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Top Ten Reasons Hillary Knows She Still Will Be President

Things are beginning to look a little iffy for Mrs. Clinton. Scandals are erupting. Questions are being raised about her qualities as a candidate. It’s not the best of times for Hillary.

But privately, Clinton aides say she is confident of victory. None would talk on the record, for fear of having a lamp thrown at them. But they provided a list of reasons Hillary is still certain she will be president.

Here are the top ten:

1. She can prove most ethical lapses were caused by global warming.

2. She has a fool-proof plan to convince primary voters that Elizabeth Warren has leprosy.

3. Bill plans to be in Thailand for much of 2016.

4. Magic Eight Ball said, “You may rely on it.”

5. Used the Reset Button on her campaign and this time it worked!

6. Practicing for several hours every day to be herself.

7. Is in training to carry two or even three electronic devices around at the same time.

8. So far, is doing far better than in 2008 at picking her opponents.

9. Has discovered an achievement notched as Secretary of State and will unveil it just before Election Day.

10. Will show that Clinton Foundation donors weren’t seeking to influence policy – just wanted to save the world, one Clinton at a time.


Are there any further reasons that you have uncovered in any of your research or reporting?

46 Responses to Top Ten Reasons Hillary Knows She Still Will Be President

    • Sanders, one of the 80+ Socialist Democrats in the US Congress who are directly affiliated with the Socialist Internationale, is being used to take votes away from Hillary. He’s nothing more than a Judas goat to lead others away from Hillary. That’s how crazy this is.

      He hasn’t the slightest chance of winning anything, obviously, but he does reduce the chances for Hillary winning–an odd outcome we might consider irrational and self destructive for the D’s. Apparently, the D’s want a Republican to win???? Dumb on their part.

      Sanders was an odd choice for the Progressive wing of the D’s to go against Hillary, but there he is, in all his nuttiness. There are other Democrat Socialists who might have drawn even more votes away from Hillary, but Sanders must have pulled the shortest straw. It’s all very strange.

      • I’m anxious to see how the Clintons lodge an attack on him, and what his come back will be against her.
        Here is someone that has stepped up to run for the presidency, an avowed socialist libertarian running as a democrat.

        He says he’s all for rebuilding the middle class, so does Hillary, and so does Obama.

        Don’t know where the dem party is going on this one, it will be interesting to see if any part of it endorses Sanders.

        Maybe they’ll run on the same ticket.

  1. She is confident she can persuade the American people to vote for her even though she may have done some things wrong in the past, but after all, “what difference does it make now?”

    • Her confidence is nothing more than arrogance.
      I think that she will step down in the midst of the scandals that are becoming more and more visible.

      If the congress cannot convict her on one thing after what she has done, congress is worthless.

  2. 14. Because she’s (conveniently) a grandmother and what this country needs right now is a great big hug from a sweet, kindly, cuddly granny!

  3. Well, you left out that assuming she was as thorough as I suspect in destroying any actual proof of all she did and she gets the nomination (and Jeb doesn’t), Obama will grant a full executive amnesty with full voting rights to all illegals to make sure she wins. That’s plus the dead voters, the multiple voters and the “turnout drives” called busing. To be certain she will faithfully continue to serve HIS agenda, he will be sure to remind her of the proof HE has on her.

    Now, if Jeb gets the nomination, nothing else needed. Jeb agrees with Barry on virtually every issue. (I know, he says differently. I’m sorry if you believe him. Do You believe Boehner and McConnell, too?)

  4. Honesty gets you no where!!The nations crooks have bent the nation 180 degrees off the MAP!!!
    All TAX PAYERS are the SLAVES who pay for the BAGGY BASTARDS fun and games programs designed to BANKRUPT
    the worlds hard working slobs!!