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Video || Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner

47 Responses to Video || Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner

  1. Tried to avoid–but of course over the last several hours have had some exposure. My first reaction–everyone looks old and badly put together. I don’t get Shirley Tem…I mean, Michelle. Come on–that woman will be on BOTCHED before we know it. Just be yourself! Wait–maybe…oh, never mind. As I have pointed out the boffo bucket thing was not original…he was peevish as usual–the flashbulb smile on off on off… The press braying like jackanapes…Ooof.

  2. He is so arrogant. I tried to watch, had to skip thru. He really loves himself and is quite the A@#%%

    Wonder who wrote that crap?

  3. Watched it live last nite…and was gagging the entire time. He was up close and personal…and mean.

    The part with his alter ego was just plain stupid. The ‘bucket list’ thing was crude. Even the Hillary barb was mean: “I have a friend who used to be a millionaire; now she is living in a van in Iowa.”

    Dictators usually don’t have a sense of humor unless the joke is on someone else.

  4. Where’s Keith’s play by play. Who’dya sit with? Who had the deepest cleavage? Who texted? Who flirted (not nec with you)? Who drank too much? Who got the most attn…some of us don’t get out much.

  5. Did anyone spy Marie Harf on the Red Carpet??? Evidently she was Wolf Blitzer’s guest, along with Jane Fonda.
    Couldn’t believe my eyes – she was SHUNNED by everyone she tried to cozy up to!! Even Wolf avoided looking at her! She sorta wandered around aimlessly trying to break into conversations, but no one was game. She was giddy and smiling from ear to ear which made it more incongruous. Looks like her days in DC are numbered…hopefully.

  6. By Obama joking about Hillary that she used to be a millionaire and now living in a van, shows that Obama is as greedy as the Clintons, to joke like living in a van is below him? Obama’s so dumb and mean, always has to say dumb and mean things. Sadistic POS every day of his life.