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79 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || May 3, 2015

      • All my life I was a night owl. I use to ask my mom and grandmother through the years, Why do you get up so early? Well now it is my turn. For the last six months, I am getting up at 3:30, 4:00 5:00 am.
        That is OK by me, because there is nothing to watch in the evening anymore. :)

        • Isnt mid life grand? My mom would say that the hour you were born reflects if you will be an early bird or night owl. I’m up at 530am every day with no alarm, and i was born early morning. Interesting, eh?

        • I do not watch regular TV anymore. Netflicks, Amazon Prime, Tv shows no commercials, Its awesome.
          Say good bye to networks and there insane commercials.
          Netflicks is like 9 bucks a month and I use Amazon anyway so prime service is free, sort of.
          you tube has almost anything you can think of for old tv shows like Jack Benny ect. Also home projects are there to help you get it done.

          • Even nine bucks a month has to be cut here–as was the newspaper (after 70 yrs). We hardly even get Red Box–and no movie channels…except those in the basic pkg of our extremely ill-managed company.

        • Hear ya. Never understood the allure of seeing two people knock the daylights out of each other. Wait, thats the NFL, isnt it?

          • Well, the NFL is a team of people knocking the daylights out of each other.
            Maybe that is what we need, team boxing.
            No wait, that’s a riot.
            Oh never mind.

  1. Now the question is can American Pharaoh go the distance and win all three ?
    Last year they said that the last race is the killer because the horse didn’t have enough rest.

  2. Yesterday, watching CNN’s coverage of the astonishing reaction of inner city Blacks to the arrest of 6 police officers for not securing a prisoner in a seat belt and not getting him medical care soon enough:
    Dancing in the streets, joyful celebrations, and marching to no particular location.

    What appeared to be a childish reaction was further devolved into a call by every vocal Black interviewed that “White” people must do something, must fix the horrible conditions of the inner city (segregated) Black family. Their call to Whites to fix whatever problems exist was insulting and offensive – insulting to the Black individual and insulting and offensive to the White who is being cast as a villan responsible for the poor education and lack of jobs or opportunity for those who live there.
    Six honorable, admirable policemen have now been cast as scapegoats for a system that the Dems have institutionalized – the poor Black, a victim of racial hatred.
    About 13% of our total population is running our country, demanding from others what they themselves refuse to do, and the constant barrage of blame set to the other 87% is going to be catalyst to a race war the Blacks will not win. There won’t be shots fired, but rather a refusal by those blamed to continue to allow accused to decide what they can ransom.

      • The blacks were complaining about the lack of jobs. This week I was at Taco Bell. Four Mexicans came in. One was wearing T shirt with name of a drywall company. The leader place the order for the group. The others

          • Or in any restaurant–check out Bourdain’s book and another one, SOUS CHEF by Michael Gibney–the line cooks in all great places are Ecuadoran or Salvadorean… Both authors recommend learning Spanish to be a cook.

    • This is far from over.
      The prosecutor IMO has laid down a gauntlet and dared anyone to step on it.
      We shall see how the police union responds.
      I would imagine also that the police forces across the country are watching this closely.

    • Just heard one of the Black protest organizers in Baltimore include ‘brown people’ in the same breath as ‘black people’ when addressing police brutality. A not-so-subtle plot to gin up the hispanics to join the crusade against ‘whitey’.

      Would love to see a case of the ‘blue flu’ emerge in Baltimore and other hot spots. The civil rights movement has morphed into an excuse for criminal behavior. Obama is the ringleader.

  3. Question for Keith: Would you reconsider resetting the comment nesting to a smaller number? When I read WHD on my iPhone, by the third or fourth nested comment, letters are one under another and I have to scroll my screen right to see it. I know WordPress gives you an option in the settings to nest or not and then if yes, how many. Not that the nesting issue will keep me away, just askin’…..

    • Remember when Obama traveled to Ireland two yrs ago and started criticizing Catholic schools – calling them divisive? It was shortly after the Vatican had praised them. What gall!

      On a personal note: I attended Catholic schools all the way through HS. In addition to learning the ABC’s, we were drilled on the Ten Commandments in catechism class on a daily basis. We learned the difference between ‘right and wrong’ at an early age – a vital element in character formation.
      The nuns always kept us on our toes – I am eternally grateful.

      Obama is leading this country away from Christianity and down the road to communism, or is it Islam? I’m not sure at this point.

  4. I don’t doubt Donna Edwards’ sincerity, but she said on Fox News Sunday that all that $ Baltimore spends has not been spent in the right way. Well, ma’am, who’s been responsible for that funding allocation for the past 50 years?

    • 22 trillion has been spent for the war on poverty since LBJ declared it.
      Three times all of the money we have spent on all of the wars in the history of this Country.

      And yet they want more.

      So, the war continues to go on, funded by taxpayers that have no choice but to comply.
      That is unless you are Al Sharpton.

      So the war to produce some level of responsibility and accountability remains and the utter hypocrisy that the black race has been beaten down by the white man is condoned and allowed due to the ignorance of the people that know better but do nothing because they have been intimidated into compliance.

      Common sense needs to raise it’s voice above the deafening roar of stupidity.

      • Isn’t it amusing that the same lefties who accuse the Right of “war without end” when a hostile nation-state is involved, have no problem whatsoever with “war without end” if there’s redistribution involved?

        • Good point.
          However, it is all about them.
          We ain’t gittin’ what we deserve !
          And whitey is keepin’ us down !

          No, your ignorance is preventing you from achieving what you desire.

    • Yeah, some of these talking heads can grate. Judge Jeannine had some former dope seller on with his jailhouse patter on how he is rebuilding the city and she asked him how he managed to climb out of the life–why couldn’t more people? He said he could not have done it if he had been murdered in a police van–which, of course, was a complete non-answer…some of this makes my teeth grow hair!

    • I watched it, Lee. I didn’t know much about the end of the war. The fall of Saigon was terrible, those poor people who didn’t make it out. The Americans and especially the Marines did their utmost to take as many Vietnamese as they could. The pictures of them crowded onto helicopters and ships were amazing.

    • No, they don’t have amnesia.
      Once you understand the journalistic integrity is passé…then all this makes perfect sense.

  5. Gunman open fire at M. Art Show (while they drove into the parking lot of the Art Show). Contest for the best M. picture.
    This was in Garland,TX. Suburb of Dallas. One policmen injured. Two gunman were killed.
    People in the auditorium sang God Bless America.
    They had the b. squad searching as well.
    Walmart and other businesses were was evacuated. Three helicopters circled overhead.

    • Just pulled up http://www.drudgereport as well. They show twitter message.
      o did not go to Paris.
      Now someone tries to attack here in our homeland outside a free speech event.
      Casey Stegall, reporter in Tx. speaking on Fox, said there was a 10,000 award for the drawing. 200 people were there.
      The policeman that was shot was unarmed. B. techs have worked though the night searching. They heard a coupled muffled noices not sure what the sound was. Fox is now reading what an I. supporter tweeted.

  6. Eyewitness now speaking on Fox. First thanked the Policeman. She said this show was in response to some show that was against free speech that was held in Garland.
    She said we have p who meets in private with mulsim brotherhood.