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Obama Schedule || Thursday, April 23, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:15 pm || Honors the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots; South Lawn
4:55 pm ||┬áDelivers remarks at a meeting of Organizing for Action, Obama’s “grass roots” political organization; Washington

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

19 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, April 23, 2015”

  1. Another day committed to being cool, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, and bashing the GOP. And his “grass roots” organization of course has absolutely no coordination with the White House — or Obama’s folks who tried to throw the Israel election.

    1. Yes, Sadie! prezbo “delivers remarks” because his drone, VJ44 aka Rasputina, drops them off for him. How much more must we take ….

        1. And many of his acolytes no doubt have the munchies!!! So, we MAY be talkin’ symbiosis here! (I’m tryin’ to drop the gees as often as I can so our liberal readers might understand me more easily!

    1. Sean Hannity is a big tease who usually has nothing of substance to say. Just parrots Right-wing talking points, in a way that pisses me off. But then, I don’t care for Rush Limbaugh either. BOTH of them DO however bring to light a number of things Liberistas would prefer were kept swept under the rug! So they’re not completely without value. Rush more so than Sean!!

  2. I read Keiths article about the sufferings of the Armenian people and yes, I absolutely agree, of course the horrible murders should be called genocide. Yes, it will anger the Turks very, very much so it will be interesting to check Barrys “integrity” that his PR-people brag and boast about….Our Riksdag decided to call it genocide some time ago and we still buy Turkish figs and go to Turkey on vacation, but then, we are not NATO-members and not a country of great importance.Also the Turks are eager to get into the EU ( God forbid that ! ) and need to be a little flattering….
    The headline in Drudge today was that the US can expect 51 million immigrants ( legal and illegal ) in 8 years. These are staggering numbers. Well, we have staggering immigration numbers in Europe as well.It is a tidal wave of people on the move. Sometimes it feels like we are being occupied again. It is a dilemma, how should we the people in a welfare society react to those seeking the same comforts ? It is understandable. However, the welfare society will never hold, it will rip apart, we see signs of that every day. We need politicians with a realistic approach, that is why the nationalistic parties are on the rise in Europe.

  3. Obama and the Oval Office. Like a hired out circus clown that mistakenly arrived at a funeral instead of the kids birthday party Obama finds the Oval Office a threatening atmosphere.Has nothing to say or do that makes sense to his profession. His solution? Stay away from it, go where I can be the center of attention.

  4. Do, if the President takes the PDB on his ipad today, he can basically sit in bed until 1pm, hop in the shower and be ready for his grueling appointment with the Patsies…

    Good Grief…


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