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Halperin: Other State Officials Would Have Been Fired

John Halperin of Bloomberg, hardly a left-wing radical, said Sunday that senior State Department officials would have been fired for the things Hillary Clinton is already known to have done.

Honestly, it’s hard to even believe Hillary is still taken seriously as a candidate at this point. But then again, she’s Hillary. No Republican could survive this.

I mean, get Elizabeth Warren in there. At least she seems to have principles, even if I don’t agree with them.

From Halperin’s appearance on ABC’s This Week:

HALPERIN: The Clinton Foundation does great work. Some of the charges against her are overstated. That’s on one side of the ledger.

On the other side of the ledger, it’s extraordinarily serious. Imagine if an assistant secretary of State had done what Hillary Clinton — we know that she did. They’d be out of the State Department.

STEPHANOPOULOS: They with which things?

HALPERIN: Co-mingling a family foundation, donations from foreign governments, increased speech fees and government actions. We don’t know that…

STEPHANOPOULOS: But we have no evidence of government action.

HALPERIN: Well, there were government actions taken. What we don’t know — and this goes to the — to the deleted e-mails — is what kind of communication did Hillary Clinton have on her private e-mail account regarding her husband’s speeches and regarding the foundation activities that involved foreign donations.

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17 Responses to Halperin: Other State Officials Would Have Been Fired

  1. I mean, get Elizabeth Warren in there. At least she seems to have principles, even if I don’t agree with them.

    Careful what you wish for. And how do we know she has principles? She did not have them about her heritage.

    • I can hardly believe that anyone even talks to Warren after learning that she took advantage of race-based preferences because of a FAMILY STORY about being Indian! My family has a story like that, too, and it never occurred to me that I qualified for special treatment.

  2. Stephanopoulos should recuse himself from these interviews. Speaking of the old Clinton gang, I saw Lanny Davis on Chris Wallace’s show yesterday…he’s so blindly loyal to Hillary it’s embarrassing having him on to discuss any of these issues – no objectivity whatsoever.

  3. The Dem Party is crying out for an up and comer to jump in to the deep end of the pool. That by itself would make this very interesting and serve us all better than the media vetting Hillary. Nothing like a little fire on the stove to get the water boiling, and perhaps sanitize the place as well.


  4. Because of the deleted emails (a firing offense in its own right), proving the connections between donations, speech fees and government actions will be hard. That shouldn’t matter. The whole issue reeks. It just stinks of corruption. For a Sec of State, or the President, for goodness sakes, the standard should not be “You can’t prove I am a crook.” The standard should be much higher than that. It seems to be pretty high for Republicans, where any appearance or rumor of anything is enough to cause problems (see Mitt Romney not paying income tax, according to Dingy Harry Reid.) But for Dems, starting with Bill Clinton and his litany of filth, through Obama and his entire book of scandals and now to Shrillary laughing off felony actions and negligence, it seems that anything and everything is OK because, well, Democrats!

  5. The Clintons have learned that if you just serenely pursue your way while the pack howls, the pack will eventually tire and any scandal disappear.

  6. This too shall pass. It always does with the Clintons.
    Let’s hope the Hobson’s choice will keep the DEMS home in 2016. Unless there is a ‘dark horse’ on the horizon, it will end up with Clinton v. Rubio. God help us all!!

  7. Rubio is not qualified, imo, to be president. However, he is very street smart. He knows that DHS is mobilizing to turn millions of green card holders into voting citizens by 2016 and he is taking full advantage of his heritage.

    Hispanics will be the deciders in 2016. The only question is whether they will go for Hill or Marco. My bet is Marco. He is totally unqualified but what difference does it make???

    • Why totally unqualified? He is smart, can speak clearly sans canned pap on a teleprompter, appeals to a minority segment as well as to those who want a president who is not embarrassing, can attract and (as far as I can see would listen to) equally smart or even smarter advisers…I could go on.

      • Did you see him when he was trying to grab a glass of water while he was reading the teleprompter? He almost fell over, but his eyes never left the prompter.

        He is very rehearsed as far as his talking points. He’s a ‘fast talker’ and I don’t trust him.

        Lastly, call me a racist but I do not want to see a second generation CUBAN in the WH. He lied about why his parent’s immigrated to the US – a huge red flag.

        If we can’t do better than Rubio, I give up!!!!

  8. Halperin’s point is patently false. There is no accountability in the Obama Administration..

    Was the person responsible for extending the Solyndra loan to a campaign donor’s company fired when the loan went belly up resulting in a $553 million complete loss to taxpayers?

    Was anyone fired when Air Force One terrified New Yorkers on a photo-op joyride that coast hundreds of thousands of dollars?

    Was Sebelius fired when the most visible aspect of the Healthcare law completely imploded despite a four year runway to liftoff? Was she fired when deadlines for enrollment had to be repeatedly extended?

    Was Kennedy fired when testimony showed he ignored legitimate pleas for security from Benghazi?

    Was the head of the VA fired when it turned out corrupt employees were gaming the VA wait lists in order to earn themselves bonuses while killing innocent soldiers in need of care? Not at first.

    Was Eric Holder fired for running guns into Mexico that were used to kill 300 Mexicans?

    Was the Secret Service fired when they were bringing whores back their room in South America?

    Was John Kerry fired when he claimed to be working but was then photographed sailing off Nantucket?

    Was Jeh Johnson fired when he refused to enforce the law and left the borders wide open to thousands of diseased kids and gang members? Was he fired for “disappearing” them on flights to all 50 states where they burdened school classroom sizes and social service budgets?

    Was Lois Lerner fired for Asymmetric and partisan application of tax-exempt criteria that silenced Obama political opponents and affected the 2012 election?

    Was anyone fired when we exchanged 5 terrorists for a deserter?

    Was Hillary fired when she blew off her employment agreement on Clinton Foundation disclosures and used her own email server and deleted official government records in violation of law?

    The Obama Administration is the least transparent and least accountable in history. No wonder it is also the worst Presidency in history.