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Obama Declares a Police Discrimination Crisis

President Obama today termed the issue of racially motivated police brutality a crisis, one he said has been going on for some time and is now being fully uncovered though the use of social media and video cameras.

Obama, who spoke in the Rose Garden during a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Abe, of course took a moment or two to condemn the Baltimore rioters, calling them a “handful of cimrinals and thugs who tore up the place” but who shouldn’t detract from those who peacefully protested.

He said those who felt there is a crisis are only catching onto something that’s been going on for some time.

“We as a country have to do some soul searching,” Obama said.

Well, we do. But not in the way Obama thinks.

While any kind of police brutality or discrimination is reprehensible, and while it does happen, the central problem here is the constant, destructive interaction between minority youth with law enforcement. The root of this is liberal social policies and mores that have helped keep too many African Americans confined to the underclass and bred the destruction of values like responsibility and family cohesion.

Three quarters of African American babies are born out of wedlock. And government policy and the prevailing societal ethic supports it.

Maybe Obama should think twice before inviting Beyonce, the butt-grinding chanteuse of songs like “Bow Down Bitches,” to the White House.

Without fathers, these kids are at a disadvantage from their arrival in the delivery room. And then they’re bombarded with our crass, ugly culture and sent to dysfunctional schools while their parents are supported by government programs and benefits.

How are they going to seize control of their lives when this is the environment provided them?

Some do. But the society we’ve become since the 1960s is making it very hard. So yeah, we need to do some soul searching.

But Obama wants to focus on the police. He said:

Since Ferguson and the task force that we put together, we have seen too many instances of what appears to be police officers interacting with individuals – primarily African American, often poor – in ways that raise troubling questions. And it comes it up, it seems like, once a week now, or once every couple of weeks . . .

This has been a slow-rolling crisis. This has been going on for a long time. This is not new, and we shouldn’t pretend that its new. The good news is that, perhaps there’s some newfound awareness – because of social media and video cameras and so forth – that there are problems and challenges when it comes to how policing and our laws are applied in certain communities, and we have a to pay attention to it and respond.

H/T to Gateway Pundit for the video.

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  1. I suspect deep down he is in support of this lawless, racial,
    cop hating street thuggery since he has never asked anyone actually cease from it .. has he? His #1 texting buddy
    (rapper jayz) must be counseling him through this.

    And the circus continues…

  2. MrObama is just parroting what other apologists before him have said – oh, the poor Black, victim of racism, poor schools, no jobs, picked on by the evil police, and it’s all America’s fault.
    MrO would probably be surprised that the police do make mistakes, sometimes fatal mistakes, with people who are NOT Black, and yet, no Whites feel compelled to riot or destroy their community.

    Yesterday, a dozen apologists were on national TV explaining away just why a horde of Blacks needed to set fire to cars and buildings, and to loot stores in their neighborhood. Their neighborhood – an American version of a third world place- poor, boarded up buildings, no job opportunies, drug dealers and other criminal activities, and a solid Af-Am,non- diverse community.
    A viewer from another country would assume that the US is segregating the Af-Ams from more properous places, that the Baltimore power structure was lily-White, and that JimCrow laws prevent the children there from getting a proper education.
    None of that is true. The fault, if it could be assigned, it their own.
    No jobs? then move, or get an education, skill that today’s economy requires.
    It’s not my fault, I don’t need to do any “soul-searching”, and I resent the implication that I am responsible.

    • Wasn’t Obama elected in 2008 to prove America wasn’t racist ? He would be the great uniter of race and ideologies?

      Gee, how’s that working out for our country? More divided than I ever remember in my adult lifetime.

      • Oh yes Denise,….he was going to be the one that takes this Country from the doldrums of the Bush administration.
        See what we get when we are coerced into believing a liar ?

        The congress and the media are allowing this to continue.

        The thugs on the streets of Baltimore are nothing worse than the thug in the White House.

        Stores can be rebuilt, it is hard to rebuild families, or small businesses, or the economy.

