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Chicago Snags Obama Presidential Library

Sorry, Hawaii.

From a Chicago’s local CBS affiliate:

It’s a major coup for Mayor Rahm Emanuel and, perhaps more importantly, for the South Side, CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports.

The Obama Presidential Library will rise either in Washington Park at King Drive and Garfield Boulevard or at the other site proposed by the University of Chicago, in Jackson Park, south of the Museum of Science and Industry, near 60th and Stony Island.

The announcement is now planned for the week after next, though it may not specify which site will be chosen.

President Obama, in a phone call to Mayor Emanuel last Friday — both House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton were with him — seemed to telegraph the decision. The president reportedly thanked them for state legislation passed last week that removed the last obstacles to locating the library on public park land.

The estimated price tag for the library and museum is a whopping $500 million . It is expected to create 1,900 permanent jobs in a community that has struggled. An estimated $220 million in economic activity would be generated annually.

37 Responses to Chicago Snags Obama Presidential Library

  1. Chicago can have it.

    Seriously, for those of you who have never been to Chicago, it is a horrible, horrible place. The south side, even more so. Chicago is a city filled with flawed and miserable people who are legends only in their own minds.

    I can think of no more appropriate place on earth for a legacy to the shady media creation surrounded by composite characters known as Barack “Barry” Soetoro-Obama to be located. Add it to the list of “reasons never to visit Chicago, under any circumstances.”

    • Chicago is dirty and nasty. When I was a little girl my grandparents lived at 63rd & Woodlawn–the south side, not far from where Obummer’s posse rules the streets these days. I remember when the nice Jewish neighborhood started to ‘change’ and my family moved to Des Plaines.

      The last time I was near Chicago was for a funeral. I see no reason to ever return.

  2. Hope he moves there too. Rumor mill said he was looking in my area. We already got the Clintons. WAIT: I got it. Hillary and Barack do a house swap!!!

    Those Chappy-qua “folks” love a good lib.


  3. ” An estimated $220 million in economic activity would be generated annually.”
    I don’t know how. I can’t think of anyone in their right mind who would pay to see this fool’s failures.

    • Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Chicago Location to open in 2018. Only left handed doors, no parking lot, cannabis roof garden, FLOTUS style corridor, whole floor dedicated to the travels during the WH years, called Where’s Waldboma?

      I could go on, and on….


    • Previously paid employees of the Obama library at 2x the min wage, but due to unforeseen lack of revenue ( and foresight), 90% were laid off.


  4. Is there going to be a wing dedicated to lies? Those 1900 will be in charge of reconstructing his presidency, rewriting history.

  5. Lol.

    1900 people…
    They are for creating the BHO statue garden to mark is ascendancy to the throne (including one depicting him smoking a Cheech & Chong sized joint)
    — OR —
    for creating the world’s biggest warehouse to house the regulations El Jefe’s government has spawned during his tyrannical reign.

    I’m sure it’ll also contain the full works of Saul Alinksy, Marx, Mao, Lenin, Stalin and Jim Jones.

    It needs a name now! Just like the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and Massage Parlor.

    Maybe something like the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library at the George Soros Center for Planetary Destruction and Buggery.

  6. Interesting.. do you think they will move back to Chicago?? MOTUS will never go back. No one could afford to pay her salary IF she decided to go back to her last job or anything like it. Or will she become the fashion and decorating coordinator of the new library?? (paid of course). BO has been doing some “serious” thinking on going back to being a Community Agitator (oops I mean Organizer) when he leaves the White House. Would Chicago be a good place for him to start again?

    So many questions. They may need another vacation to think this all out.

    • They’ll set up a foundation like the Clintons did, IMO.
      I will also be surprised if they even live together.
      Gotta be close to the cameras,….maybe SoCal, or New York.

      • They will have at least two residences, more likely three. NYC so Michelle can shop at Target as often as she likes, SoCal so Barry can golf, and a token Chicago pad to make it look like they care about where they came from!

  7. the Obama Library will contain the Koran, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” and 25,000 copies of “Rules for Radicals.”

    did I miss anything?

  8. A $500 million ‘Liars Library’?
    I was hoping it would be constructed on the big Island of Hawaii near the volcano.