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Video || Hillary’s Greatest Hits 2013 – 2015

Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate. Incredibly, her problems now really don’t even stem from all the suspicious activity that occurred before she became Secretary of State. These are all recent screw ups, no doubt to be carried forward into the White House should she become president.

It’s been an astounding past two years for Hillary. The mistakes, the outrages, have just kept piling up. The Washington Free Beacon has put them all together for you in a very user-friendly manner.

Chuck Todd this morning said Democrats are privately nervous about all the doings with Hillary, just like they were in 2008. But this time they’re shutting up about it because, unlike in 2008, there’s nowhere else to go.

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  1. The Dems: Reaping what they have sown, hoist on their own petard, politically correctness for all things – the perfect boomarang of the War on Women they once held dear.
    Now, faced with the prospect of a gaffe master, a scandal enabler, and a unlikeable, charmless candidate, they are stuck.

  2. CRIKEY !!!!
    This is getting good.

    Can’t wait until if, or when somebody challenges her.
    It shows you how corrupt the dem party really is and the fact that they are deathly afraid of the Clintons.

  3. OT.
    Rush just said that 22 trillion $ have been paid to eliminate poverty in this Country.
    That’s three times what has been spent on all of the wars in our history.
    It was 5 trillion in the ’90’s.

    And the poverty still remains.
    Democratic policies DO NOT WORK !

  4. At long last, the web of deceit, lies, corruption, guile, hypocrisy, duplicity, fraud and trickery the Clintons have woven for themselves since the 1990’s is slowly closing in on them. It will ultimately strangle whatever political ambitions they have for the future. What goes around, comes around.

    • Yes, that was, um, something to see.
      Speaking of; she looked worn out and put away wet this morning while she was pretending to care about “Black men” in prison.
      She does not look well.

      • Yes I noticed that she didn’t have her hair professionally coiffed today, lol. You can always tell when she does it herself since it appears thin and flat.

        I agree that she doesn’t look well. She appears to haven no energy or enthusiasm for this race, which is just another reason I’m baffled that people would want to elect her.

        Her little “mass incarceration of African Americans” speech that was written by her staffers was a total joke. She’s never really talked about these issues before, but the left wing of her party, (Obummer and Warren), talk about it so now she has to pretend to care. As usual, she seemed so fake and phony in her delivery.

        Watching her horrible campaign, if you could call it that, these last few weeks I feel like I’m watching Weekend at Bernie’s. Her camp props her up and rolls her out, she fake smiles and tries to warmly greet people as if she cares about them, she reads the script, and then they whisk her away and wrap her back up in her bubble wrap.

  5. Unfortunately for most of the people shown reporting on the various Hillary scandels they will still pull the lever for her if she is the nominee. Character counts but for some reason the majority in the country do not care.

  6. It would have been easier all around if Bubba had been allowed to have his third term in office.

    Hillary the Hag was never popular. For years she has been riding on Bill’s coattails. She is counting on the ‘twofer’ factor now. The next 18 months will be ‘more Bill’ and ‘less Hill’ on the campaign trail if they expect to highjack he WH again. He needs to clean up her mess!

  7. It is ludicrous to think that Hillary Rodham Clinton is credible as a presidential candidate in 2016, yet that is where the Democratic Party is at the moment. This is such a joke!

    See “HRC: A Caricature of the Left” at

  8. This is fantastic news for the country. As the nominee, she will guarantee a Republican presidency which will dig us out of the mess caused by her retarded boss.