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White House Press Corps: Obama Doesn’t Like Us

A whopping 78 percent of White House reporters who participated in a Politico survey say President Obama doesn’t like them, and about the same percent think Michelle Obama doesn’t like them either.

The results suggest the press corps perception of itself is vastly different than that held by many Americans – particularly conservatives – who perceive a cozy, mutually nurturing relationship between press and president. The poll was conducted mainly on background, with reporters not having to attach their names to the answers for publication.

Of 65 reporters who answered the question, 51 said Obama “dislikes the press.” Fifty of 63 said the same about Michelle. I honestly forget what I said. I think I said neither of them likes the press.


The poll suggests the press perceives itself at a distance. While 34 respondents said Obama is about as open to the press as he was in his first term, 25 said he is less so and only eight said he is more open. Eighty percent said they have never interviewed Obama and 63 percent have never even gotten in a question at a press conference.

I have never been called on to ask him a question, nor interviewed him.

Twenty two reporters, or about half who answered the question, said the current press secretary Josh Earnest is the best they ever worked with. But this in part reflects that for some, he is the only press secretary they’ve worked with, or the only one in addition to Jay Carney, who was widely detested and was the favorite of only two. I said Mike McCurry.

Fifty eight percent say that Obama has received the same toughness of coverage as other presidents, while 31 percent say it’s been more lenient and 11 percent say harsher. I, of course, believe it’s been more lenient.

Eighty one percent said Obama’s various jokey YouTube videos, GIFs, and slow-jamming late night appearances are not beneath the dignity of the presidency. Only 19 percent, including yours truly, said they were.

Asked who will be president “given what you know how,” 63 percent said Hillary Clinton and 21 percent said Jeb Bush. I said Jeb, but only because I had to make a choice, not because I necessarily think he will be the nominee or the president.

Eighteen reporters said the New York Times does the best job covering the White House. Eleven said the Associated Press and six said Politico. I said Fox.

The above questions were asked anonymously. Reporters were also asked to go on the record to answer a few other questions and their responses were all published.

Below are the responses I gave:

Q. I wish White House reporters would do a better job of . . .

KEITH: Breaking stories the White House hasn’t itself leaked and investigating scandals that involve this administration.

Q. The most overrated part of covering the White House is . . .

KEITH: The lobster tails. After a while, you get tired of them.

Q. The question the White House press secretary is most likely to dodge is . . .

KEITH: Events not yet officially on the schedule.

Q. If I could cover any presidency in history, it would be . . .

KEITH: Honestly, Barack Obama. This is fascinating, and it is an extremely consequential presidency. But if you want an historical figure, Teddy Roosevelt.

48 thoughts on “White House Press Corps: Obama Doesn’t Like Us”

  1. “Fifty eight percent say that Obama has received the same toughness of coverage as other presidents, ” because if they say otherwise, it will reflect on them and how they do their job.

    1. Seriously! The NYT does the best job? What? I don’t get this piece at all, Keith. And I sure don’t think it’s just the fusty old conservatives who think Obama has been a press lovefest and still is. Hillary–MAYBE not so much, but in the end, the press will vote for her, I predict. She is rich, privileged, and phony–what’s not to like?

      1. That sounds like pure intimidation to me Star.
        Sometimes we lock horns, but I’m all in with you on this one.

        You cannot tell me that if this guy wasn’t black, liberal, and vindictive, the press would hesitate to destroy him.

        Dana Perino the other night on Greta said that she used to give the finger under the podium to reporters that were maligning her boss.

          1. Mature, no.
            Vindictive spoiled child.

            Why do you think he invites all of these sports teams to the WH ?

            He’s a wanna be sports figure.
            Because he doesn’t have the ability, he revels in the fact that he is the POTUS and can invite them anytime he wants.

            It must be hard for him to see these athletes stand in front of him, exhibiting the strength and the ability that he never had.


  2. Teddy Roosevelt was the first RINO/progressive.

    I think that the Obama’s dislike the press because they are afraid of them.
    For instance,…did you know that Mooch took her mother to New York to a fancy restaurant and a hip hop show ?

    This site is among others crucial to give us the information we desire to track the elites in Washington.

