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Obama Faces Down the Iranians

Score one for Obama.

An Iranian flotilla headed for Yemen on a resupply mission for Iran’s Houthi alliles appears to have been intimidated by a U.S. show of force ordered by President Obama.

According to reports, the nine-ship Iranian convoy, including two armed vessels, has switched course and may be headed home.

Obama had deployed the USS Theodore Roosevelt and other American warships off Yemen’s coast to track the flotilla. The White House had enigmatically indicated that the U.S. ships were dispatched to maintain the free flow of commerce, but everyone knew it was really an effort to warn the Iranians.

Apparently, despite Obama’s poor track record with setting red lines, the Iranians came to the conclusion that this time he might be serious. Or they didn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize the highly advantageous – to them – nuclear arms deal they’ve succeeded in negotiating with Obama.

The confrontation is not necessarily over. The Iranians could change their minds. But for now, they’ve turned tail.

20 Responses to Obama Faces Down the Iranians

  1. I think that it was to not jeopardize the pending agreement.
    On the other hand, maybe Obama is just saving face.
    The Iranians were clearly out-gunned, as aircraft carriers travel with heavily armed escort vessels.

  2. Score one for Obama? Not a chance, he put us into harms way without a clue.

    If there’s a one little Iranian firecracker that chips the paint off one of our ships, it could easily lead us into WW3.

    Ok, maybe I’m overreacting.

  3. golly gosh, what do you know: when you stand up to tyrants, they often back down.

    think Obama will get a clue (and a spine) and stop helping Iran go nuclear? naaah…

  4. I think O had nothing to do with it – I think Sultan Qaboose of Oman influenced this. He has been the peace keeper in this region for many, many years.

  5. I have experience with the Iranians in the North Arabian Sea. They are scared to death of us.

    Of course, when my BG faced them down, Reagan was president, so they KNEW that we had full permission to “spank” them if needed.

    They were ALWAYS very, very respectful of us and any orders we gave them. Anyone who dissed us were vaporized.

    In any war, we would eat them before breakfast.

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