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Did Obama Deceive the Country About Iran’s Breakout Time?

President Obama said as late as October 2013 that Iran was a year or more away from “breaking out” to a nuclear weapon, an assertion that contrasted with actual administration assessments that Iran was in fact just two to three months away from the bomb, according to Bloomberg.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Tuesday declined to offer a definitive response to the story, saying he hadn’t read it – even though it had been published nearly seven hours before the start of the briefing. Not reading the story would give Earnest the excuse, which he used during the briefing, that he needed to take a look at the piece before giving a detailed answer.

Obama is traveling Wednesday and so Earnest can avoid answering questions about the story on camera at the White House, since there is no briefing when Obama travels.

Earnest, while dodging most of the questions, did say that Obama’s statements are based on the information he has. He of course didn’t admit Obama had deceived anyone.

In the Bloomberg piece, author Eli Lake posits a reason for the changing estimate. When Obama said in 2013 that the breakout time was more than a year, he was trying to get skeptics, including the Israelis, to give him more time to reach a deal with Iran. But now the “two or three months” timeframe is being used to create a sense urgency around approving a nuclear deal with Iran that is almost complete.

Unless “two or three months” is itself misleading or no longer operative, of course.

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  1. “Did Obama deceive the Country about Iran’s breakout time ?”

    HELL YES !

    He has been deceiving US for 6 years and prior to that time period.

    Another year and a half of this administration is a scenario that the people that speak on WHD do not want to see unfold.

    Lorreta Lynch is the next shoe to fall.
    If the senate confirms her, we are going to see an all powered movement to finish Obama’s agenda.

    I surmise that the reason Holder wants out is because the heat in the kitchen is getting really hot.
    He will probably disappear, off the radar while the heat dies down.

    Hopefully, the congress will continue to pursue him and not allow him to escape the crimes he has committed.

  2. I cannot believe the reporters are not standing up and demanding answers on behalf of the American people. I also cannot believe the issue of him playing all day, while other very important issues are on hand.

    • The reporters do on occasion press their questions, even to the point of repeating them, but they just dismiss them or divert them to another agency.

          • I as well feel they have rules, such as being polite, etc. However when the same ole’ responses are given over and over:
            I will look into that.
            I do not know at this time.
            When I was a kid and the “I do not know” routine with my parents, They did not buy it!!!

  3. Obama and his team have done everything they can do to clear the path for the Iranian regime to develop their nuclear bombs. This latest Obama lie is just part of Obama’s effort to create an environment for them to achieve that goal. He’s the best friend the Iranians ever had.

  4. remember, kids: “words matter” only when it’s that awful Bibi Netanyahu talking!

    as far as I can tell, the one and only time Obama WASN’T lying was when he said he was “five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” that he surely did.

  5. OT:
    Anybody here like Bluegrass Music ?

    I am sick of the politicians.
    I live in southern Ohio, not far from the Appalachian Mountains, far older than the Rockies.

    A stones throw from Kentucky and West Virginia.

    Maybe this weekend we can dance a little bit and get away from the ongoing political montage that we are subjected to.

    What say you ?

    • AFVet, your comment just took me down memory lane. My parents were from that area and we have a lot of family there still. It’s beautiful there, one of my most favorite places.

      • Right now AZ Granny, driving down through West Virginia, it is gorgeous.
        All of the trees are in bloom.

        I did it many times traveling to Virginia to go to school.

          • We used to go to Wintergreen–a ski place in the Shenandoah region in VA. Fantastic. There was a weird sort of culty place nearby called Swannanoa–started by some guy who took soft-focus Breck-like pix of kids for Vogue–the “acolytes” would show you around in their gauzy outfits. Very weird… I wonder if it’s still there…

  6. Did Obama Decieve Country about Iran.

    You could have left off “about Iran” and the answer would still be yes.

    I know,I know…….where is Gene Rayburn with his long microphone when you need him?

    Did Obama deceive the country about “Blank” ?

    Even better………

    Dumb Dora says President Obama said if I like my Blank I can keep my Blank?

    Would love to hear Gary Burghoff, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Betty White, Richard Dawson and Fanny Flagg answer a few Match Game 2015 questions. I guess Dumb Dora would be Low Information Dora……..LOL.

  7. Obama lied. Again. He’s a serial liar in pursuit of his progressive/collectivist agenda. Oh, he doesn’t always lie but he’s perfectly willing to use taqiyya when it suits him…as it did here.

    Is he lying again? Well, it could be only two months…or one, depending on how much the sanctions have been breached, by whom and with what.

    But does he think it’s a bad thing for Iran to have nukes while still swearing the eradication of Israel and the US? Nope…he’s planning on it.