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Quote of the Day || April 21, 2015

“In observation of Earth Day, I’ve moved to temporarily reduce emissions of hot air by cancelling Biden’s appearances for the rest of the month.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

9 Responses to Quote of the Day || April 21, 2015

  1. Meh – I’ve read funnier QoTD. I give this a Called 3rd strike – called out looking – didn’t get out of the batter’s box.

    But chin up, I have you batting .995 on QoTD!

    My suggestion . . . “In observation of Earth Day, I’ve decided not to draw a red line in the sand.”

  2. Here’s another Obama QOTD: “In observation of Earth Day, I’ve moved to continue my emissions of hot air and my carbon footprint.”

  3. Oh, Barry should reduce his own emissions of every kind.
    We have a “devilish dilemma”over here in Europe, the more we help those boat-immigrants, the more people arrive to our shores. 90 % of the boat-immigrants , they come from all parts of Africa and MidEast, mostly men, sail from wartorn, lawless Libya and land in Italy.It´s an organized crime industry without conscience that “manages” and makes a lot of money of it all. Well, in hindsight it´s easy to see that Khadaffi never should have been removed. Libya is now a basket-case, full of criminal murdering Islamists, two million Libyans have already fled to neighbouring countries , often Tunisia. Well, Western intervention has destabilized many countries, Iraq, Egypt and Syria for example. The West must realize, in my opinion, that Islamism is the greatest threat to us all , when the strongman is removed it all pops up and terror follows. Libya was rather secular under Khadaffi, with girls in the schools and a middle class population, but now….. horror. I think Ron Paul is right here, non-intervention foreign politics is the best idea, it was Thomas Jeffersons idea as well as far as I know. Something for Barry and the others to think hard about. And not to make the same mistakes in the Ukraine. Or Syria.
    By the way, Australia now uses the military to turn the boats away. But of course, hand wringing liberal Europe wouldn´t dare doing that because what would the journalists say……

    • Well said, swedishlady. Australia has the right idea. Europe is being overrun with parasitical young men who will never assimilate, but will work to destroy a civilization that has taken centuries to build.

        • That’s what the admin thinks it’s doing, though–hanging back, etc. Re that appalling 60 Mins footage on Assad killing youngsters in their beds with sarin–I think it could be a leader to his doing something to Assad…a softening up of the Am people.

  4. Just now on Fox, Psaki was on. Doocy made the point that the Pentagon had said ships were sent to intercept Iranian ships. Than he made the point that Harf said No.
    Psaki said we don’t get ahead of what we will do. The Intl community not in support of the Houthi issue.
    Psaki said we will wait and see.