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Top Ten WHCD Jokes by Obama, Cecily Strong

Here, at least in the opinion of Politico, are the top ten jokes from Saturday night’s White House correspondents dinner by President Obama and this year’s performer, SNL’s Cecily Strong.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten WHCD Jokes by Obama, Cecily Strong”

  1. I did not appreciate the Bucket joke, coming from a man in his position.
    The Michelle food joke. I do not think that our kids being fed hardly “anything” is a joke.
    Finally they both left out the biggest joke: Most of msm are not doing their job, and are kissing up to what ever o and his click are doing!

  2. Those were the best by Ms Strong?
    What were the worst?

    Maybe I’m being critical but she has all the SNL writers working for her and these were the best?

    Cheese Pizza?

    1. I agree. I have more lol moments from Keith, and WHD readers than I had with their jokes.
      Please do not misunderstand me all of Keith’s articles are very important, as well as the comments by fellow readers here. However as we all know we all need a smile, and laughter to get by. :)

  3. Keith,
    I realize you are a member of this group, one of only a very few though that actually does his job.
    What continues to get missed in all this every year is that the BIGGEST joke is the event itself and it’s a very bad joke at that.

    1. I noticed the Cspan camera desperately trying to find an audience member laughing, when they did, couldn’t help but notice there were more people in the screen shot not laughing.

      The jabs Obama took at Republicans and the media weren’t as funny as they were mean.

  4. The biggest joke, albeit not funny, is Barack Obama as President.

    I winced at this narcissist attempting to tell jokes. He is still just a mean spirited little man with no big boy pants.

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