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Obama Must Honor Armenia’s Suffering by Calling it a “Genocide”

President Obama claims to be guided by morality and what he thinks are “American values” in his conduct of foreign policy.

Unlike many conservatives, particularly conservative commentators, I actually believe that Obama is doing what he thinks is right. Even if Obama would not extend that particular article of faith to his conservative opponents.

Now, I do believe that some of what he does amounts to rationalizing weakness – inaction, concessions, and reversals of promises – parading it instead as a morally superior and “practical” approach. And I think much of what he decides is good policy is, to the contrary, bad policy – inconsistent with our values and gravely injurious to the nation.

But I believe he is doing what he thinks is right.

However, Obama cannot even claim to seek the “moral path” in foreign policy if he fails to do what he promised during the 2008 campaign, and that is call the genocide committed by the Turks against the Armenians what it is: a genocide.

Friday marks the 100th anniversary of beginning of the slaughter, which killed more than a million people. The massacre was directed by top government officials, one of whom, according to historian Dominic Green, “installed a personal telegraph office in his home so that he could direct” those committing the murders “and keep count of the killings.”

Green described the genocide and its roots in an article published this week in the Weekly Standard:

In 1914, some two million Armenians lived in Ottoman Turkey, three-quarters of them in six provinces of eastern Anatolia, on the borders of Russia and Persia. By 1918, 90 percent of them were gone. More than one million were either murdered in their towns and villages or killed by disease, starvation, or death marches into camps in the Syrian desert, where the survivors were massacred. Hundreds of thousands of women and children were forced to convert to Islam; tens of thousands fled to the Russian Caucasus as refugees. Yet to this day, the Turkish government claims that there was no genocide and that it was the Armenians’ fault.

Obama’s moral failing here is consistent with that of previous presidents, all of whom have been frightened to anger Turkey, which is a member of NATO and supposedly a key ally in the Middle East, where we have few allies.

Here is the supreme, awful irony: The United States does not recognize a “genocide” because the nation that committed the genocide objects.


It is time for the cravenness to stop. It is time to remember that the United States is the most powerful nation in the history of the world, and to start acting like it. Third-rate powers like Turkey actually do need us more than we need them. The United States, through NATO, is committed to defending Turkey should Russia or anyone else try to mess with it. So let the ass-kissing come to an end.

It’s worth remembering at this point that despite pleas from the Bush administration in 2003, Turkey refused to grant the U.S. access to its territory and ports, critically needed staging areas for the war with Iraq. And Turkey has become increasingly Islamacized in the years since, despite blankets of flattery and cajoling heaped on its leader by Obama.

Turkey will throw a fit if Obama says Armenia suffered a genocide. But Turkey will get over it. And Turkey doesn’t give us much help, and can do us little harm.

Unfortunately for the Armenians, they lack the kind of strong political muscle that could balance the scales for a politician like Obama and get him to do what is morally right.

So he’ll have to just come to the conclusion himself.

The White House has put out word that there will be no use of the word genocide Friday when Obama marks the anniversary. Obama can still change his mind and say what must be said. I think he is capable of doing it.

Below is a video of UN Ambassador Samantha Power in 2008, seeking votes for Obama from Armenians by assuring then that with respect to the genocide, she is certain of Obama’s “willingness as president to commemorate it, and certainly to call a spade and spade and speak truth about it.” She added, “I know him very well and he’s a person of incredible integrity . . . he’s a person who can actually be trusted.”

27 thoughts on “Obama Must Honor Armenia’s Suffering by Calling it a “Genocide””

  1. Why in he world would he say anything negative about the Islamists brutalizing Armenians a century ago, when he has nothing to say about the Islamists brutalizing and killing Christians yesterday and today?
    He has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t give a fat rat’s patootie about the Christians living in the Middle East, nor does he give a fig about the fate of Jews in Israel – both threatened by the Islamists he bows to.
    He has stated many times, in many ways, that he believes America, the US of A, is a evil country guided by evil men and women who are racists, colonists, and killers. His opinion of the evolution our country has made in the areas of racism, sexism, and religious freedom is that we are the worst of the world’s oppressors.
    Never minding that the Islamic states have made slaves of all their women, that the killing of accused is without benefit of a trial, or that a most threatening country has announced their aim to destroy us, he carries on saying incredibly that the world is a safer place for people than 40 yrs ago.

