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Live Stream || White House Correspondents Dinner

The event has finished.

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  1. Watching this full thing really humanizes those who I felt were so far high and above the rest: The Fist Lady and the President. I am watching as some college scholorship is being presented and the First Lady doesn’t look happy. When the presenter turned around to thank her for her contributing factor ther was the smile I look up to so very much and she said “No Problem.”..this response to a “Thank You” has always puzzled me in society. It is to imply that there was a problem or something..I don’t just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Now the President is up there next to her shaking all these kids hands that got the scholorship and she looks happy again. For whatever reason this dinner thing is a revelation to me. I can’t quite put my finger on it and I thought I could after writing it all. This is the only place I’ve found where there is real time comments going on (I’m watching on and they don’t have a comment section)…Anyway, I’m not a writer and go with my gut…something is up with the dynamic between The First Lady and President I think.

  2. I watched it first on C Span and then switched to Bloomburg who had the best coverage. They did Red Carpet interviews.
    Jane Fonda looked better than she did 10 years ago. I did not realize Susan Rice was so short. Donald Trump was the token Republican. For awhile I thought it was a Democratic fund raiser. They said 2,600 attended.

  3. OT: I just read on that hackers who gained access to the WH computer system last year were able to read o’s unclassified emails.
    The breach was far more intrusive than previously admitted.
    Officials have conceded that sensitive information was in the unclassified system the hackers accessed.

  4. Leave it to Obama to completely ‘transform’ the annual WHPC roast! Traditionally, the Prez is supposed to lampoon HIMSELF.
    Why in the world would anyone pay a hefty price to watch Obama doing what comes naturally–bashing Republicans???

    On a side note, Obama, for the most part, looked like a WHPC hostage or POW during most of the evening.

    • I heard a clip of that yesterday! Most of us here had family that went through major things such as the depression. They all made it on their own. Did without! No one offered my grandparents a free flight anywhere. If they did they would have refused! However my grandfather did catch a free ride to serve for his Country in WWII.
      I am so fed up with all this free ****, paid for by the working citizens of U.S.

    • This is the mother from hell who called America the terrorist??? The mother who was convicted of shoplifting???

      Guess we will be supporting the terrorist family for life – Tsarnev will not get the death penalty. It will be life (IMO).

      • I hope he gets life. For him, prison life will be far worse than death by injection and a forever snooze. He probably would have to be kept in solitary.