  3. Again I refer WHD reader’s to the website HEYJACKASS.COM
    The crime stats there will be an eye opener.
    It seems that black lives don’t matter, at least in Chicago.

  4. Maybe we could create some police-free zones so that the people who go there could be assured of not being harassed. If the residents of that area prefer, they can take the portion of their taxes that would otherwise have gone to police and hire their own.

    I also would guess that the problem isn’t that police are racist (a few probably are, including some whites, some blacks, some Hispanics, etc.), but there may be a modest number of them who have a tendency to be bullies. Still, I don’t worry about it, because I don’t commit crimes and if I were stopped by an officer, I’d be respectful. That would keep things from escalating just about 100% of the time. Let’s use our brains, people.

    • But, BB these scum don’t pay taxes.
      Us logical taxpayers don’t need to fear police harassment as we don’t commit crimes. IF we are somehow targeted by aggressive police, only then is there a problem…which wouldn’t matter as we are just the payers, not the moochers & it would be swept away.
      Reason mag. has many examples of this scourge.

  5. OT – While checking Shrillary’s Twitter to see what she tweeted about Baltimore, I see that with the Supremes hearing the gay marriage case today she’s pandering to the gays not just with this tweet, but by also changing her “H” logo from blue and red to rainbow colored. Give me a break.

    Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton ·
    Every loving couple & family deserves to be recognized & treated equally under the law across our nation.
    #LoveMustWin #LoveCantWait –H
    9:41 AM – 28 Apr 2015

    Back on topic, here’s what she tweeted last night about Baltimore:

    Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton
    Tonight I am praying for peace & safety for all in Baltimore, & for Freddie Gray’s family – his death is a tragedy that demands answers. -H
    10:44 PM – 27 Apr 2015

      • Totally agree, Star. I was just looking at the burned out CVS and thinking about the people who work(ed) there and the other destroyed businesses. What happens to them when they no longer have a paycheck and need to pay the rent in a few days? None of these criminals think about that. They’re only hurting people in their own communities. Or, in the case of outsiders coming into riot, they have no concern at all for the people they claim to care about. It’s disgusting what they’re doing.

  6. The NY Islanders pro hockey team lost a heartbreaking game 7 last night at home, in the final game at the soon to be demolished Nassau Coliseum. Many were upset.

    Remarkably, not a single inch of the premises were disgraced, damaged, looted or firebombed…

    Until we sound the alarm as to the problem in a certain culture in our society, we are doomed to suffer the consequences.

    Family, faith and education are the key…



    (Reuters) – The Baltimore Orioles said Wednesday’s home game against the Chicago White Sox will be played but it will be closed to the public, as unrest in the city continues following the death of a man in police custody.

    The Orioles said weekend games scheduled for Baltimore against the Tampa Bay Rays instead will be played in St. Petersburg, Florida. Games that were to have been played on Monday and Tuesday against the White Sox were postponed and will be made up on May 28, the Orioles said.

      • No, the fans should stay away and let the cameras and the newscasters explain why the seats are empty.

        Maybe the mayor could get her head out of her a$$.

    • And I just finished watching “Fight Club” for the first time.

      Way too many similarities: robotic chanting of slogans, “Project Mayhem”, and “It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.”

      And one quote of reason: “You’re running around in ski masks, trying to blow stuff up. What did you think was going to happen?”

      As to BHO: Just another pre-planned race speech. He even had a numbered list (6 points), and had to apologize to the Japanese PM. MSNBC and CNN apparently only covered the joint presser to catch Obama’s race lecture, and then returned to other programming.

        • Maybe POTUS was sorry that the other guy had to detract from his planned oration, and look like just another human prop while Obama bloviated.

      • My husband happened to be sitting in a waiting room today during Obummer’s press conference. He just told me they had the New York City ABC station on and the news anchors were just gushing over Obummer’s speech.

        • That’s why I don’t watch ABC.
          One wonders how long this love affair with Obama can continue ?
          Common sense certainly has to come into play at some point.

