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Saturday Open Thread || May 2, 2015



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  1. Up and at ’em. Pour that coffee, going to ge a glorious day here in NY. Listening to Prager on radio yesterday, he offered up a good query: are people born happy, is it a learned trait, or are we just who we are?


    • Good morning. I have plenty of coffee, have been up since 4:00am.
      Speaking of happy, I have been on hold for over 7 mins. I was still happy when I hung up the phone on that company. I guess they were happy not to get something purchased. :)
      I think it is a combination of genes, etc. and more so your upbringing and experiences in early life.

  2. Happy Derby Day, I love this race. A beautiful day here in upstate NY, some early yard work, Red Sox Yankee game this afternoon and a run for the roses later. A great day ahead.

  3. Nice day here in central Florida. A sunny 70 this money. Low 80s predicted for this afternoon.

    I have made up my mind about who I want for our next president….Carly Fiorina.
    America has never had a woman president. It is about time we have one.

  4. Hi gang,
    Apologize for my absence last few days, (some may appreciate I know lol) work does have a way of doing that. (Actually I was in Baltimore getting sold w/ Al but don’t tell my wife.)
    Little off topic from our regular American politics but below are a couple links to peruse.
    Long story short, it’s about a memorial foundation in Giessenlanden, Holland started by one man’s dream just two short years ago. Today is the day they are dedicating a memorial to fallen allied airmen who died in battle in the skies above them during WWII.
    All came about because of some shell casings found in 2013 and his dedication to preserving the history and remembering the price paid.
    It’s the topic of an expanded column and pictures in a week from Sunday’s JGlobe discussing the 70th anniversay of VE day and will contrast Peter’s dedication to remembering vs so many here in the states so easily forgetting and not caring.
    In any event, as you will and as have time:

    Their next phase will be retrieving one of the B 17’s engines still buried in the soft mud of the area and a 40km walking/bike path around all the crash sites. A truly amazing endeavor. If any wish to support I have links can email, just don’t want to publish solicitation links on Keith’s site.

    Have a great Saturday all, and always remember that without those before us our today’s would never be and our tomorrows never come.

  5. Aside from Derby news, I was shocked and appalled today listening to CBS Saturday Morning say “protesters were CELEBRATING in the streets of Baltimore last night.” CELEBRATING? Really? I predict this rush to judgment by the prosecutor will not end well for her and that there will be plenty of evidence to exonerate the policemen. She opted out of a grand jury only for her own power trip, she more than likely sure that a grand jury wouldn’t be able to sustain those heavy charges. Just like in the Trayvon Martin case, this prosecutor is out to make a name for herself and be the star, not do what was right for the case, for the victim, for the policemen. For liberals, it’s all about the agenda. Law be damned.

      • I heard they were already jailed. Could be another rumor. Last evening, the commentators seemed to think a civil action for wrongful arrest might get the family some bucks, but that the second-degree murder and manslaughter stuff would not hold up–unless they could get some cops to flip on the others. And we are off…once again.

    • While media attention focuses on them and the Rev Al and Rep Cummings “victimology” agitators, it takes the heat of the FACT of how five decades of liberal policy totally destroyed the futures of tens of thousands of African American in Baltimore.

    • If there is no conviction, the rioting will be felt all over the country. I truly hope any verdict will not come until deep into a very cold winter when rioting is not nearly as popular.

      • I found out this morning that a very nice fair, in a very small nice town was held. Hardly anyone (kids/families) showed up.
        On Facebook teens/people from other small nearby towns said they were going to show up to protest.

    • We’ve seen this dog and pony show before, sadly. Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, “pants up don’t loot”…

      Some of the prosecutor’s statements on Friday could be seen as prejudicial, and any other attorney with similar ties to both Gray’s attorney and a sitting city councilman would have had the integrity to immediately recused himself. Then again, this is Maryland we’re talking about here, so expecting integrity out of a clearly politicized prosecutor may be a bit much.

      Frankly, if I were the cops’ defense counsel, I would have made a motion to dismiss for prosecutorial misconduct. She had the case for maybe one day–not NEARLY enough time for a full investigation–and apparently decided to sling every turd at the wall in hopes that something would stick.

      The problem is, she’s going to have to back that list up in court, and at this point, unless she knows something we don’t, good luck with that. The cops will walk, and Baltimore will burn, only this time with more ferocity.

