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Letterman: Top Ten Things Dumb Guys Ask the President

As you may know, President Obama appeared on the David Letterman show Monday night to help mark the final few days of the Letterman Era. Dave did a special top ten list for the occasion. Thought you might like.

Here, Letterman and Obama talk about their retirement plans and start laying the tributes to each other on a little thick.┬áIf you get choked up watching things like this – well, watch anyway, you’ll be fine.

18 thoughts on “Letterman: Top Ten Things Dumb Guys Ask the President”

  1. 1.1
    Did you know that we couldn’t keep our doctors when you promised that?
    When you said that Syrian couldn’t cross that “red line” were you having a laugh?
    When you talk about Global Warming do you have your fingers crossed behind your back?
    Where were you the night of the Benghazi massacre?

    1. Great questions.
      I noticed people did clap to the Birth Certificate on the list.
      I also did not think that Have beers and sit in on the class was funny. If he was 22 maybe. I am the same age as he is: I have never used that word.
      Does anyone know what part of the Country that word is used?
      Keith, I did watch it. :)

      1. I have never watched a late nite thing since Carson–and this isn’t wooing me. Who will suck up to Obama when L goes–oh–Colbert, forgot.

    2. The WHD gang would have him looking for the exit.
      All good questions srdem, however, he get’s to pick his audience.

  2. Oh yes! Fire up AF-1 yet again and spew tons of greenhouse gasses to no valid purpose whatsoever, and at the taxpayer’s expense.

    Please lecture us soon on the dire specter of climate change at your earliest convenience, you fucking piece of shit.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, Letterman and Obama are BOTH dumb guys who have worn out their welcome in my living room. I’ll pass.

  4. OT: Charlie Heb** being honored in NY>
    Trumpjust said on Fox :Geller Taunting muslims with this Muh***** event.
    Start a journal everyone. Hide it. So therefore your kids and grandkids will be able to sneak and read what this Country use to be.
    They are winning if this continues.

    1. It amazes me how the lefties believe that drawing a cartoon is more offensive than killing people over a cartoon.

      1. Hiding, and becoming mute is not going to solve the problem.
        Letterman should have asked o last night about a couple of the problems, as mentioned above by Serdem65

      2. Amazing, isn’t it? I saw the Trump quotes on O’Reilly tonight, plus listened to Bill ‘O and Laura Ingraham. I could not disagree with all three of them more. I refuse to go down this road where someone (who?) decides what speech is okay and what speech is not. I refuse to require speech to be “useful”, or to “advance a cause”, as they all said should be the case.

        Worst of all, they think speech that “provokes” should be curbed. WHAT??!! How about starting with the problem that certain SAVAGES, (as Pamela Gellar correctly calls them), are “provoked” into killing people! THAT is the problem, not the fact that others might be saying and doing offensive things. I don’t see Christians threatening to kill “artists” for all the blasphemous things they do against Christianity, (e.g., the crucifix in urine “art” exhibit). The Christians respond with the only antidote there should be to offensive speech – MORE SPEECH. Speak out against it, complain, etc. Don’t threaten to kill or try to kill!

        1. I heard the comments they made as well. I couldn’t agree more. I heard O’REi state that and turn the channel.
          Newsman, who are paid to give us the news, stating that. They should be stating we would not be having the discussion if o did not turn a blind eye for the last several years.

          1. I am on the other side–I see no percentage in deliberately provoking people over their beliefs–just bec it’s protected–what if your kid or you have been strolling through that parking lot? We have enough violence without setting it up. No–no one should “prohibit it” but people should use common sense. Go ahead and denounce me, I am standing firm.

  5. Never could stomach Letterman. Even less so now.

    Obama says he’s going to take a month off after he leaves. A month off from what? Work????

    He and the oh so lovely wife have become professional couch potatoes. Is there any couch they haven’t occupied in the last six yrs???

    My bet is they both will have their own couch, ala Oprah, in 2017.

    1. Oh gawd, no. I want them both to go away for good. I can’t take it anymore. But, damn, look at Bill and Hill. Would anyone have believed back in 1992 that we’d still be dealing with these two in 2015 and beyond? UGH!!

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