    It is interesting to me how congress allows the WH to stonewall any investigations.
    What are THEY afraid of,….retaliation ?

    The internet is the most open source of information that we have, but beware, that door can slam shut overnight.

    Thanks for the report Keith.

  3. Even tho they are his lap dogs, they don’t think he likes them? How Odd.

    Since they and there masters are largely responsible for the Oputter disaster, he still does not like them? Maybe he disrespects them for not calling him out on his continuous lies?

    Or maybe he is just a psycho?

    1. He is afraid of anybody that has any degree of integrity, and the power to expose him.
      The conservative press is his enemy, an enemy to be maligned and denigrated incessantly.

  4. This President is like “mikey”; he doesn’t like anyone – well, except famous entertainers and sports figures.
    He doesn’t like his fellow Dems in Congress, hates the Repubs, doesn’t like the police or the military, White people, Christians, Israelis, small business people, and of course anyone who doesn’t worship at the feet of his agenda.

          1. If the press members want to keep their jobs, they had better tow the line.
            You get too close to the fire, it will burn you.

            Sharyl Atkinson comes to mind.

    1. I’m with you. And I think the survey was tampered with: “…about the same percent think Michelle Obama doesn’t like them either.”

      Everybody knows Michelle doesn’t like ANYBODY.

      1. C’mon,….the survey was tampered with ????
        NONSENSE I SAY !!!
        Never happen.

        Oh by the way,….the jobs report is positive this month.

          1. Them.

            You will assimilate and accept the data that we give you, and lead your lives accordingly.

            The dictates of the regime will enhance your ability to survive in the new America.


  5. The response that made my heart sink the most? “… Twitter tends to push you in one direction” (George Condon, National Journal).

    1. Here’s a quote.
      “If a man knows not harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind.”

      —-Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

      Keep that quote in mind when they try to coerce you into believing what they tell you.

      You are the master, not the government.

      1. Yes sir AVet!
        “Of the people, by the people, for the people”
        Hope I have that phrase correct, memory gets a little rusty.

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  7. Nixon disliked the Press and they hated him for it, went after him with extreme aggression, found wrong doing and then praised themselves widely for ousting him from office.

    Fast forward to today:

    Obama dislikes the Press. This makes the Press sad. The press falls all over themselves trying to make their hero realize how much THEY love HIM!!

    1. Nixon, republican.

      Obama, democrat socialistic Marxist.

      Reagan, republican, never trusted the press, and they tried their level best to destroy him, although the People loved him.

      The liberal press today are floundering because the People see their credibility on the wane.

      We the People are not stupid, and until the press wakes up and realizes that they will continue to wallow in the mire that they have created for themselves.

  8. Just because they perceived that Obama doesn’t like the press, doesn’t mean that they have given up ingratiating themselves to him. Obama just doesn’t appreciate it. So they try ever harder, and more pathetically. It’s like unrequited love in their devotion to Obama.

    1. It is a conundrum.
      The press has a job to report on the president.
      The president denies press access.

      Devotion to Obama, some maybe.
      Unrequited love ?
      Too many ferrets in the woodpile,
      and they are devious little rascals.

  9. FTA:

    “The results suggest the press corps perception of itself is vastly different than that held by many Americans – particularly conservatives – who perceive a cozy, mutually nurturing relationship between press and president.”

    That is a misstatement. Americans don’t care or believe one way or another about what Obama thinks about the press. What is abundantly clear, however, is what the press thinks about Obama. Of that, there is little doubt. The fact that Obama does not return their unshakable devotion just makes the press seem even more repulsive because of their obvious unhealthy masochism.

  10. This just in: Brian Williams issues statement on White House Press Corps Survey results. “Although I am not surprised to learn that President Obama does not like the White House Press Corpse, I am sure in my heart he likes me just fine. And I want to take this opportunity to state, unequivocally, that I have LOVED Mr Obama since before I ever even heard of him!”

  11. I may be accused of reaching on this one but so be it. I think Obama is the most consequential president since Lincoln, for one very important reason. Lincoln steered the country through a terrible civil war, and ultimately sacrificed his own life, to keep the United States united despite sectional differences. Obama is using not sections, but the races to tear us apart at the seams, and making far too much progress in that direction.

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