      1. And might I add–I do not think he does what he thinks is right. Right for twisted values, his warped agendas, right to stoke his hatreds–but not right for the majority of us who live here.

          1. Because he can? Because he wants to transform something? Because he has a power complex? Because he thinks he knows best and we are stupid padding under his custom-made shoes? No idea anymore.

          2. He does it because he was raised by communists.

            He does it because he thinks this Country is too powerful, and he is the one that needs to take Her down.

            He does it because the congress lets him do it.

  2. NATO should be moved to the middle east, right in the middle of Iran.
    Let those ‘diplomats’ deal with the situation that they created.
    Take the building that they currently inhabit and turn it into section 8 housing and New York can subsidize it.

    No more American money goes to NATO, let the mid-east fund it.
    I’m sure that the UAE has the cash to sustain the building, and, if Obama wants to be part of it after he has destroyed this Country, he should feel right at home.
    He could hear the morning call to prayer everyday.

  3. If Obama thinks what he’s doing is the right thing then he’s a bigger moron imbecile than I ever imagined. At least if he was trying to destroy the country you couldn’t really call him stupid because it would be intentional. But this. . . .

    1. Would you call him a liar ?
      It is intentional.
      He isn’t stupid.
      He is systematically proceeding through his agenda.

      The stupidity resides in the capitol building.

      1. He isn’t stupid?

        Wait until the results of his policies play out fully for the U.S., the world, and even Barack Hussein himself. His stupidity, destruction, and self destruction will be fully realized.

  4. There is no denying that the genocide occurred. The problem is that it was enacted by the government of the Ottoman Empire, not the Turkish Republic, founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – and that is why the Turks are insulted by it. Since Europeans became American colonists and stepped ashore in what is today the United States, Native Americans were killed in the tens of thousands, directly or indirectly (disease). Are we to blame the present government for that? I know a lot about the Republic of Turkey for I spent 4.5 years there assigned to NATO LSE HQ, and studied for an area certificate with University of Maryland, European chapter. I do know that religious fanatical factions are infiltrating the political infrastructure coupled with corruption in Turkish government since I was there from 1986 to 1990. which is unfortunate. When the Jews escaped the fascist regime in Spain in 1930s – Turkey allowed them to settle and become citizens. There is a Christian Church built in late 1800s that still stands and undisturbed in Izmir. There is nothing wrong for Armenians to commemorate the memory of that holocaust, but do not put the blame on modern Turks of the Republic who fought against the Ottoman Empire and European armies in order to gain their freedom and end the oppressive cruel government of the Ottoman Empire. People should research history before they come to conclusions and make accusations. Am I to blame for the slavery of African Americans until 1865? No. Neither should the Turks of the modern Turkish Republic for something committed by the regime they fought against to gain freedom and become ‘Europeanized’.

  5. If we blame the Turkish Republic for the sins of the Ottoman Empire – does that mean we should blame/punish Germans today for what the Nazi did? I think we should focus upon what is happening now – like persecution/murder of Christians and the Islamic ‘crusade’ to exterminate Israel.

    1. The difference is, Germany paid its dues, and the current Germany does NOT deny the Holocaust and its past history.

      That is not hard to see.

  6. Glad to see you mention the Genocide Keith. Drudge hasn’t said a word, while Breitbart has buried what little they’ve said far down their page.

    Mt Ararat was once Armenia, it was a holy place where Noah landed after the great flood. Now Armenians live in the shadow of a mountain they can’t even visit because they had the audacity to be the first Christian nation.

    The Jews could commemorate their genocide by visiting (if they chose) those places where the atrocities took place.

    The Armenians are barred from such luxury by a country that refuses to acknowledge that it took place.

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