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Obama and Bill Nye Beat Up on Republicans

During his Earth Day trip to the Everglades Wednesday, President Obama enlisted “science guy” Bill Nye sit around with him and beat up on Neanderthal Republicans for not liking science, like Benjamin Franklin did.

Just listen to how smug these two are. Goodness, they’re outdoors in the Everglades and it feels so stuffy.

Okay, I’ve got some science for Bill Nye. THE EARTH HASN’T WARMED IN 17 YEARS.

I’m just saying.

29 Responses to Obama and Bill Nye Beat Up on Republicans

    • Did you see how Obama takes control of the conversation ?
      He doesn’t listen,…he speaks.
      I don’t give much credibility to Nye, but Obama is obnoxious and overbearing.

      Probably an indication of how he conducts meetings with advisers.

    • Plus the exhaust belched by the helicopters, motorcade, and the hot air emanating from Misters Obama and Nye, the deadliest gas of all.

  1. Climate Deniers Club…. what utter gibberish is this? Obama actually said that….so now, denying there is a climate is verboten.

    This charade was not even worth filming…a couple of flim flam artists at best


  2. I could not listen to the whole thing. I want to see him behind his desk. He can pick this science career up when he is finished screwing up his current job.

  3. Nye grew up in the beltway, went to Sidwell Friends School well before the DC glitterati discovered it, then Cornell. He began his career working on the resonance suppression for the747 jet…which still flies and pollutes the Climate today.. so thanks Mr Nye, for doing your part for climate change.


  4. So who is Obama going to interview next ?
    Miss Piggy ?
    Nye is an idiot.
    Maybe that’s why Obama likes to have him around, just to make the won feel good.

  5. The earth has been evolving for eons, millions of years, and the most we know is a skewed history of the last few thousands.
    We still don’t know how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, nor what’s really at the bottom of the oceans.

    People like MrO and this faux science guy are idiots for believing that anything that happened in the last 30 years means diddly.

    • I believe we know more about space than what’s under the oceans…Part of life’s rich tapestry–everything is sort of a theory…even the big one, The Theory of Relativity, is subj to tinkering.

  6. Just would like to make a late comment on Obama’s waffling on the Armenian Genocide.
    I’m currently watching a program on WTTW-Chicago, my local PBS channel, “The Armenian Genocide”…”Experts chronicle how over a MILLION Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turks during WW I.
    It seems contrary to Obamas view that indeed it was genocide and it was Muslims vs. Christians.
    Mr. Law professor, ha!

  7. I can’t watch this because I cannot listen to Obama’s voice anymore. I mute the TV when he’s on, even if it’s just a 10-second clip. it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

    but thanks for the summary, Keith. after reading this, and Bill Nye’s clueless tweet about taking Air Force One to Florida for Earth Day, I have decided he’s even stupider than he appears.

  8. My gripe with Nye is that he is not a scientist, though he poses as one on TV. At the very least, his posturing as a “scientist” is misleading. He is a mechanical engineer, having received his degree from Cornell in 1977.

    • As the wife to a mechanical engineer I can tell you they are NOT scientists. They are engineers, and that’s a totally different discipline. He should understand the process involved in manufacturing ethanol and he should know it uses more energy than it produces. So I question his engineering skills as well as his climate change theories.

  9. Obama has access to the best scientists in the world. People who have spent 40+ years studying climate. So what does Obama do? He goes and picks a showman as his expert. Somebody who can look good in front of the camera, so the two of them can insult Republicans.

    Suggest to any leftist that climate and the weather have always gone in patterns and they’ll call you a climate denier. Ask how much different the climate was when dinosaurs were around and they’ll call you a climate denier. I think the reason they accuse us of believing the world is 2000 years old is because they believe the world is 20 years old.

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