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CBS: Clinton Charity Took Secret Money from Foreign Countries

Now take a close look here, because this is a little different than what I’ve heard before.

CBS News is reporting that one of the Clinton charities, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, was taking undisclosed money from foreign countries.

Under the Clinton Memorandum of Understanding with the Obama White House, contributors were supposed to be revealed. We already know they weren’t, so that part isn’t new. And the charities got undisclosed money from foreigners, we also already know. But this report suggests that actual governments donated money, and that this wasn’t revealed.

Think about the massive conflict of interest this poses for a Secretary of State. Countries donating to her private charity.

The report says $54 million was donated in 2013 alone. Now, Clinton was no longer Secretary of State at that point, but CBS suggests the donations were also flowing secretly while she was Secretary of State. And even such massive donating done immediately after her tenure was completed could suggest promises were made and then donations were held off until she departed office. It’s really quite mind boggling.

CBS also reports that Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who has announced he will oppose Clinton in the Democratic primary, thinks this is all a legitimate campaign issue. Of course, it is. Look for Democrats throwing Hail Mary’s to make this a big deal of this before the Republican nominee even gets to it.

Clinton backers, and the White House, say there has been no indication favors were done for money. We may not know, because THE EMAILS ARE GONE. But this is exactly what reporters and the GOP opposition research operatives will be looking into.

16 Responses to CBS: Clinton Charity Took Secret Money from Foreign Countries

  1. It is so hard to wrap the mind around such astounding corruption, alleged or true.
    Our former President, First Lady, and SoS even being accused of such behaviour is stunning and if true, cause for criminal charges be brought against them both.

    Using the vestige of their once high office in America, and MrsC’s influence as SoS to enrich themselves while pretending to use the monies collected for a greater good is just sickening.

  2. All this is sordid. Am I living in the U.S.A. or a third world country? These two should be sent to prison and their foundation dissolved in vat full of acid. Avarice, greediness…

    • We are “pre 3rd world” status now and sinking fast. Welcome to USA Mexico north! The illegal invasion will have us there in no time.

      Socal whites are going extinct.

      • From Illinois
        “With one in four of the nation’s 23 million children under age 6 born to immigrant (new speak for illegals) parents — a number that rises to 28 percent of Illinois’ 936,000 young children — the need to build a culturally and linguistically competent workforce in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) field is urgent.” Meaning they do not speak English !!!!
        California is coming for all of us!

  3. The website Charity Navigator is a good go-to site to check on charities and foundations. They check on financial transparency, the “flow through” of money, reporting practices, etc. While they haven’t done a complete investigation of the Clinton Foundation, they have seen enough to put the Foundation on their “watch list”. In other words, they are saying there seems to be something weird about Clinton Foundation practices.

    The noose around the Clintons’ neck tightens. The Clinton Foundation money laundering operation is coming to a grinding halt. The jig’s up for Bill and Hillary. The news today is that about 10 percent of the Foundation’s money actually went to help others.

    • How about the well-educated Chelsea? She was born into corruption, helped run a corrupt foundationa and married into corruption. As their child, is she no longer out of bounds?