      A few states to the south, Mike Nifong is no doubt watching these proceedings with glee. By the time the kangaroo court is adjourned, and Mosby is forced to answer for her conduct in this case, Nifong may no longer be the poster child for prosecutorial misconduct.

  6. Murder, manslaughter charges against Baltimore police: none of the charged kicked, choked, stabbed, poisoned, or shot the man who died while in their custody.
    Their crime – not using a seat belt, and ignoring the arrestee’s claim to be in need of medical care.
    This is wrong.

    • We put our children on school buses each and every day with no seat belt yet for political agenda six cops get charged with a death of a convected felon for not strapping the POS into his seat?
      How low liberals have taken us, how very, very low.

    • Even that Donta guy who saw nothing but claimed to know Gray was banging his own head, said the cops called him Mr Gray, not some rude names… I am not sure what that proves, nothing of course, but I am adding it.

    • A “victory” celebration. Victory for the mob.

      The price this time — 6 police. The price next time?

      And what about charging the looters and the thugs? There is more evidence against them (video etc) .

      Social Justice brought to you by the Barack Obama Gang of Amerika.

  7. Another hot day here in Southern California. 90 degrees. (not a record)

    On the news here this morning is this state grew by 10 million. Nearly all illegals. Some fun! Not….

    Now this country has gone 3rd world by holding the 6 cops as political prisoners. We are being changed at all levels thanks to Oputter and his followers. All engineered by the Iranian Valry Jarrett. Perhaps she is the real power in this country.

    Hope everyone has a great day. Enjoy your day off!

  8. In Ohio, they have a new program that the state is running now that in order to get your refund, you have to take an online quiz.

    The quiz is a brief survey of both you and your spouse,(both have to fill it out), asking questions that only you or your spouse could answer.

    They find this necessary due to the increase in identity theft.

    Anybody else out there experience this ?

  9. NO inflation, OMG! How is a price increase from $40 to $60 sound?

    We use the Breeze litter box system for our many cats. The price of the pad for this just went from April 1st $40 to May 2nd $60 dollars.

    That is a shocking price increase!
    I am stunned.

  10. To Star.
    I was skeptical of the Ohio quiz for the refund, called the state to verify.

    I filled mine out last week, and as my wife is doing her annual Walk for Life thingy today, I figured I’d try to fill her’s out.
    I (she) passed, and now they will send the check.

    After almost 40 years of marriage, I passed too. :)

    What they do is send you a letter with an ID number and give you 60 days to take the quiz.

    Once both of you pass, they cut the check.

    • Will I think this sounds completely intrusive, ridiculous–and ineffective. How does this prove anything? It’s not like you two are claiming to be married without knowing each other’s favorite color or something.

      • Some of the questions pertained to my wife’s eye color and hair color as stated on her drivers license.
        If they had asked what her drivers license number was,….I would have been screwed.

      • That’s one of the questions I asked the person at the state.
        I said that we live at the same address, why should she have to pass the quiz.

        Essentially the answer I got was ‘them’s the rules’.

  11. And now for some happy news. The Duchess of Cambridge has been safely delivered of a baby girl, name as yet unknown. Best wishes to them!

  12. 4.0 earthquake in Michigan. No one hurt.

    ISIS executes 600 Yazidi hostages in Northern Iraq.

    Good news. I have a very small tree right outside of my kitchen window. This year there is a leaf missing and I can see the nest (when I stand inside by the kitchen sink). For the first time ever I put my hand in the nest and felt 3 eggs. On top of that the mom bird did not get upset when I was pressure washing the garden sidewalk early this morning. :)

      • Pretty small black bird with a touch of white. It flys super fast. Hard to recall details. I will go outside and try to get a little more detail. :)

    • We are on birth cycle #2. Pigeon/doves. They make stupid nests everywhere. This one is in a hanging pot in our courtyard. Mom gets upset when I water & get too close to these 2 tiny new babies. And they make a lot of bird poo. I’d rather have a quail family.

    • Last week my wife and I were in our garage when something hit the steel door, HARD! Went out to see what was up and found a baby dove huddled against the bottom corner of the door with a damn CROW trying to kill it! Shooed the crow off and checked out the dove. It’d lost some tail feathers and seemed to be in shock. I out on some gloves, picked the little guy up and took him to the side of the house where we have a huge hedge where the doves have nested before. As soon as I started to open my hands at the base of the hedge the little dovelet was off like a shot. Haven’t seem him since but the dang crow hung around the garage door for a couple of hours looking for his lunch!