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David Frye Does Richard Nixon

I was watching the video below of former Fox News White House reporter James Rosen, with whom I used to work when he was at the White House, doing some impressions. He hits them dead on. Have a look.

So it got me thinking, this being a White House publication, about presidential impersonators. Given that this is a day for presidential humor, when President Obama will be cracking jokes with the press at the White House correspondents dinner, I thought I’d share this clip of David Frye doing Richard Nixon.

It’s from an album my dad had around and that I used to listen to as a kid. Yes, as a kid. I got the politics bug early. Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of it.

12 Responses to David Frye Does Richard Nixon

  1. I actually OWNED that David Frye album. I bought it through the Columbia Record Club when I was stationed in Alexandria, VA in 1971. My roomates and I played it endlessly!!! And NEVER got tired of it!

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    • James had several stories on air yesterday and Fox still lists his bio under On Air Personalities. Keith’s probably got hacked someone in the WH. Wishful thinking on their part?