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My Brother’s Wrong Keeper

What if there were a federal program devoted mainly to white people? What would everyone say about that?

I’m sorry to be the tarantula in the sleeping bag here, but I’m not too excited about President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, or its expansion into the private sector with a new corollary group that will run on corporate donations. And not because I don’t think the goals are worthy.

Obama’s desire to help black and Latino youths is tremendously laudable. Solving the problems of disadvantaged youths and the culture they must inhabit is one of the great issues of our time. But this is not the way to go about it.

Appearing in the Bronx Monday, Obama announced that that program, which seeks to remove obstacles from the paths of young men of color – unless they’re Asian – would be his life’s work. Starting now.

From his remarks:

This will remain a mission for me and for Michelle not just for the rest of my presidency, but for the rest of my life.  (Applause.) And the reason is simple . . . we see ourselves in these young men.

I grew up without a dad.  I grew up lost sometimes and adrift, not having a sense of a clear path.  And the only difference between me and a lot of other young men in this neighborhood and all across the country is that I grew up in an environment that was a little more forgiving.

The My Brother’s Keeper initiative, you’ll remember, was started soon after Obama saw himself in Trayvon Martin. But a president has to step outside himself, because he and the government have purview over us all.

I do not believe that a government, or a president, should be focused on one race or creed over another. All people are equally deserving of whatever government policies are designed to help the poor.

Obama Brothers keeper

I do understand that there are strategies for combatting poverty that are particular to the black or Hispanic communities. But when government emphasizes the plight of one group over another, based on the color of their skin, it puts us on a slippery slope toward racial divide. Which is exactly where Obama, with his constant focus on race – and his alliance with all the race-baiting canaries in the coal mine of oppression – has placed us.

This has become a time of racial tension. I’m not sure it had to be that way.

I might be supportive of certain color-blind initiatives to help the poor. If within that there are particular policies tailored to one group or another, fine. That’s not a technicality. It’s a crucial distinction.

What Obama has done is launch race-based governing. It’s a dangerous precedent, even if in pursuit of a worthy goal.

The White House claims that this new private entity will operate in some alternate universe from the president, where corporate donors drop money into the program out of unadulterated altruism and the White House is unaffected by the knowledge that the Wendell Wilkie Widget Works Corporation donated $5 million to Obama’s dearest cause and now wants widget safety standards slightly reduced.

Maybe the Obamas will ask the Clintons for some advice on how this is all going to work.

50 thoughts on “My Brother’s Wrong Keeper”

  1. “And the only difference between me and a lot of other young men in this neighborhood and all across the country is that I grew up in an environment that was a little more forgiving.”

    Who is he kidding??? He grew up on an island paradise with his WHITE mother and grandparents! Not only that, he is bi-racial with light skin.

    Somewhere along the way he decided to go rogue and join the all Black race baiter/crusaders. He knew he wouldn’t have much competition in the world of academia, being Black, and he has used it to his advantage ever since he arrived on the Mainland.

    How unfortunate for us that Obama didn’t end up in Africa with the rest of his half siblings.
    He wrote about them in order to sell his books but that’s as far as he went.
    He is NOT his brother’s keeper – he still lives in a mud hut in Kenya.

    1. “How unfortunate for us that Obama didn’t end up in Africa with the rest of his half siblings.”

      Oh, what a different world it would be if that had been the case. If only!

    2. His head is so full of poopies… He cant even write a truthful account of his past. He has serious mental challenges… a chronic liar always thinks he’s fooling everyone when in turn the fool is HIM.

  2. Dead White Men are so passe. Obama will make sure that only black men are the new and improved brown sugar daddies. Of course, dead white men and women and particularly the living will pay. Without using the word ‘reparations’ – it’s exactly what he’s saying.

  3. Keith mentione his family. He not only avoids discussion of his brother. He does not speak of his mom’s side of the family.
    That in itself raises questions.

          1. Thanks Sadie, I’ve been feeling down today for a number of reasons but your comment just made me snort myself back to a better place!

      1. Conveniently for Obummer, his white mother, grandmother, and grandfather are all dead.

        Does he have any other relatives on his mother’s side of the family?

        1. I mentioned that, because I am blessed to be close to all my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
          I grew up with the Kennedy family always being in the news.
          I do not want to hear about anyones family personal news, but he has nothing, zip. zero bits of news.
          If any other P. left his brother in the jungle it would be in the news! If Grandma could move in, why not his brother?

  4. “Thems your people!” A phrase I heard once – used in a sarcastic tone to indicate that the speaker had no affiliation whatsoever with the group in question.
    That is my reply to any suggestion that O identifies with these young men.
    They are NOT his people – nor does he intend for them to be his people.
    They are useful for raising cash though.
    Just ask the poor people in Haiti how they have been helped.
    Then, follow the money to the “helper.”

  5. He is a POS and a lier. But hey, when you hate whites, why not play favorites?

    Perhaps he is an agent for Iran or Saudi’s. You saw him bow to the King!

    He is running out of time to screw us, so he is picking up the pace.

    His lifes work after this will be playing golf and lining his pockets with speeking fees to the true believers!

    I just want to screem!

  6. How about the young white men in rural and industrial areas where the manufacturing jobs went to China and India?

    Oh, yeah, they’ve got that white privilege — privilege to be left out of all the helping programs.

  7. Obama recognizes that the white half of his heritage made things a little more forgiving for him as he grew up without the polygamist who fathered him. And yet, he excludes Asians and Whites from his initiative.
    Because why? Because somehow they are less deserving? Less hampered by poverty? Less hampered coming from a single parent home? More able to make a successful life because they are not Black or Latin?
    Sounds like a lot of racist claptrap to me.
    But then thats what we have come to expect from Barack Obama. Claptrap, rubbish, gobbledegook, double talk.
    When is the Left going to get that the government can’t solve problems? When is America going to get that?

