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Maybe Obama Can Calm Baltimore by Ending Failed Liberal Policies

Baltimore is beginning to explode Monday, ostensibly over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.

And no doubt, after Baltimore has burned tonight, President Obama will appear in the Rose Garden Tuesday and, while careful to pay lip service to the senselessness of violence, will offer as his main point the need to address the putative scourge of police violence against black people.

Maybe he’ll form a task force!

What Obama needs to do instead, lest this mayhem explode further in Baltimore and begin to spread, is materialize tonight at the White House and not not only urge calm, but vow to commit whatever federal resources are needed by the state of Maryland to pacify the situation. And no mention of bad police people this evening while they’re out risking their lives, thank you very much.

All we’ve heard so far is that newly installed Attorney General Loretta Lynch has “briefed” the president on the riots.

Sure, some police do bad things. Sometimes out of racism. But excuse me, half the Baltimore police department is African American.

The seething anger we are witnessing is that of a population that has been beaten down by decades of failed liberal policies that have kept them in the same situation they were 50 years ago, perhaps tempered a bit financially by some welfare spending.

So some of the “protestors” seem to have cell phones.

But those policies have bred disengagement from normal society and the workforce, a breakdown in social mores, and dependency on the government.

It is people like Obama, and the “help” they are providing, who have set the stage for these riots.

David Clarke, the African American sheriff of Milwaukee who has a habit of making perfect sense about this issue, explained on the TV today that this has very little to do with Mr. Gray.

Like Baltimore, like Ferguson, like New York and many other areas, where failed liberal government policies have led to high unemployment, chronic poverty, failing schools, this is what besets the Baltimore area. Ninety percent of the homicide victims in the Baltimore area are black, as are 90 percent of the suspects. That a  bigger than Freddie Gray . . .

These individuals that are rioting and looting right now and throwing rocks and bottles do not know Freddie Gray – do not care about Freddie Gray – and if they were in a nightclub in Baltimore, would shoot and kill him for bumping into them on the dance floor . . .

Just the slightest provocation, and these individuals are so willing to settle disputes with violence. That’s what we’re seeing play out right here in Baltimore.

Whatever you see tonight, stay tuned for more. Al Sharpton will be in Baltimore this week.

H/T to Gateway Pundit for the video.

34 Responses to Maybe Obama Can Calm Baltimore by Ending Failed Liberal Policies

  1. Obama and Lynch are cheering on the rioters. Bet he can’t contain his excitement at more racial hatred and violence. Hands up, blame Whitey!

  2. “…Obama needs to…not only urge calm, but vow to commit whatever federal resources are needed….And no mention of bad police people this evening while they’re out risking their lives….”

    oh Keith, you crazy dreamer, you. like that’s gonna happen.

  3. Wouldn’t you think by now people would wake up to the idiocrasy of the liberal policies rather than create more government give away programs?

    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

  4. And the White House is reported to be sending reps to the funeral. (Maybe Hillary and Barack can make some comments over the casket).

    If half the cops and the Mayor are black, it will be tougher to call this a race problem. Then again, the Mayor actually told the police to give the rioters space to destroy things.

  5. The dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks mayor of Baltimore just sent an invitation to the ‘Rev. Sharpton’ to come and restore peace! How about running the mayor out of town instead!

  6. How bout he cncourage the worthless thugs to lay off the worthlessness and the thugishness and try to be respectable people for once?

  7. This is what MrObama has been promoting since the fooforal with the Af-Am professor; violence against the ‘man’, White privilege, racist police, “if I had a son”, and putting the DOJ inside every incident looking for racial bias.
    The Mayor of Baltimore has the blood of 15 or more policemen on her and the ashes of the ruination of some businesses in her city.
    This isn’t a racial thing in Baltimore- it’s a demand from the criminal element of the Black community that they be left alone to commit whatever crime they chose.

  8. Greg Gutfeld and Shep got into it a bit on “The Five” earlier…Shep was borderline condoning the rioting because of “tensions in Baltimore that have been simmering for years,” and Greg slapped him down good.

    • Shep was unwatchable when it first started at 3p…when he came back on around 6p I switched over to CNN.
      At least CNN had people on the ground and kinda knew what was going on in Baltimore.
      FOX News had nothing but talking heads for hours and never tried to cut into local coverage to get an idea about what was really going on or where…and Shep was getting bitchy and spewing his ‘opinions’

  9. Mayor “space to destroy”– total lack of leadership. Police Commissioner also.

    Obama Holder – Lynch Sharpton – living the dream. I

  10. I used to work in Newark years ago . After 1967 , there was no there any more . Say hello to your future Baltimore : a no – go zone for all but the animals . And it ain’t gonna be no petting zoo

  11. Bring back chain gangs . Have these thugs in prison orange on their hands and knees with a scrub brush scrub the streets in their ” neighborhood ” and let all their homeys stand back and taunt and laugh . Those animals have no moral compass but they sure hate to be disrespected . And if they pass that they can go on work release and build playgrounds , learn a skill and take a construction job back from a wetback.

  12. The left never learns. They have an agenda and will continue moving ‘forward’. The palace eunuchs, Boehner and McConnell will do their part to make it happen at the federal level.

  13. This has been happening in Baltimore for years, but the media didn’t have a “protest” narrative so they buried the stories. They called it “flash mobs” but it was lawless youth looting and stealing – and beating.

    • I grew up in Baltimore in the 50’s and 60’s and still live in the general area. I was pleased to see at least some local black men condemning the rioters. But there needs to be many more of them.

  14. The press has exacerbated this somewhat. I see what that out-of-her-depth mayor meant by her comment–she meant if you give room for peaceful protest or protest calling for peace, this can be an opening for those who would destroy…”we also give those who want to destroy a chance.” But this was a stupid comment–no one should be out there! It should have been shut down. The curfew should have been LAST nite or even the nite before! Zero tolerance. And yes, 15 or more cops have been hurt. I saw one older black man say he didn’t care if cops were black or white–they were murderers. Really? You’re alive!

  15. no offense but obama can’t calm anything down as he doesn’t care about anything but his golf game!! the man is a coward and a narssicist joke!!!

  16. He are cheering on the rioters. Bet he can’t contain his excitement at more racial hatred and . I honestly think now people would wake up to the idiocrasy of the liberal policies rather than create more government give away programs?