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Chelsea Dodges Questions Like a Clinton

Chelsea Clinton was asked why the Clinton foundation, which she helps run, was taking money from regimes that oppress women, like Saudi Arabia, and other questionable regimes, and, “Were favors done in exchange for funding?”

To which Chelsea replied: Blah blah blah blah small holder farmers blah blah blah injectable long-lasting reversible contraceptives blah blah blah transparency, transparent, even more transparent, and also blah blah blah. Have a look.

22 thoughts on “Chelsea Dodges Questions Like a Clinton”

  1. What a couple of shameful scumbags Hag and Bubba are, that they send their kid out to try and explain their spiritual and moral poverty to the world.

    1. Very good point. However she has a brain on her own, and she could have chosen not to be a part of this from the git go.
      They will all Blah, Blah, Blah to the bank.

    2. It’s time to start thinking differently about Chelsea. She’s not being thrown, manipulated, pimped out, or used; she has clearly made a choice at this point to be part of the family behemoth.

      Prediction: If Hillary wins in 2016, Chelsea will be Hillary’s Jarrett.

      If Hillary loses in 2016, Chelsea will try to bump Kirsten Gillibrand in 2020.

  2. I looked around Google and saw some interesting stuff. See the following and you might run across more.

    Clinton Presidential Center

    Clinton Foundation IRS form 990.

    BKD,LLP of Little Rock. They file with the IRS for the foundation.

    I see on the Clinton Center they support a jazz festival and other local events.

    I saw on one of the IRS 990 reports they spent over $3 million on travel expense.

  3. Sorry to say, Chelsea is a chip off the old blocks – both of them.
    It didn’t take her long to change from a cute little kid to a princess-in-waiting. Unfortunately, she has none of her father’s ‘charm’, and all of her mother’s greed.

    Chelsea is running the family business – even keeping her parents out of the loop. Such an underachiever after all the benefits she was born with, she finally received a graduate degree from Oxford or wherever the heck it was …ONLINE! Talk about lazy!

    This kid ought to be home taking care of her new baby! Instead, she spends all of her time in training with Mommie Dearest.


    1. I’d like to believe so, but I remain a Doubting Thomas. My instincts and their past poor performance tells me that they’re testing their lost credibility. Easy for them now to want access and answers, but I think it’s a prelude for the next president. Surely, they don’t want to play ‘all is fair in love and war’ this late in the game.

  4. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…When your parents give new meaning to the word “immoral” you’re bound to follow them sooner or later.

  5. after “pimping out” Chelsea in service of their continued 1% lifestyle, the Clintons will scream “Our children should be OFF LIMITS!” if anyone dares try to question anything about her.

    it’s going to be a loooong campaign.

    1. They will divide their time between screaming “DON’T ATTACK MY BABY!” and then touting her as the very model of a strong, courageous, independent young woman who speaks for herself, stands on her own two feet, needs no protection, blah blah.

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  8. She has enormous credibility with her party’s base precisely because she dodges questions so artfully. Maintaining a public image as a non-entity makes it easier for voters to imagine her as an empty vessel into which they can pour their hopes. Score one for the Clinton dynasty.

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