    1. On an afternoon talk show today, several expressed the wish that the government would get programs going to help. Why must the government always be the answer?

  8. “We see ourselves in these young men.”

    Which young men Barry ?

    Rapists ?
    Murderers ?
    Drug dealers ?
    Thugs ?
    Vandals ?
    Arsonists ?
    Thieves ?
    Gang members ?
    Islamic terrorists ?

    I find it curious that he included Michelle in the ‘we’.

    1. You got it! Never does Obama say a word about arresting his “brothers” who burned down 200 businesses in Baltimore! Its all whitey’s fault, stupid POS that he is.

    2. Right? Since when is she a man? Although I guess she does wear the pants in the Obama Clan. Funny. Barry has ValJar running the show from a work aspect and MooChow running the show from a family perspective.
      Maybe THAT’S the root of his complaint about growing up without a father. He never grew the balls to stand up to the women.

    1. Well, duh! There are no 5 star restaurants there. The participants may be underprivileged but he and the Mooch certainly aren’t!

    2. I was thinking that poor white people will be the pariahs and off everyones radar.
      He has no idea about the white rural poor at all.
      The last few years the tv media has loved showing shows about dysfunctional or, poor white people. Can you imagine if Honey BooBoo was black?

  9. They can just rename this The Obama Slush Fund because that’s what it is. He’s setting this up so he has some funds after his WH stint. I’m sure Billy Boy showed him the ropes.

  10. It seems that the new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, it presuming that the six Baltimore police officers are guilty.

    Attorney General Lynch meets Gray family in Baltimore

    BALTIMORE (AP) — Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged Tuesday to improve the city’s police department after meeting with the family of a man who was fatally injured in police custody.

    “We’re here to hold your hands and provide support,” Lynch said in a meeting with faith and community leaders, including members of Congress.

    The new attorney general met privately at the University of Baltimore with Freddie Gray’s family, days after the state’s attorney charged six police officers involved in Gray’s arrest. Gray’s injury in police custody and death a week later sparked protests and riots that prompted Maryland’s governor to bring in the National Guard.

    Lynch was joined by the head of the Civil Rights Division, Vanita Gupta, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services Director Ronald Davis and Community Relations Service Director Grande Lum. Lynch met with Reps. Elijah Cummings, John Sarbanes and C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger and Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin.

    “This is a flashpoint situation,” Lynch said. “We lost a young man’s life and it begins to represent so many things.”

    The FBI and the Justice Department are investigating Gray’s death for potential civil rights violations. The Justice Department is expected to release results of a separate review of the police department’s use of force practices in the coming weeks.

    Meanwhile, Baltimore City Council President Jack Young renewed his request that the Justice Department conduct a comprehensive, civil rights investigation into the policies, procedures and practices of the city’s police department.

    Lynch later met privately with Police Commissioner Anthony Batts at police headquarters. She then met about a dozen officers who had been on the streets when violence broke out, telling them they joined a noble profession.

    “We are here to help you work through these struggles,” Lynch said. “To all of you on the front lines, I want to thank you. You really have become the face of law enforcement. ”

    Lynch also met with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at City Hall.

    Lynch returned to the University of Baltimore on Tuesday afternoon to meet with a group of residents who have protested against police brutality and excessive force.

  11. Only 600+ days remaining until O & M are out. I only hope and pray that America will survive the damage he done and continues to do.
    God Save America
    God Bless Our Military

  12. Whenever he speaks, gives sick lectures, he sounds like what he is,an angry wetbrain from all that beer and drugs every day. A low I.Q. can’t cope without booze and drugs, its in his genes passed down from generation to generation. Never should have been president. The dictator commies now wants Times Square take down of their fantastic billboards. Ain’t gonna happen dictator!

  13. H say he grew up without a dad an was lost and adrift, well, he is lost and adrift now — he had no Dad? well, he should have been an abortion then like he wants oher women to murder babies,too bad he wasn’t one, if anyone should be an abortion, it should have been him, miserable POS.

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  15. The second you place your hand on that Bible and affirm to protect the Constitution and the American people you are no longer a Black Man. You are The President of the United States. But we got 7 years of President Reparations w/ more to come.

  16. “Identity politics” isn’t all about the identity of politicians. It’s also about dividing the people by “identities” based on color or “preference” or some other characteristic that in an “equal justice”, colorblind society would cause no distinction.

    The “poor” in America are comprised of all races and cultures but increasingly are from single parent households. “Assistance”, the entitlements, are greater if they REPLACE a father but gov’t is blind to the fact that income from a “father” can be replaced but a “father” does a great deal more than “bring home bacon”.

    To help ALL poor kids have better opportunities and better outcomes, stop looking at them differently. We must stop pushing progressive/socialist “diversity” which is a code word for division for [what the progs consider] ’cause’. Acclimate. All kids need to learn proper language skills and reading would be a plus (sarc), basic life skills level math (more if they have an aptitude), history–real, unrewritten of successes and failures–and SCHOOL CHOICE must become policy everywhere.

    How will we learn to work together if we continue to be separated?

  17. The reality is that there are hundreds of thousands, if not a few million young black men who cannot read, and thus cannot fill out a job application. As far as the younger ones go, it will be a good thing if the young men without a father in the home will get to know solid men and learn how to grow up to be good, responsible men. Obama has managed to ignore black men for most of his career. This will be good for our nation.

  18. This blog post and comments below are proof that we are regressing as a society. Shake my damn head. Grow up, people.

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