they wanted to know who chopped down the cherry tree.

On the GOP side, the poll showed Jeb Bush atop the field, but suggested strength for Rubio that Bush may lack:

In an early assessment of the still-emerging GOP field, Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, drew the most support among GOP primary voters, with 23% naming him their top choice. But by some measures, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Mr. Bush’s onetime protégé, showed signs of broader strength. Nearly three quarters of GOP primary voters said they could see themselves supporting him, even if he wasn’t their first choice, a larger share than claimed by any rival.

36 thoughts on “The Number Who Think Hillary is Honest: 25 Percent”

  1. Talk about ‘apples and oranges’ in polling; so how do the Repubs rate their candidates on honesty?
    The upcoming Dem primary is looking like something NorthKorea might propose to the people: your choice – the dishonest, scandal prone Mrs Clinton or someone that is unknown outside of political circles.
    On the ‘apple’ side:
    The Repubs now show a diverse, vibrant and now, obviously, a field of honest candidates to choose from.

    1. I like the republican field so far.
      I will be watching for the flip-flop on all of the issues.
      Huckabee is due to announce today and I don’t trust him.

        1. If you’re referring to my statement on Huckabee, he is a big government progressive. and is in favor of common core.
          Carl Rove supports him.
          Look at his record in Arkansas when he was governor.

          1. I watched his show a few times–did not see the big govt part–maybe I watched the wrong show. He had on people wronged by the govt all the time. I am uneasy with his social/evangelical views (world made in 6 days etc). Like the others, he will show what he’s made of.

  2. I’m surprised she even has that much approval. I wonder how many of these folks know the scandals or otherwise don’t care. If one reads the Huffington, she has plenty of support.

  3. I hope c-span carries her appearance before the house committee.
    If she refuses 2 visits, then Gowdy should combine the second session in the first.
    Keep her there for as long as it takes to get the answers.

  4. I am so sickened by the sight of that old shrew pretending to be soft-spoken, smiley faced, and innocent.
    There is so much NOT to like about Hillary all it would take is another dark horse to come in and destroy her – again.

    Why is she being treated like the incumbent – the dowager queen??
    Hillary needs to be ‘manhandled’ a bit…and Carly is just the person for that job.

  5. Let’s face it, she’s creaky, possibly mildly brain damaged, dresses ludicrously, lies and cheats and has a shaky, evasive, ethically flexible husband–but many mouthbreathers will still vote for her. So there we are.

    1. And on top of all of that (which I agree with), she is an incredibly clumsy, artificial, awkward candidate, even though she’s been playing politics all her adult life. Amazing she hasn’t yet caught on to the bare basics of selling yourself to the voters.

      1. Even the left are beginning to question their ethics, that’s a good sign.
        Her political career could be on the ebb.

        1. Yes, they are. It’s about time. The Clintons have gone from one legal/political mess after the other since the 1990’s. It’s what they do for a living. I had to laugh when Slick Willy told a reporter that he had asked Hillary if she was ever influenced by a donor to return a favor for a donation. Clinton said he asked her about that and she said “no”. Well, that settles that question.

  6. The majority of true facts are never released to the public that emanates from Washington. Those American citizens and legal residents should click on to learn about the issues facing this country. Within the pages of this unbiased, non-partisan legal foundation are the ‘Corruption Files’ that unearths the lies and propaganda that are spread each day by the nation media. Read about the actual truth that Judicial Watch broke in mid-April verifying that ISIS is operating in a Mexican border town just eight miles from El Paso, Texas, the illegal alien invasion, Illegal voting (voter fraud) at any level can change the outcome of elections or that Judicial Watch has taken the lead in exposing The Obama IRS and Hillary Clinton Scandal. Our country is in almost imaginable trouble as Congress is beholding to their cronies and the special interests on a scale never seen before. Judicial Watch banner: ‘Because no one is above the law’.

    1. Judicial Watch is an excellent site. On your ISIS comment, the FBI recently declared that ISIS is active in all 50 states, let alone on the Texas/Mexico border. What is Obama doing about this? “Investigating”. Too bad he didn’t spend the same amount getting these in-country ISIS nuts blown off the face of the earth as he did in preparing for his appearance on the Letterman Show.

    2. The numerous FOIA’s that the Judicial Watch organization have submitted to the Obama administration is astounding.
      Yet, the administration stonewalls the attempts to gain the information.

      It is because, if they don’t give up the info, no-one will be held accountable anyway.
      It will all be water under the bridge.

  7. It occurred to me that maybe after eight yrs of Obama, a significant number of Americans actually think they are bad, racist, and lazy and not achieving or building things and thus DESERVE terrible, greedy, self-centered leaders… The whole We are Not Worthy thing!

      1. I know plenty of people who are not foolish and are willing to shine on all this stuff…that was my pt. Why? What is the underlying reason? I think it could be long-term conditioning–this is all you deserve, America.

  8. Whenever I see a poll, I always want to know who conducted that poll. Many have a slant of some sort, either right or left leaning. Any poll that has CBS or NBC involved have an obvious slant….that makes these results just stunning…

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