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Excuse Me, This is an Obama Administration Scandal

The great thing for President Obama about the latest Clinton scandal is that it is a Clinton scandal. Because had it involved any other member of the administration – like those not running for president – it would have been an Obama scandal.

This scandal involves a major potential conflict of interest centering on one of President Obama’s closest advisors. And it directly involves the White House, which supposedly had an agreement with the advisor not to do exactly what she did.

The Memorandum of Understanding Hillary Clinton struck with the White House when she was named Secretary of State  stipulated that the Clinton Foundation was to publish the names of all its contributors. The idea was to prevent any of them from influencing Mrs. Clinton.

It didn’t do that, on a massive scale. The 1,100 secret contributors to the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, revealed in a Washington Post story today, were actually covered under the MOU, according to Bloomberg.

Hillary Clinton and Obama

The MOU barred foreign government donations to the Clinton Foundation. But a Canadian tycoon donated millions as a deal he was involved in unfolded that ultimately benefited the Russian government. The donations were kept secret. Meantime, Bill Clinton picked a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian bank connected to the Russian government.

Maybe he refused to share the money with Hillary.

Yes, that’s joke.

THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE WAS SUPPOSED TO GET MONEY OUT OF THE EQUATION, right? It didn’t allow lobbyists to join sign up for duty with Obama. It sought to close the “revolving door.” Meanwhile, the Secretary of State was breaking a deal to disclose millions of dollars of donations to her charity.

Where’s the outrage at the White House? Nowhere to be found. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today dodged questions about whether Clinton had violated the MOU, saying it was up to the State Department to enforce the deal.

Keeping money out of policy was to be one of the pillars of this presidency. Now the White House suggests it didn’t bother to check that the arrangement with Clinton was being carried out, and shows no sign that it cares that it wasn’t.

Because to care would be to admit that this is, in fact, Obama’s scandal too.

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  1. After watching the exchange between Major Garrett and the Joker Earnest. Earnest said it was up to the State Dept to enforce the MOU. Here’s the simple follow up Major should have asked Earnest “Since you said it was up to the State Dept to enforce the MOU do you concede the President is not responsible for what his Cabinet members do and cannot hold them accountable when they skirt the rules or law?”

    • I as well as others have asked, What are the rules in that Press room. What happens if you ask Joshi over and over for a proper answer, instead of the run around?

    • Dan, you have suggested a plausible question, one of which Josh would have suggested be diverted to the State Dept.

      When he is cornered, he goes to the next reporter.

    • Once again, we readers of WhiteHouseDossier can ask better and more direct questions than anyone in this pathethic “WH press corps”.

    • After watching this exchange I have a suggestion for Josh’s work post Obama: tap dancing. He is a master at it and surely he’s embarrassed by what he has to say?!?

  2. Ah,… the snake pit that we all new existed in WDC, is beginning to be unveiled.

    Anybody here think that the Obama’s and the Clinton’s are going to war ?

    Never happen.

    If either side ever brings the guns out, the other one will retaliate.
    Both sides know too much about the other one and are more than willing to use it against them.
    Yes,…even democrats are vicious against each other if the opponent attempts to deny them of their goals.

    Hillary should be rejected as a viable candidate, due to her past.
    Obama should have been rejected also due to his hidden past.

    Let the game begin.

  3. So, now we all know why Hillary took the job. She did not give a hoot about foreign affairs, only about her own affairs. Why else would she play 2nd fiddle to Obama for years after he stole her election bid? Why would anyone take a position like that? Unless there was a really good reward…145 million of them!


    • Blackmail Harv.
      There is no love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas.
      Both sides know what’s in each others closets.
      Bank on it.

  4. Ah, what difference does it make at this point? If anyone thought they Clintons were honest, I have some ocean-front property for you in Dallas. If anyone thought Obama was honest, they’re probably as stupid as he is…Another day, another scandal

  5. wonder when Major is gonna bail CNN and go back to Fox. has anyone else noticed the defections from CNN (or deflections for that matter)? had an opinion piece front and center by Ruben Navarette today. don’t always agree with him, but I usually look for his columns on CNN’s website and he’s been MIA recently.

  6. Keith, thank you for pointing out that Hillary’s intentional and unethical cheating is another giant Obama scandal and failure.

    Hillary played Obama for the giant dopey inattentive jug-eared fool he is. Sweat the details? Momjeans? You must be kidding…

    Obama has held nobody in his Administration accountable for performance. Lois Lerner? Holder? Sebelius? Clinton?

    He has a team of B and C players and by not holding them accountable they have delivered D and F performance.

    The buck doesn’t ever ever ever stop with Obama. He hears about stuff at the same time we do, on TV.

    In his politically correct alternative universe, it’s not results that matter, but whether your feelings and empathy and hashtags pass muster with liberal orthodoxy.

    But Hillary intended to cheat. Just as Obama claimed to want transparency and money out of politics while opening Pandora’s Box in 2008 by refusing matching funds and burying John McCain in a tidal wave of campaign spending. Recall Obama was censured and fined $397,000 for his accepting foreign contributions on his 2008 website. Obama is as sleazy as Hillary.

    Obama is cementing his Legacy as the worst President ever. If America has any sense, Hillary will never get to Office. She has disqualified herself.

    It is a scandal for both of them and a tragedy for this great country.

  7. Keith, thanks for posting that clip from today’s press conference.

    Josh Earnest claims it was up to the State Dept to enforce the MOU. But, I have to ask WHO at the State Dept was charged with the enforcement?? We can sign all the contracts we want, but until and unless someone tries to enforce it, the contract is simply a piece of paper.

    In this case, it appears that neither party had any intention of keeping this agreement. It was merely a CYA move for both Shrillary and Obummer, a total farce.

    As far as that partnership that Bill Clinton had with his Canadian pal Giustra, I read that Bloomberg article earlier today and that partnership was news to me. It was registered as a charity in Canada, and was essentially just a way of filtering foreign donations over to the Clinton foundation in the US. Giustra is now claiming that he cannot reveal the names of the 1,100 donors because Canadian law prohibits it, although some legal experts disagree on that.

    In any event, I think Bill Clinton deliberately set up this Canadian partnership with Giustra specifically to hide the names of foreign donors to the Clinton foundation. Other than that, I honestly can’t see any reason to have set it up. People could have easily donated directly to the Clinton foundation in the US without having to funnel it through the Canadian partnership acting as the middleman.

    As with everything else with the Clintons and the foundation business, this all reeks to high hell! It is absolutely incredible to me that anyone would even consider electing Shrillary president. She and Bubba are greedy, dishonest, unethical, slimeballs!

  8. The White House negotiates a non enforceful MOU with Hillary is the same White House that says “trust us” to have a nuclear agreement with Iran? Wow YGTBSM

  9. He treats all scandals on his watch the same — babbles some empty platitude, sends his hacks out to call it old news, and heads out to the golf course.

  10. Why should anyone be surprised about this? She was fired from the Watergate investigation FORTY years ago for her lack of ethics and terrible work habits. Skunks don’t change their stripes….neither did Hillary.