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Live Stream || Obama Announces New Joint Chiefs Chair

President Obama nominated Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

8 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Announces New Joint Chiefs Chair

  1. I’m.afraid to check his bio. Glad to see Dempsey gone.

    I’m a lifelong supporter of our military. That said Obama has done some real and purposeful damage and too many have succumbed.

    Off to do my homework. Fingers crossed.

      • I’m waiting too. We’ve learned that Obama has a habit of appointing third raters, rump swabs, madcap radicalized leftists and other assorted losers. Don’t know a thing about Dunford, (haven’t researched him yet), but here’s hoping he’s the real deal and not another politicized, hack General.

          • That’s my issue with him, as well. Loretta Lynch is the latest example of that. She’s in Baltimore today doing kumbaya with the locals there. Will she also visit with the family of Police Officer Brian Moore who died this week after he was shot in the head by a thug? Of course not. Obama won’t permit that.

  2. The washroom attendant at the nearest 2-star hotel would be an improvement over the spineless weasel Dempsey. They say Dunford has balls. We’ll see.