  8. This may have been mentioned on earlier threads.
    The fact that the force was told to stand their and let rocks and stuff be thrown at them was past pathetic.
    Fireman who risk their lives as well had a hose knifed.
    Why is he not standing up for them?
    I have my thoughts on that matter……….

    • I happened to be watching ‘live’ when the two men ran up and sliced the fire hose.
      It was beyond shocking, it was stunningly the most proof of the lack of humanity those rioters were carrying.

      • I had to turn off the news early yesterday. I put on an old episode of The Waltens and went to sleep.
        I grew up in the 60’s watched this Country learn, experience, come together, etc.
        I do not know where he was back than. I do not think he experienced or even watched the news back than. Someone needs to tell him we have already been there and done that.

  9. The more Obama injects his ideas and thoughts, the more these situations flare up. Leave the local policing to the locals, stay out of the state’s business unless you are invited.


  10. So he didn’t take the opportunity to tell the worthless thugs to stop being worthless thugs and start acting like productive members of society? What a shame.

  11. Mayor just came on Fox and said: This can be our defining moment. I spoke to people who clean up and to people who’s lives will be dirupted. Stores, we fought hard for including mom and pop stores. Vendors trying to get back to normal due to damage.
    Will like to think to police dept as well as outside county police.
    Also thanks to the community trying to figure out how to heal.

    Sorry Keith, I was just going to mention I lol to the above Clin. piece above.

  12. Obama, like his fellow “community organizer”, Al Sharpton (and they are cut from exactly the same clothe) always sees the police as the central, causal problem in the catastrophic conditions in the inner city. That bigotry toward the police allows Obama-types to point to an easy target, and rally their fellow agitators to continue to destroy yet another institution–police departments. One bad incident with the local police is amplified to stain all local police departments.

    • The police represent the law.
      Obama and Sharpton do not like the law because it will expose them for what they are.

      Holder does not like the law either, in fact he has used his office to duck it.

      Congressional members regularly duck the law.

      We can’t and if we try to we are screwed.

      Now, they can search your car, or your house on suspicion of wrongdoing.
      I guess the 4th Amendment has been deemed essentially dormant for the time being, given the authority of the powers that be.

      Keep your ears up and your eyes open.
      This president is a long way from being finished at taking this Country down.

  13. The terrible financial losses to the businesses in these riot-prone towns is due mainly to the out-of-towner ‘professionals’. Leland Vittert (FOX) was there last nite and said he recognized many of them from Ferguson.
    The ‘professionals’, IMO, are a direct result of electing a Black prez. They know they can get away with mayhem and never be held accountable.

    If we ever end up with an Hispanic prez, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more criminal behavior with Hispanic gangbangers, etc. Same scenario.

    The next prez needs to stop molly-coddling these criminals. It is NOT a civil rights issue – it’s criminal behavior. They all need to be rounded up and incarcerated.

  14. in other words, Obama did not take Keith’s very sensible advice about staying on the topic of the riots and not saying anything bad about the police just right now.

    the guy seriously cannot help himself. (Obama that is, not Keith.) how in the world did we elect–twice–an American president who dislikes America so much?

  15. BO judges every incident the same: Cops are guilty. Then again, I shouldn’t be so critical because he probably has never heard of “Innocent until proven guilty.”

  16. $22 Trillion for 50 years of social programs and policies in cities run by democrats, 6 years after a black man is president and attorney general(s).
    Quit whining!
    Juan Williams wrote the book “Enough”.
    Perfect solution for the socio-economic divide, says he, “Finish school, don’t get maried until you are 21 and don’t have children until you are married.”
    This is color blind, works for Whites, Blacks, Asian, everyone.

  17. […] Obama declares a police discrimination “crisis” . . . President Obama today termed the issue of racially motivated police brutality a crisis, one he said has been going on for some time and is now being fully uncovered though the use of social media and video cameras. White House Dossier […]