As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Meet the White House Dossier Staff

I’m always amused when people tell me to “ask someone on my staff” to do something.

That’s a problem. Here is the staff.


From left to right: Misha, Geronimo, B’yehly – “whitey” in Russian, without the racial connotations – and Onyx.

You see, while dedicated and loyal, they are not great with follow-through. It’s pretty much useless to ask them to do anything.

This is not exactly investigative journalism going on here.

I did think of one way of putting them to work. I’m making them the Complaint Department. Please address your issues to them.

52 Responses to Meet the White House Dossier Staff

  1. What a good looking staff you have there, Keith! Don’t underestimate them; I’m sure they’re more intelligent and more competent than most of the WH staff.

    Onyx is such a gorgeous dog!

  2. The best kind of staffers are the furry kind. My furry children/attendants are of the canine variety and they’re the best friends I could ever hope for!

  3. Keith, you probably have one of the best staff in the blogging world. Four-legged critters are the most loyal and don’t hold a grudge when you make a mistake. Keep up the good work in identifying issues, and most importantly, supplying suggested solutions in an America I do not recognize anymore.

  4. Keith, I always knew you were one of the good guys. Now this photo confirms it. :-)

    I live by the old rule of never trusting someone who doesn’t love animals.

    My two little pups, (one year old brother and sister), are wrestling as I type this. They’re more entertaining than anything on television these days.

    • “I live by the old rule of never trusting someone who doesn’t love animals.”

      And, never trust anybody that animals don’t love.
      They are more intuitive than we know.

      The picture that Keith provided us tells me that those animals are very comfortable in their environment.

      Too many suffer from neglect and mistreatment.

      Well done Keith.

  5. Great staff! We have a mongrel cat and a yellow lab–both rescues. In that relationship, the cat is the boss, and the dog follows orders. Funny to watch them romp around.

    • Scooter was a rescue.
      Someone my wife works with found him underneath a car during a rainstorm.
      Tiny kitten that you could hold in one hand.
      Now he weighs 17 pounds and is my best buddy.

  6. I didn’t think for a minute that “whitey” had any racial connotations, I just thought Holder named your dog.
    Smudge, my kitty companion says to remind everyone that cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt as gods, so don’t forget it!

  7. Interesting. Your staff looks a lot like my staff. A 10-year-old Retriever mix named Newton, a fat 4-year-old boy cat named Ricky, and his sister Ethyl (we left Lucy and Fred at the animal shelter).

    On the other hand, my wife has minions.

    28 chickens, 7 ducklings and four baby geese. They sound like the Dem National Convention on the third night.